You may recall I was knitting a pair of socks as part of my review of Zealana’s first sock yarn, Cozi.

I knitted them using a pattern that I had in my head for a while – progress on these socks was fast, the yarn eager to become deliciously warm socks for my feet.  🙂

Illusion socks in Cozi

Did I mention that Cozi produces a sock that gently hugs the foot?  That elasticized yarn really does live up to its stretchy name!  I thought that quality would be nice as a name for these socks.

Illusion socks

I loved the cabling detail and how well the stitches showed up, despite the halo of the possum fibre – these socks were going to be an awesome pattern!
Illusion 5

This pair of socks weighed 80gm together (40g each) which is a total meterage of 272m (297y).  By way of reminder, each 50g ball of Cozi has a meterage of 170m/186yd. The meterage is interesting.  Cables usually eat yarn, and there are two panels of cabling on each sock, yet the meterage was still less than Bark which took 320m (350y) and are in a stitch pattern that is equivalent to stockinette.  The heavier strand does mean that you need less yarn to knit a pair of socks.  This should mean that even people with largish feet will get a simple pair of socks out of two balls. I used 2.5mm needles, which I mentioned previously creates a beautiful dense fabric and is a better match for this thicker sock yarn than the finer needles.

Although heavily cabled, these socks did not need more stitches to cast on than a plain vanilla sock in equivalent size.  This would mean that if you are planning to knit a plain vanilla sock, a good idea would be to cast on at least 4 to 6 stitches less than you normally would or the sock will be too big.

Coal and Hug

I was going to turn these socks into a pattern, but there is something about them that is not balanced enough.  The cable panels aren’t quite doing what I want them to do.  I think they are incredibly sweet (if I may say so myself!), but I am going to take these back to the drawing board and revise the pattern.  In the interim, I thought you might enjoy hearing a bit more about Zealana Cozi!

20 thoughts on “Hug

  1. I love them just as there are. I could actually be tempted to knot myself another pair of socks, I never really liked the first (and only) pair that I made for myself.

  2. Beautiful Wei! I really need to try socks, I admire them so, but still only have 11/2 socks done : ( I wish I had you around to help me/encourage me!
    Loving this pattern and the fit looks amazing, xoxoRobin

    1. I wash them in the machine on the cold handwash cycle along with all my other socks and they do fine. They will be very robust with their high twist and nylon content.

  3. i have just finished my first pair of cozi socks too, using Gladys pattern from Ravlery. love them. Cast on my second pair using your speedwell pattern . looking good, have nearly finished the fairisle.

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