It’s too hot

Regular readers will be familiar with the well known fact that I dislike summer.  Especially late summer, when the weather matures into relentlessly hot days, and very warm nights.  It is far too hot, and I’d like Autumn to hurry along please.

What does warm weather do to a knitter?  For one thing, hot piles of wool in one’s lap, in addition to the customary cat, are a no-no.  I’ve reverted to shawls and socks.

Earlier week, I started my second attempt at Southern Skies.

IMG_1813 (800x800).jpg

It’s going well.  I’m on to the final chart.  If I work hard at it, I’ll have something pretty to show you next weekend!  I’m much happier with how the sizing is coming out this time.  In the end, I went with 4.5mm/US 7 needles to get the right gauge.  The yarn is a very hard colour to capture on camera.  It is a lot more vibrant in real life.  The way the colours are coming together reminds me of Van Gogh’s Starry Night.  So happy with the effect!

Some socks also leapt on to my needles yesterday.  Funnily enough, also another Audry Nicklin design!

IMG_1812 (800x800).jpg

Audry Nicklin has produced another stunner – the Whiskey and Rye socks!  I was a very lucky bunny and was gifted the exact yarn used (Miss Babs Yummy 2-ply) a while ago. When Audry also kindly gifted me the pattern, I decided that the two had to become a project together!  Audry notes in the pattern that the slipped stitches can pull in the fabric and suggested either knitting the larger size or using larger needles.  I decided that the larger size would be too big, so I opted to use needles that were a size larger than I usually knit with (2.5mm/US 1.5 instead of 2.25mm/US 1).  It was a good move to keep to the smaller size.  I’m still not sure if I needed to go up a needle size, but it is working out to be exactly the same size as the pattern notes (19cm/7.5″ circumference) so I guess it was the right call.

It is a lovely pattern, well written as usual, with the slipped stitch chevrons intuitive to knit once you’ve worked the first repeat.  Highly recommended for a fast and satisfactory knit!

It being my birthday recently, a couple of lovely friends sent me gifts that again, paired into one project.

IMG_1814 (800x800).jpg

The Mahy Shawl was designed by Karie Westermann in memory of Margaret Mahy, a celebrated children’s and young people’s book author.  At the same time I was gifted this shawl pattern, a lovely friend living in Wales wanted to send me some local Welsh or British wool of my choice for my birthday.  When I looked at the pattern, I discovered that the yarn, Garthenor Organic, used by the designer was actually Welsh in origin!  She was very happy to send me the yarn.  It makes knitting this shawl a very special thing, to remind me of two special friends, who were so thoughtfully caring in their choice of gifts.

If you read Andi’s lovely blog, My Sister’s Knitter, you’ll note that she’s holding a Gift KAL on her Ravelry group at the moment.  I figured that as I have not one, but two gift projects on my needles at the moment, that for once I could join in one of these KALs.  I might see you there?

And now for a ta da moment!  Nikki, Caren and I got together this week, and finalised a few more plans for the yarn event I mentioned a few posts ago.  It now has a name!  Yarnville. And a date!  Saturday, 15 October 2016.  It’s so exciting!!!

I have put together the preliminary workings of a website for the event here:  If you are interested in attending or trading at the event, please do sign up for notifications of information as it becomes finalised.

If you live in New Zealand, and especially the regions surrounding the Wairarapa, it would be amazing to see you there!  We have had plenty of interest from traders and even kind people willing to volunteer with helping out.  It is really awesome!  There will be some amazing yarnies and other fibre people there.  We are still to send out our official invitations to teachers and traders, but if you are in that category, and would like to express interest in participating, please do feel free to drop us a line at

Until next time!

26 thoughts on “It’s too hot

  1. Oh man. The snow here is currently up to my hip and still falling (this is likely a record-breaking storm) here. I am uncomfortably jealous of your “too hot”. Also your Southern Skies. Those sky shawls are just so darn pretty!

  2. I’ve been finding it too hot for knitting too, still have been knitting, but only small projects. I’ve picked up a shawl to work on today, but the yarn is sticking to my hands. Luckily it’s supposed to start getting cooler, down to 14 on Wednesday so a good day to get work done on the shawl.
    Btw, loving the colour of your new Southern Skies and I’ve put the sock pattern in my queue for purchase when the budget allows as I have a number of yarns that would work well for that pattern.

    1. I am really hoping that cool change does come through!! It’s not going to get as cool as you will have, but low 20’s will do just fine thanks! I am always surprised when the yarn starts sticking to my hands… I never get over that.

  3. Congratulations on the yarn event ! I wish I lived near enough to attend… I hope it is going to be very succesfull and a real blast !
    The things you are knitting on all look beautiful ! I am very curious how the Southern Skies will look when finished ! Thought I geuss when it’s that warm, you had better take it easy and relax without the knits. Maybe just stay in the shadows with some iced tea and a nice book ?

    1. Hahaha!! There is always a time of day when it is still okay to knit. 🙂 I’m going to add a lace border to make the Southern Skies bigger like some other knitters have. It will be interesting to see the final result.

  4. I am with you in your dislike of the heat. It kicks my butt. Despite the heat you have some gorgeous project on the needles. No surprise at all that Audry’s patterns are on the needles, as she is an amazing designer.
    I am so happy that you were able to join in the KAL!

  5. Good projects you’re workin’ on here. I like the first shawl’s colour; it reminds me of the inside of an oyster shell. The sock design is pretty cool. I had the chance to test knit one of Audry’s pattern in the past, her baby giraffe hat; my gosh, that was like almost five years ago as my friend’s son will be five this April.

  6. I also detest the hot weather. The humidity is starting to ramp up here in Brisbane. Today I’m off to our spinning camp at Bribie Island for five days. The accommodation is very basic with no air con or fans so I have had to pack my own pedestal fan. At least there’ll be the beach to visit plus a pool on site. I will pass on the information re your yarn event to the ladies at the Wairarapa Spinners & Weavers as I’m sure they’ll be interested. I absolutely love the socks you’re knitting. They look stunning as does all your work 🙂

    1. Have fun at your spinning camp! I believe Caren has also talked to the Wairarapa Spinners & Weavers, but I know you are friends with the lady who heads it (?), so thank you for doing that!

  7. 11.00am and sitting in my bra and skirt after a shower and some early (for me, while I’m on holiday) cardiovascular exercise and enjoyed the cooling evaporation post shower, and not really wanting to put on more clothes, and hoping that if I lock the front gate it will give me a bit of time if someone comes to the front door to don some more clothes…
    and on the needles, all that I am contemplating knitting is a bicolour jade/turquoise cotton dishcloth. too hot for wool, and my mind is pretty hot and scrambled and I can’t think too hard.

  8. With all the talk of hot weather, you are all breaking my heart here in Northern Ohio, USA where we are freezing!!!! I long for some hot weather. Sigh. (The knitting projects are all quite nice, too!)

  9. I actually love summer weather as long as its not too humid, which unfortunately it has been. It’s also very fattening because I end up eating a lot of ice cream. But it does give me a chance to wear summer clothes that I have sewn (just as I welcome cooler weather because I can wear my hand knits).

    1. I like your attitude. If I still lived in Welly, I wouldn’t be complaining so much. The Wairarapa just gets SO hot! Still, the cold winters compensate. thanks for the belated birthday wishes. 🙂

  10. I’m unbelievably excited for you and the future yarn event! I know it is going to be lots of work, but it will be so worth it.

  11. Great news about the upcoming Yarnville! Sounds like the perfect excuse to cross the ditch and visit your beautiful country.

      1. I would get a lot out of an event like this. I might not even come home. I love New Zealand. And New Zealanders.

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