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This photo is my current wallpaper.  I find it quite uplifting to see it every time I switch my laptop on.

I remember this day.  We visited our favourite beach in Wellington and spent a few happy hours excitedly crouched over the rock pools, watching in fascination as the sea life went about its business, tucked amongst the rocks and hiding in the seaweed.

DSC09806 (800x600).jpg

The water was so clear that you could be mistaken for thinking there was no water at all except for the waving fronds of the anemones and seaweed and the occasional darting fish, looking for all the world like it was hovering mid-air amongst the rocks.  There is a small fish in the photo above – can you see it?

DSC09808 (800x600).jpg

Soon, the boy and I will be able to see more of this on a regular basis, for  we are shortly moving back to Wellington!

We’ll also see more of this:

NZ bush

and this!

NZ bush

I love living in the Wairarapa.  I love the crisp, frosty winters with the snowy mountains in the distance.  I love the access to fresh milk straight from the farm gate.  I love the peace and quiet. I was lucky to find a lovely house to live in, in as good a location as I could possibly hope for.  I have made some good friends.  The boy goes to a nice school.  But it is a rural farming community.  It has been impossible to find work that I do here since my position was disestablished, and as we all know, a source of income is a basic necessity. To commute in and out of Wellington each day is too hard on the boy – it is three to four hours of travelling a day, and he would never see me except for the weekends.  I don’t count that as responsible parenting.

It has been a good year in very many respects and it was not a bad decision to move here. However, the odds have really stacked against us for staying in the country.  In any event, at least we tried, and that is better than never trying, and not knowing.  I’m viewing it as having been a working holiday of sorts.

I’m feeling (hopefully rightly) that this is the beginning of new and exciting adventures. We’ve found a good house, and very importantly, a fabulous school for the boy.  I’m so excited for him!!  My work situation is looking promising (touch wood!) and it may even involve having time to be able to design, which I am quietly excited about.

I’m not much looking forward to this bit though:

IMG_2006 (800x800).jpg

I’ll be back later in the week with news of the winner of the draw for the Circus Tonic Handmade Silvereye colourway.

I may even have some knitting to share with you for a change!




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19 thoughts on “Return

  1. Those photos are amazing…I am landlocked and JEALOUS! When you said ‘wallpaper’ I, being OLD thought of paper for walls haha
    I am glad that you DID try a rural life style for a time. I am in the country and every shopping trip IS a trip but there are compensations. I also like city living and with a nice house and a good school AND a JOB you will enjoy it also! Cheers.

  2. I’ve just walked in the door from visiting my daughter in rural Masterton. She is another one like you, who has drawn great strength from moving to the country, and wouldn’t want to come back. I do hope that one day you will be able to live where your heart is. Your blog and photos and woolly creativity are a great inspiration, and I wish you all the best for the shift.

  3. I hope that you gain a lot from the move to the city. Just think of the past year as being your ‘country experiment’ and file it away for dreams for the future, and thinking about all the possibilities for the future. I’m impressed that having come to the decision that you seem to have all your ducks ini a row for the move. Good on you. God speed.

  4. Good luck for the move and all that involves. Very happy you have found a good school for the boy. Wonderful that you are such a positive person and I feel things will work out well. Best wishes from Oz

  5. You can always visit your rural hangouts – pack a picnic and make a day trip of it on a sunny weekend day. That’s what this country girl stuck in the city does. 😉 Glad everything is working out for you!

  6. I hope all goes well with the move. S you say, the important thing is to have time with your boy 😃

  7. Hello there. I am sad and also delighted for you, and the new life for you and your son. My lovely daughter and her three children have just been told for the second time in two years that their lovely rental home is now up for sale. She cried for two days, as she thought they were settled. Like you she is in the country and searching very hard for a job that just isn’t there.
    As a positive person, unlike me, she has now got it in perspective and says ‘things happen’. I’ve always admired her spirit as I do yours. All the very best for your move, and the good things to come.
    Kindest regards, Kay

  8. Hope your move goes smoothly. You seem to have things well in hand. You’ll get back to the country one of these days.

  9. It sounds like the right decision for the right reasons, here’s hoping the move goes smoothly and you find a good job very quickly once you’re there.

  10. You gave it a go, which is what counts. Good luck with the move.

  11. I’ve loved reading about your Wairarapa adventures. Having visited there last year, I know what you mean about it being in the country, relaxed and inviting. I do hope your move back to Wellington is a smooth one and am so pleased you’ve found a lovely school for your son. He’s experiencing an exciting life moving around too. When I was 10 my parents moved to Australia (prior to that we’d lived in Namibia and the UK) and since then we moved many times within Australia so it was different schools and different friends. When I look back, I realise it was an enriching experience and I wouldn’t change it for anything 🙂 My fingers are crossed for the job hunting too 🙂

  12. Good luck with the move. I hope it goes smoothly, I know how stressful moves are, we have moved children in Wellington quite a few times now.

  13. Packing’s the worst. Hope everything goes smoothly!

  14. It’s great that you have decided to move back to Wellington having been away for a year. Sometimes it’s nice to go back so that we can keep moving forward ! It is an exciting adventure indeed 😉

  15. I’m glad you are looking at your time in the country as a working holiday. It gave you a well deserved break from city life. And I’m most pleased to hear that the boy has a nice school to go to. I hope you reach calmer waters. You deserve it!

  16. Will you be able to take your bunny with you? I hope so! Good luck with the job and housing. Packing and unpacking are the WORST.

  17. I somehow missed this post! Just read the subsequent one. Good luck, sending you good moving vibes.