The knitted highlights of 2015, hopes and dreams for 2016

When I posted my goals of 2015, I certainly didn’t realise I would spend six months of the year working full-time and feeling exhausted for most of it.  I thought I was being conservative by setting a goal of 36 pairs of socks for 2015.  In the end, I only knitted 29 pairs, and a heap of other things.  All in all, 55 projects.  A couple of them are nearly-completed WIPs, and others are still in progress, but it’s not too bad a number considering.

These are some of my highlights:

Socks of 2015

These are the knitted socks from other designers that give me a little thrill every time I put them on (the blue ones were gifted, but I definitely want to knit my own pair!) Interestingly, these socks were the ones I also found most challenging!  Three of these pairs are Claire Ellen designs – Yavanna, The Falls of Rauros and In the Golden Hall.  The blue one is Embossed Leaves.

These are the non-socks that I knitted in 2015  that I was most happy with and have worn extensively since they were completed:

Garments of 2015

Hybrid Vigour, Empty Nets and Robin.

Favourite sock designs that I completed or released in 2015:

Sock designs 2015

The green sock design is still to be released, in case you are wondering why you don’t recognise that picture! Details of these designs and more are in my Ravelry store.  It seems it was my designing that suffered the most in 2015.  I only released nine patterns, and some of them feel like they were knitted a very long time ago.  I have so many more ideas in my head, but it takes a huge amount of energy to release a pattern, and it is mental energy that I just did not have. Hopefully I’ll have the time to release two others in late January that have been knitted, but just not formatted.

A summary of the projects of 2015 are:

2 x soft toys

2 x pairs fingerless gloves

7 x garments (3 of them are still in progress)

10 x shawl/scarf things (3 are still WIPs)

5 x hats

29 x pairs of socks (one of two may still need finishing)

Total meterage knitted is about 19,000m/20,800yd to date for 2015.  Now I know why I keep having to fill yarn holes in my stash.

I’m not sure if I managed to edge away much from my definite colour preferences, but I think we always reach for what we like/something to suit the mood, so I think that part is just not worth forcing!

The year ahead

2016 is going to be interesting.

I am part of a group of three organising a Wellington region yarn event to be held in the Wairarapa in October 2016.  Full details are still to be worked out, but we have had a heap of good comments back, and a lot of enthusiasm for it, which is most encouraging!  It is beginning to feel quite exciting!

I may have to make some very tough decisions about where I live and how I work.  Things will sort themselves out in the next month (I hope!!!)  The job/financial situation is becoming a bit dire.

On the knitting front, I don’t really know whether to set any particular goals. I still have that book’s worth of socks I want to design.  I think one main objective will be to decrease the size of my stash.  It is glorious, and I adore my stash, but I am starting to feel the need to de-clutter, and that means less yarn coming in than going out (notice I haven’t said “no buying yarn…” hehe).  However, if I do what I want to and knit a few more garments in 2016, that should quite easily take care of a lot of it.

I think I will still aim for 36 pairs of socks in 2016.  Socks are quite easily knit in a couple of days, and I love knitting them.  I am starting to run out of victims to gift socks to though… it may mean I have to start a second sock drawer!! Or maybe I should start knitting larger socks and knit more for the male members of the family.  That will mean buying more “man colour” yarn.  Oh dear!  😉

Man coloured yarn

This looks like a reasonable start though.  Perhaps I have more gender-neutral yarn in my stash than I imagined!

The interesting thing is that at a certain point of time (most commonly, around the 1st of a year for some reason) we stand still and make predictions about what we want to do or how we think events will unfold.  Quite a lot of the time, those predictions do not eventuate due to unforeseen circumstances (because no matter how much we try, we cannot predict the future).  Or they may take place in a different form to how we imagined.  So I am going to take life as it comes in 2016.  Important life principles will always happen (like making time for family).  There are certain things to work towards (eg. the yarn event) and certain things to accomplish (ie. find a decent job), but I am looking forward to being adaptable towards how those things happen.

I leave you with a photo of a balloon we saw in the early morning sky last week.  Just like that balloon, I hope your dreams carry you to amazing heights, that you are thrilled and delighted by your accomplishments, and that plenty of time happens in which to enjoy the company of friends and family.  Here’s to a Good 2016!


26 thoughts on “The knitted highlights of 2015, hopes and dreams for 2016

  1. Oh that I had ‘knitted only 29 pairs of socks’ in the past year! I am still cerebrally knitting a pair that was still 1 1/3 pairs in August 2014, but that is my full time work for you, and I have got to the heel, half the ‘hump’ in knitting a pair of socks, Happygoknitty self-striping in blue, that I need to give some concentrated morning thought to for progress to be made for comparisons to the first sock.

    Even an ‘indecent job’ can help on the money situation. I don’t know how you have managed all this time without a regular income, I would find it very daunting, and certainly couldn’t manage as long as you have.

    All power for the coming year, and may aspirations come to be.

    … and I have fond thoughts of knitting your Cozi hat pattern, a delightful design that may suit my difficult head shape.

  2. I do love the way you manage to write posts combining your loves of family, nature, wool, creativity… Always uplifting and enjoyable to read. My best wishes for a brilliant new year, and I will certainly be watching out for the Wairarapa event!

  3. Your projects are so beautiful. I have enjoyed reading your blog all year and I wish you the best in 2016. I hope you get the job you want soon…I am sending positive thoughts your way.

  4. You have such a positive energy oozing from your blog!. It is a pity that you can’t make a decent or indecent amount of income from knitting and designing patterns and not have to worry about a ‘proper’ job.

  5. Verrrry impressive! You did a great job. I really love the Yavanna socks. All good things to you this year!!

  6. What a remarkable output of knitted goods……… and all the best for any changes you may be making in 2016. The wool event in October sounds intriguing

  7. 55 projects in total, is up there WOWEE. Impressive. My very best wishes and encouragements for 2016, I hope it brings you enormous pleasure. Really looking forward to the yarn do in October. À bientôt.

    1. I was surprised I managed to get to that number. A lot of them were small projects though. Thank you for your good wishes. I hope we get to meet in 2016!

  8. The “only” in front of the “29 pairs of socks” made me smile as well. Thats a huge amount! I love knitting socks, and I did 12 pairs last year! 🙂

    I will be keeping my fingers crossed for your new job opportunity. Maybe it will be something that will leave you more breathing space for designing as well – that would be very desirable (for both parties, I think!).

    Have a lovely 2016! I’ll be here, reading your posts. 😉

  9. “only knitted 29 pairs, and a heap of other things.” ONLY?! I think 29 pairs of socks deserves more credit than that. 🙂 Your knits are beautiful and I think you’re doing lovely things with your blog and your designs. There’s always more that can be done but that does not diminish the things we have accomplished. Best of luck with career/financials in the coming year, I’ll be sending some good luck mojo your way.

  10. A beautiful year in knitting! I hope 2016 brings you the best of everything, including a job that will fill your needs. (BTW – I just bought your “Steampunk Mittens” and your pattern is WAY underpriced – it was $2.81 USD. I’m going to cast on today, because I need a pair of new mittens in a neutral. Thanks!) Kathy

  11. I think that when we are in the thick of it, we feel like we are not productive. You have been soooooo productive this year, it’s almost unfair 🙂

    It takes me 10 days to knit a pair of socks if that is all I do. I am deeply impressed with your sock output. 29 is more than double what I expect to knit in a year. Even if you feel unproductive, I’m impressed.

  12. Wow you have been busy! I thought knitting about 30 pairs of socks in one year was good! I would love to be at your yarn event but my ship does not reach Wellington until 2 November so I will just miss out. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you that you’ll find the perfect job very soon 🙂

  13. What a lot of gorgeous things you made last year! That striped sweater is fantastic on you.

    Job stress is no fun, so I hope that really does get sorted out this month. Then you can be free and clear for the rest of the year — much better for knitting 🙂

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