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Baking soda is my new best friend


It’s funny how the instant your yarn gets packed away…

IMG_2015 (800x800).jpg

All yarn appears to be the most desirable, most beautiful thing you have ever seen.

IMG_2016 (800x800).jpg

I miss them already.

I’ve spent the day packing and cleaning, and am now allowing myself the luxury of a few minutes of knitting and chatting before I have to get on with cooking some supper!

Last week, I started a shawl.  It is to be a gift that is to go with someone leaving the country on the 4th April – nothing like a deadline to focus one’s attention!  I’ve been working almost solidly on it, and am very pleased that I have only got two charts to go before I finish!  I might make the deadline yet!

IMG_2017 (800x800).jpg

The pattern is the High Country Crescent by Mary-Anne Mace.  I am knitting it in Spinning A Yarn Silk Merino Luxury, (a 4-ply/fingering yarn) in a gorgeous gold called Winter Sweet. I see they have a similar colourway called “Gold” in the shop at the moment!  Must click away very quickly…. no, I do not need more yarn!!

I bought two skeins at the time, specifically with the intention of making a shawl. So happy to have found the perfect match of pattern and yarn!

Mary-Anne has kindly offered one free copy of this pattern to readers – I’ll announce details for the draw when I have finished the shawl, which should be in my next blog post.

Speaking of draws, the boy helped me pick a winner from the bowl the other night, and Sally H has won the skein of Silvereye from Circus Tonic Handmade!  Sally and I have already been in touch about the skein, and it is on its way to her as I write.  Congratulations again, Sally!  Thank you to everyone who entered the draw.  I really enjoyed reading all your comments about the flowers and your favourite colourways!

Oh yes, I almost forgot!  Why is baking soda my new best friend?  Well, I discovered today, that it is hands-down, the Best Cleaning Agent Ever.  Ever!!!  You know those hard to reach spots that one always avoids cleaning/forgets to clean?  The top of the fridge… the top of the rangehood… the top of that high cupboard in the kitchen that wasn’t clean when you moved in and is all yucky and greasy and dusty, and you’ve avoided going near it because you don’t have to? That one?

Well, I had one of those shameful areas of doom.  You have to climb up on the bench to even see it, because it is that high up, but I decided that I couldn’t leave it for the next tenant like that, even though I did inherit it in that condition.  I had previously tried to clean it, but it was so bad that nothing would shift the layers of grime and grease except to use a scraper, and even then it wasn’t totally clean.  The time had come to do something about it.  After gritting my teeth and wiping at it with a cloth, and finding that nothing was shifting (as before), I had the brainwave to use baking soda.  All you do is sprinkle a good tablespoon on to the surface, and wipe with a damp cloth.  It is like magic – all that grease and dust lifts off immediately with no fuss!  I have never used anything so effective!  Truly, it was one of those ‘Hallelujah!’ moments.

I cannot help myself, I’m so proud of that lovely clean surface that I have to show you!  I won’t show you the before photo.  It was not pretty.

IMG-20160325-WA0022 (2).jpeg

If you have one of those horrible areas of doom in a high place in your kitchen somewhere, go and try it – you’ll be so happy you did. With baking soda by my side, I will never fear another greasy surface ever again!  😀  The great thing too is that baking soda is very gentle on the hands.  Despite spending several hours wiping down the ceiling, walls and cupboards in the kitchen today, my hands still feel good!

Tomorrow is another day of more cleaning and packing, but the schedule is moving along well and I’m feeling (reasonably) relaxed that next Friday will be a good moving day.  I’m packing up early because I have to work from Tuesday to Thursday, and there will not be time to do much else on those days.

Wishing you a great start to the Easter break (if you have it where you are), and lots of happy knitting time!


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20 thoughts on “Baking soda is my new best friend

  1. I didn’t know you were moving again? I thought you were painting.

  2. I got a good laugh from your wonderful, and heartfelt, endorsement of Baking Soda.
    It is a wonder isn’t it…? Battery terminals too, ovens, tea stains in cups…! The list goes on….
    The colour of that shawl just glows.
    Good luck to the winner of the Silver eye, and good luck to you and the boy too…!
    You’re a champion problem solver.
    All that knitting.
    Let’s hope you have a clean house to move into…
    Even then, we still clean, don’t we?

    • I’m glad you got my intent! 😀 I am definitely going to be using baking soda as my go-to cleaner from now on! The new house has been freshly renovated, so I am hoping there won’t be any unwelcome surprises!

  3. I have only stroked my silk from Spinning with a Yarn! It is so wonderful.
    Thanks for the baking soda tip – if only I could make it stick to some vertical tiles…
    Good luck with the move, all power to you.

    • It is lovely isn’t it! Tip the baking soda onto your cloth and rub it in a little to keep it there before you wipe the tiles – it will still work that way.

  4. Nice shawl and along with baking soda, vinegar is my other best friend~!!

  5. The shawl is lovely. I haven’t used baking soda to clean but it certainly looks effective! Good luck with the move.

  6. As a fellow knitter who just moved – after 24 years in the same house – I can relate to what you are going through. My most important box simply said “Coffee stuff and Wine/Beer opener”. Nuf said. Of course, my yarn is in see-through plastic bins. No need to label. Good luck with the move and (fingers crossed) the job.

  7. I absolutely love the colour of your latest project. Those types of colours are my favourites as they all relate to autumn and nature. Good luck with the move. It certainly looks like you’re well ahead of schedule and quite organised 🙂

  8. Moving is not always fun with all the work involved, but sounds like you are doing a great job and learned about baking soda. It works great on clogged drains with vinegar and boiling water too. Ammonia (if you can stand it) is also a great cleaner on its own. Lots of alternatives to using higher priced modern products. Enjoy your new location.

    • It is interesting isn’t it. I’m beginning to think that most of the cleaning products on the supermarket shelves are just a big have!

  9. Baking Soda! Brilliant. We have a few spots I’ve just not been able to clean. I know what to try now.

  10. Couldn’t agree with you more – I hate cleaning but I love baking soda to do it. So cheap and effective.

  11. I thought baking soda was only any good if you added vinegar to make it go all bubbly – thanks for the cleaning tips! I have lots of surfaces at home that could do with some BS…
    I didn’t realise you would have to move back to Welly. It looked so nice there from your photos. But I’m sure you’ll find inspiration wherever you end up 🙂

    • I have used baking soda on teaspoons (to remove tea stains) and in the bathroom and to get my kettle and stainless steel workbench nice and shiny, but for some reason, didn’t think it would be effective on grease. How wrong I was! Moving back to Welly is a necessity. It’s a bummer to leave, especially as we are now finally entering my favourite season of crispy cold nights and snowy mountain landscapes. I think the new place is going to have its own interest factor though, so I am looking forward to this new chapter.

  12. I love the peek at the shawl! 🙂 good luck with your move! (I have had the same problem with my books during the last move … That wasn’t fun.)

    I use baking soda to clean the sink’s pipes! Whenever there is too much goo forming up in it (you know, soap, hairs that slipped through, the icky stuff), I will put the kettle on, pour baking soda into the pipe and pour the hot water into the sink …. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF and it’s clean! 🙂 A lot better than pipe cleaner, too … 🙂

  13. Sorry you are having to move again as I know how much you loved your new home. I am with you, packed up yarn makes the heart grown fonder.
    Love baking soda for cleaning. I use a baking soda and white vinegar combo and pour it in my garbage disposal to help bubble out the icks. Baking soda rocks!