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Thanks doesn’t quite cut it


Thank you for all your kind words and thoughts and actions over the past week.

It has made a lot of difference to me to know that others care.

You are all awesome!

Wild roses


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3 thoughts on “Thanks doesn’t quite cut it

  1. Still caring, but am stealthy in caring! Love reading your knitting and life adventures. Wishing you the best.

  2. AND, YOU are welcome. Most welcome and we will continue to think of you and your journey. You WILL come out the other end better prepared for what you find and stronger! As they say…….YOU GO GIRL 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing your stash, it must have been hard to decide what you could bear to part with, talking of which thanks for the dark brown and white to add to the bear I will knit with the lovely brown yarn.
    Thanks also for including the pattern for the shawl / scarf, I might knit that or maybe one of your designs with the knitsch sock yarn which is a beautiful colour.
    When I showed my husband what you had kindly included with the yarn he said:
    “What a nice woman!” coming from a man of very few words that is praise indeed.

    Stay strong, don’t try to paddle too hard against the current, and do let yourself go with the flow sometimes, I’m a bit of a fatalist myself.
    And if you do get around to putting that book together make sure and include lots of photos and not just of the finished products.
    I have a little book called “Keepsakes from Mother’s table” that has knitting patterns with recipes and photos of both.

    I am sure you could come up with something inspiring.

    Take care, and thanks again.