River walk


I promised some photos of the new environs once we got out and about.  Today, the eldest boy and I went for a walk by the Hutt River.  It was lovely.

Hutt River

The sound of the water rushing over the rocks was so restful.

Autumn on the river

The leaves are finally starting to change!

River walk

It was nice to be close to nature again.

I especially enjoyed looking at all the different colours and textures in the rocks.



We met some of the locals.


I was pleased to be able to get reasonably close to these spur-winged plovers.  Their little masks are so cute!

Spur-winged plover

It was a lovely interlude.

Hutt River walk


12 thoughts on “River walk

  1. Beautiful scenery, and it sounds as though you will be closer to your elder son since the move, which can only be a good thing🙂

  2. The spur winged plover is called a Masked winged plover here, interesting that you commented on the mask. I am glad you have found somewhere to be close to nature and be with your son.

  3. I might be wrong, but you look as if you are in upper Upper Hutt. It’s a lovely place, as someone new to lower Upper Hutt. Welcome!

  4. Ah, what a peaceful place the river seems to be. Water can be very calming – another force of nature. Rocks are amazing in their coloring and texture. I’ve collected a lot of them at the beach. They look their best when wet and I keep thinking I will store them in a bowl or jar of water to sit and enjoy them at home. But they lie dry on shelves or in jars for now. The natural color and texture in rocks can be food for the soul and inspiration in working with color. I hope you have many more peaceful pleasant walks along the river.

  5. that’s one of the things I like about the Hutt- all the deciduous trees. Evergreen (restful as they are to look at) are just a teensy bit boring.

  6. I have many happy memories of walks by the Hutt River with our dog. He would go crazy with excitement every time we pulled into the parking area and he knew a walk was on offer!

  7. Just beautiful. Once again, you seem to be in a place where you (and “the boy”) can experience the wonders of nature. That’s very important! Lovely photos.

  8. Beautiful muted tones… except for the plovers with their bright yellow masks. I loved the photos in the river… the pinks and mauves and that green and the grey blues of the stones.
    How often nature gets it right.
    Lovely for you and the boy to have a river so close by.
    I have a creek at the back of my place. It is generally dry but no less beautiful for that.
    I love the way that your move is, somehow, reflected in your writing.
    Go strong

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