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From my stash to yours



Have you ever wondered what certain New Zealand yarns would be like to knit?

IMG_1880 (800x800).jpg

How warm and soft is a possum yarn really?

IMG_1881 (800x800).jpg

Compare a beautifully crafted pure New Zealand wool yarn from a boutique mill to one from a commercial mill?

IMG_1886 (800x800).jpg

Investigate how a colourful New Zealand indie dyer’s yarn might work up into a shawl or socks?

IMG_1879 (800x800)

Now is a chance to find out!

It’s time to pay rent, and I need to make a withdrawal from my yarn bank.  This means I’m going to have to release some very treasured yarns that I have been collecting back into the market.  All my yarns are stored carefully in plastic to avoid the threat of moth attack, and out of direct sunshine. They are in mint condition, and certainly, if I wasn’t in this situation, would happily remain in my stash until I was ready to use them.

However, a girl must feed her family, and there are only so many yarns one can knit (and I do have a few). So it is time to be pragmatic and offer some to you for your enjoyment.

This is a one-time-only offer.  Once the yarn is gone, it is gone.  Have a look in on my Ravelry trade tab to see the yarns I am pulling for sale, and pm me if you are interested. I’m going to be asking for slightly under the current purchasing price plus postage.

Hopefully something interests you.  🙂

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8 thoughts on “From my stash to yours

  1. Like I need more yarn? haha You are a very brave woman. If we live to be 105 years old ‘we’ will need our stash!

  2. And here I was, in the last post, bragging about augmenting my stash and your having to sell some of yours!
    It will be an investment.
    You are going to make this work.

  3. If it helps anyone make a decision, I bought a possum and merino knit sweater while I was in NZ. It is the warmest, softest piece of clothing I have ever owned, hands down.

  4. When you mentioned Possum- I was interested, but I can’t stand pink. *sigh* Ah, well.

  5. Traveling to NZ in April. Why yes, I have wondered what yarns I may find. Based on your photos I may need to make more room for yarn in my luggage!