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A summer walk


It was lovely to go for an evening walk yesterday.  The season is maturing, the berries ripening in time for late summer, the grass seeds golden and ripe.

I loved seeing the flowers and identifying all the different plants growing along the roadside.

The best things in life are often the simplest, don’t you agree?



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22 thoughts on “A summer walk

  1. Love the thistle. This is going to sound Dumb but what are the brown animals in with the sheep in the first picture?

  2. It’s so important for all of us to stop and smell the roses 🙂

  3. I can almost smell and hear the countryside from your photos. Bliss. Love the sheep in the deer paddock, he/she has the look of being in charge.

  4. It looks lovely ! And so cute, that little ladybird…
    Though I enjoy all seasons, what I sometimes miss in winter is all that colour…

  5. Oh my goodness Wei, it is beautiful where you live!!!! So enjoyed your walk, xoxoRobin
    IT is 9 degrees here in Vermont at 9:00 in the morning Brrrrrrr

    • That’s pretty cold! We never get such chilly temps in NZ. I think even the South Island has to stretch to get that cold. Glad you enjoyed the walk. 🙂

  6. Now I can’t decide which I like better; summertime or -30* weather … I never knew I could be indecisive about that because I love snow. So … thanks. I guess… (But those photos are great! Wish we had more sheep here. :))

  7. Is that Red Clover in your final pic? I remember plucking those when I was a child and pulling out petal by petal and enjoying the sweet flavor. What a fantastic childhood memory 🙂

  8. Is that red clover in the final photo native to NZ, or is it an exotic there? I’m always so surprised to see such familiar common plants in a faraway setting. Mynestofyarnandbuttons, I am in Vermont too–0 deg. F up here this morning!

  9. A summer walk looks delightful. It doesn’t snow where I am, but it still has been surprisingly cool and rainy for a few days now. I’m looking forward to having more light as we move out of winter.

  10. Ah, such lovely pictures (thank you!) especially since we are in the midst of winter here in California and getting much needed rain. These warmer weather pictures warm the heart.

  11. Oh, those pictures make me long for summer here in the USA. But it will come when it will and we will enjoy it. It looks like you are enjoying yours.