Mary, Mary, quite contrary

I am delighted, very happy, most relieved, to release the pattern for Mary, Mary today!

Mary, Mary socks

This is fun, feminine design inspired by the nursery rhyme “Mary Mary Quite Contrary”.  The main motif on this sock reflects “silver bells”, while delicate mock cabling along the sides are the “cockle shells”.  The use of softly coloured yarn from Circus Tonic Handmade contributes to the overall delicate look of this pattern.

This particular version uses the Western Whipbird colourway.  As you’ll know, I also knitted versions in the Galah colourway:

Galah colourway

and in Vintage Purls (I think it was called Whisper of Doubt, if I remember correctly):

Mary, Mary in Vintage Purls

I’m very happy with how these socks have ultimately turned out.

Mary, Mary socks

They are definitely one of my favourite designs!

Many thanks also to my test knitter for her feedback on the pattern.

I want to thank readers for your patience in having to wait so long for this pattern.  I am offering this pattern at 50% off for the next three days (until 20 April 2016) (regular price is going to be NZ$5).  You don’t need a code – the discount will apply automatically.  Download here.

There are also going to be opportunities to receive a free copy of this pattern.  Hang tight while I work out the details!

11 thoughts on “Mary, Mary, quite contrary

  1. I just purchased the pattern. Can’t wait to finish one of my four current projects so I can cast on! (Fortunately one of these is close to completion.) Thank you again for designing such a lovely sock.

  2. A very nice sock!!!! Glad you have it up for sale and hope it does well for you. I have to think about adding one more pattern to my collection.

    1. Hooray! I just purchased the pattern. Love the cast-on. It was nice of you to offer a special price for a few days. Thanks!!!

  3. I’ve got the pattern, it’s fab, and as soon as I finish the current project I’ll have these on the needles in a lovely emerald green yarn that I bought in Ireland.

  4. What lovely socks! I bought the pattern for a friend who is a sock maven. Somehow I don’t have the patience for them!

  5. I know that you have been working quite hard on that pattern, and I think it was worth the all stress. They look beautiful. The pattern elements are well balanced. I’m glad you kept at it!

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