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I feel like it has been simply ages since I last made a post!  I moved house and as you will know, it takes a while to get one’s life back together again after such a tumultuous event.  I hope you are all well, and enjoying life!

The new house is very different.  It was probably built in about the 1950’s, without the beautiful high ceilings that I loved so much in the other house, nor the gorgeous wooden floors.  Complaining aside, it will be a fine house to live in, and I am especially happy to hear plenty of native birdlife outside my window, including tuis, bellbirds and morepork!  I managed to unpack a lot of boxes today, but there is still a way to go before the house is looking homely.  I will show you photos of my surrounds as soon as I get to go and see them myself.  I’m very excited to go exploring – we are living close to the Hutt River, and I think it’s going to be rather awesome!

Much knitting has happened, because during this time, I also took two flights up to Auckland, giving me a total of four hours to knit!!!  What a lovely luxury.  Many things got finished!

This shawl was the one I was working on prior to the move.  It had to be finished to get on the plane to go as a gift.  I was pleased I made the deadline.  It is a quick knit – I finished it in 11 days, and was able to work at it at a leisurely pace.

Here it is, catching the early morning sun:

High Country Crescent

High Country Crescent

HIgh Country Crescent

The shawl is called High Country Crescent, and I knitted it in Spinning a Yarn‘s 4 ply merino silk. It is another stunning design from Mary-Anne Mace.  Mary-Anne has generously offered to give one free copy to a lucky reader.  If you’d like to go into the draw, please leave a comment about what yarn you would knit this shawl in.  I’ll draw the winner next Sunday, 17 April.  Good luck!

Skies above Auckland

It was a lovely day to fly, and we got window seats!  Doesn’t the coastline look beautiful?

The young boy is now on an epic trip overseas to visit his grandfather and father in turn, which means that I am officially on ‘mumcation’!!  Before you say ‘hurrah, knitting time!’, my employer has offered me a lot more hours for the next couple of weeks, which means that the ‘mumcation’ has turned into full-time work ++.  Oh well, at least I’m getting paid!

The second trip was for work.

On the plane trips, I was able to finish two pairs of socks:

Anemone socks toe up

These are the toe-up version of my Anemone socks. I am planning to amend my original pattern and add the instructions for this version as an update (the pattern will have both toe up and cuff down instructions).  If you have bought the pattern, the update will show in your Ravelry library at some point (I am terribly, terribly, behind with pattern writing at the moment).  I knitted this pair in Knitsch 100% merino sock in the Arronax colourway.  Once I update the pattern, I will be raising the price to reflect the additional effort and to begin to bring my patterns in line with market prices.  You can save money by buying the pattern now, and wait for the update if you’d like this version!

Plain vanilla socks

These are a pair that I started back on Christmas Day(!) as a pair of ‘waiting socks’, meaning I knit them only when I’m hanging around waiting for something (such as on a plane trip).  I’m very pleased I have finally got them off the needles.  The socks are knitted in an Opal colourway called the Fireman – this colourway was from a series devoted to representing occupations.  I think they did well representing fire and smoke!  They are just a plain vanilla cuff down pattern.

I have quite a few things lined up to show you in the next few weeks:  a number of patterns are in final/almost final stages, I have drafted a couple of tutorial type posts on socks, and of course, that review on the Naturally yarns needs to be written, in amongst others.

Stay tuned, and thank you for reading!


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  1. Glad you’re all settled in your new home! I have never heard of any of those birds and will look forward to learning more about your new surroundings 😃 The knits are gorgeous, especially the shawl!

  2. Enjoyed your stories tonight . I am working on a pair of bulky socks , up to the knee for the ski season for my granddaughter, her feet are bigger than mine. I have made her a fingerling pair. But need a quick pair as well.

  3. I am very pleased to hear that you have been successful finding some work to help pay the bills.

  4. I bought the most gorgeous skein of indigo-dyed yarn last year at KAN in Napier and I’ve been waiting to find a pattern to do it justice – High-Country Crescent looks to be the one! The yarn is Esplanade Fingering by Gradient and it contains the prettiest hint of sparkle!

  5. So pretty….I have a skein of The Sanguine Gryphon in Smaller Yellow Ant, which is a deep copper color….I think I’d use that….glad to hear that you have settled in a bit….can’t wait to see the surroundings…

  6. That’s so pretty! I’d love to use One Twisted Tree’s Rare Woman Claire

  7. Congratulations on completing your move! I certainly know what that’s like. Beautiful knitting projects, as well.

  8. Lovely shawl:)

  9. When in Nelson this winter ( your summer) I met a woman who knits the most wonderful sweaters from vintage from 1930s -40s patterns. I would knit a 40s lace pattern sweater from this yarn, In fact, I think I would get in touch with Alex and get her pattern.

  10. I love both the shawl and your socks…so pretty. I think I would knit it in some Hazel Knits Entice yarn that I recently bought.

  11. seeing your finished projects makes me wish my partner would hurry up and get a job so I can start spending money buying yarn again…

  12. I’m glad you found a new home and work as well, hope things go well for you from here. I’ve got a skein of Wandering Cat Yarn Slinky cat in a dark muted purple called Dahlia that I’d love to turn into this shawl

  13. So pleased to hear move has gone well and young man is off on a vaca……..nice he gets to see dad and grand dad. You shawl is just gorgeous in that colour. Someone gave me some silk, already spun, and I would love to dye it RED, a SCARLET RED! Love the socks and for different reasons…..and more work, good news/’bad’ news! Take care.

  14. That’s so beautiful! I’m a Wellington native myself and also love all the birds in the area. I live over the hill from Zealandia, and we even get the occasional kaka taking a trip out!
    I love that shawl so much. I’ve been thinking about knitting my first shawl recently – some of the Malabrigo colourways have caught my eye, so I’d probably use Malabrigo sock for a gorgeous semisolid shawl.

  15. Glad you are getting settled and having an opportunity to earn a bit more money.

    Love the socks and the shawl. I would knit it in some lovely quince and co yarn I got for Christmas. It’s got a bit of silk and would look lovely in that peters.

    • Glad you are getting settled and having an opportunity to earn a bit more money.

      Love the socks and the shawl. I would knit it in some lovely quince and co yarn I got for Christmas. It’s got a bit of silk and would look lovely in that pattern.

  16. Hi, Well done on your house move! I’ve just discovered Zealana yarns at Holland Road Yarn and would like to try the shawl in Zealana Kauri … not sure what colour … Ashen or Green Peka? Keep up the awesome work

  17. I love your socks – very, very pretty. I think you have to go a long way to go past Waikiwi (so soft, warm and pretty) …

  18. Glad that things are looking up with the new job – am sure the extra work during your mumcation will help with the expenses that mount up with moving etc. Or, maybe allow a few yarn purchases to replace some of the yarn you had to destash 🙂 I love this shawl – have some Malabrigo Lace in Tuareg that would look stunning in this pattern.

  19. Hi Wei, You have certainly been busy. Love all your knits for sure! Good luck with your new home and making it a home! We are in the process of selling and it is trying!!! Sending hugs and strength, xoxo Robin

  20. What a beautiful shawl! I just got back into knitting and started a small charity. I hope to start doing some beautiful patterns like this. Also, your ’empty shelf’ makes me want to go get one and fill it with all different colours 🙂