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A giveway – Rose Marlow – NZ indie maker


A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by Meg of Rose Marlow, a New Zealand indie maker business.

Meg and Jen make beautiful things that knitters like.  Today, I’m hosting a giveaway for some of this lovely parcel of goodies that arrived on my doorstep!  Would you like to know more?

Rose Marlow

The yarn is mine for review, and I will be telling you more about it in due course. The stitch markers, project bag and pom pom are up for grabs.

The bag is very generously sized and big enough to hold a shawl project.  Here it is sitting next to one of my latest sock projects, for comparison purposes.  I have filled it with a 200g skein of shawl yarn and my small notions kit, and as you can see, there is still plenty of room for more in it.

Project bag comparison

It is made of double-lined Japanese fabric, and has a sturdy metal zip and handmade leather pull.

Project bag

The stitch markers are made of glass beads.

Stitch markers

They come in a handy handmade Japanese fabric bag.

And for those who like pompoms but dislike making them:


It will look nice atop a knitted hat!

If you would like to be the recipient of this parcel, please leave a comment sharing what features you would look for in a project bag if you were to buy one. I think mine would have to be one that is small enough to fit into my purse and the fabric is dense enough that my needles don’t poke through.

This giveaway is open to both New Zealand and overseas participants.

I will draw the winner next week, Sunday, 1 May. Good luck!



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52 thoughts on “A giveway – Rose Marlow – NZ indie maker

  1. The gripe I have with most project bags is that they are too small. I need one that is big enough for a large jumper-size project!

  2. I like the way the bag can fold so that when you zip it, the yarn can’t get caught in the zipper. This is something I look for in project bags—a closure that won’t grab or catch any part of my project when I toss it in.

  3. Decent size and shape. I dislike bags that have little or no depth to them. I also like bags that don’t catch on my knitting.

  4. I also like a bag that doesn’t let needles poke through. I also look for printed fabric that I like, because it hides stains.

  5. Hello,

    This is a beautiful parcel to give away. I like a project bag to have a small pocket inside for me to put stitch markers, tape measure, scissors etc. I also like compact so that I can take it to school and knit on my lunch break.

    Good luck to participants!

  6. Heavy fabric and an extra pocket (zipped be great) on the outside for bits and bobs. If it can coordinate with the project that would be a bonus.

  7. That looks like the perfect project bag to me! Small enough to fit in a bag when you go out, big enough to get the back or front of a jumper in, and no needles sticking through the fabric – excellent.

  8. What a lovely giveaway…..a project bag for me would need to be big enough to fit a whole project in but not so big that it is a hassle to cart around. And of course durable enough that I don’t get stabbed by pokey knitting needles. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  9. A bag that can be fully closed so as not to allow any little notions to fall out when traveling.
    Your socks look great, will look forward to seeing them finished.
    Happy knitting

  10. I love small bags for individual projects when I am travelling. Also the beautiful fabrics get me every time! Thanks for giving us a chance to win.

  11. I look for different things depending on what I am planning on using it for. A shawl bag needs to be bigger than a sock one and a jersey one bigger again. In all of them I like a wrist strap that I can hang it off my arm with when working; I usually put a row counter on this as well. I also like a good tightly woven fabric, preferably lined. Something with a small inner pocket to store stitch markers can be handy as well.

  12. I need a bag that fits a shawl, mine all seem to small, i also like a bag thick enough to protect the needles. This one has a unique way of folding. Love it

  13. I’d love a bag like this. I always look at the zip. I need a sturdy one that will stand years of opening and shutting and not jam or the tag break off as happens with flimsy cheap zips.

  14. I like various sizes , lined , small inner zipped pocket but most of all a wrist tab . Square bottom bags are useful for putting on the floor. An eyelet to run yarn thru is useful too

  15. As others have said, the fabric needs to be thick enough to stop needles going through. I also like to have either a zippered pocket or matching pocket size bag to keep stitch markers, tape measure and darning needles in. I like it to be just big enough to not to have to fold my pattern… I like it kept flat

  16. I like a project bag which has a strap so I can hang it on my arm, and a feeder hole for the yarn. Then the yarn can stay in the bag and I can knit without it falling out. Also, it has to be the right size for the project, and preferably lined so that needles are less likely to poke through.

    What yarn are you using for those socks? I like the colours.

  17. I agree with you! I like my project bags to fit in my purses:)

  18. I like my project bags to have a pocket inside so I don’t have to ferret around for notions at the bottom of the bag.

  19. I like bags that let me look all the way to the bottom easily, to search in the corners for things like darning needles or stitch markers that inevitably fall out of my notions case or wip and get lost when I want the most. Also good sturdy construction and a wrist strap is a bonus… Thank you for the chance to win such a lovely give away!

  20. I like a flat bottom on my project bag..a large enough handle to fit over my wrist.An idea…apiece of heavy plastic on the outside to identify what’s inside.However love this bag to add to my collection…love the colours.

  21. I like a project bag that can fit into my handbag, or that has handles if not, with small inside pockets for organising the random things that I also keep alongside ongoing projects (stitch markers, needles for sewing the ends in, tape measure, etc.)

  22. Strong enough so the needles don’t poke through!

  23. I would definitely like it to big enough to hold a few notions along with my project and I’d like it to have a handle to carry it along with me

  24. I like project bags that fit in my purse. Anything with a sturdy zipper and heavier fabric is a keeper. Your giveaway is wonderful!

  25. This size is perfect. I would like a bag that has a see through panel on one side. It is so easy to see what it in the bag and find it quickly. Plus I tend to put little tings other than knitting paraphernalia in bags !

  26. Beautiful fabric to look at and and touch!

  27. For me, a project bag needs to be made from a sturdy fabric (with a lining) with a nice bottom so it can stand upright. It should have some small pockets inside to store notions. Small bags (for socks and small shawls) don’t need a zipper – a drawstring works equally well.

  28. I’m looking forward to the yarn review 🙂 the project bag looks really lovely ❤
    For me the quality of the bag's fabric is really important. So that no lint sticks onto the knitted fabric and that the needles don't poke through.

  29. I would definitely like the sides to be firmish fabric so the bag would hold itself up. Also a large strong clear plastic pocket so my pattern can slip in there and be referred to easily.

  30. Great, sturdy fabric (hopefully organic) and simplicity in design and print are my rules for projects bags. 🙂

  31. In my world a project bag should have a little pocket inside for a couple of things ( like tape measure, needle case, scissors etc ) and as you have already stated, be of sturdy material so that needles don’t poke through. Also be made from lovely fabric, so that you want to pick up your project bag and knit.

  32. I still haven’t worked out what my perfect project bag is, but I know I like one that is big enough to hold my project and bits and pieces, but small enough that everything is easy to get to and the whole thing can be dropped in my backpack. I also like a material dense enough to prevent needles from poking through.

    Thanks for your lovely blog! And your patterns. They rock!

  33. My ideal bag is one that will hold more than two balls of wool, my notions tin and my hand cream.

  34. Beautiful to look at sturdy so it dosent wear too quickly and if small some inside pockets to hold stitch markers etc but certainly big enough to hold a good project

  35. I like a bag big enough to hold the project and the next skein of yarn, but still be small enough to fit into my every day tote bag to go off with me at a moment’s notice. a pocket inside is nice but not necessary, I have small zip bags I keep essential notions in, and I toss them into my project bag so things are all together when I need them. This bag loos really pretty and useful

  36. I would like a bag that is thick enough that the needles don’t poke through and with a small pouch or two inside for my row counter and other bits. I do prefer zips and small enough for my handbag- although that it pretty big.

  37. I like to buy project bags with lots of pockets inside and out, flat bottom construction, in fun, pretty patterns…I like to wear my bags so a good shoulder strap is key and a zipper closure is perfect because then my stuffs won’t fall out. I pack several balls of yarn 🙂

  38. I like a project bag that has a quality zipper so it doesn’t break or come of its teeth. Plus a sturdy lining and durable outer fabric. It must also be washable 🙂

  39. I like the look of small project bags but I don’t like how they end up too small for an almost completed project, so these days I look for bags that are a bit roomier. That fabric is lovely, and I love that chunky ziipper with the leather pull 😍

  40. I like for it to completely close and be large.

  41. I have several different types of bags and use all of them. My favorites are the ones with zippers that are roomy enough to fit everything I need plus fold-able enough that I can put them in my purse.

  42. This bag looks sturdy and the stitch markers are absolutely lovely! Like others I look for a project bag made with thick fabric so needles don’t poke through but also so it’s sturdy enough to display my growing collection of knitting buttons/pins.

  43. When I am looking for project bags I look out for a little flap inside so that thin yarns don’t get caught up in the zip.

  44. I’ve never had a project bag! I’ve only just returned to knitting after many years off and had my poor dpns in a plastic Glad zip bag while I went to a conference in Auckland with my sock yarn. Poor socks! I think I’d love something that had a gorgeous zipper and looked as delightful as any good handbag. A talking point, if you will 🙂

  45. I like bags made with a sturdy fabric with lining. I prefer a flat bottom and a wrist strap. Like others, I like to keep my bag firmly attached to my body so it can’t go walk-about when I’m out knitting with friends. I also want to be able to close it tightly so things don’t fall out. inner pockets are not important to me.

  46. A project bag should be beautiful and practical so you can take it anywhere at anytime.

  47. Aloha,

    How nice to see Japanese fabric being used for project bags! Mille grazie for the link to a new fave.


  48. I use plastic bags that duvet covers etc come in, so a bag that looks nice would be great to have.

  49. Sturdy fabric and zip and a good size for taking at least a shawl, couple of balls of wool, knitting needles, hussif for the scissors, pins, needles etc and some chocolate to munch on while happily knitting my shawl or socks. Thank you for a chance to win your lovely giveaway.

  50. I like a project bag that is small enough to go places with me but big enough to hold a decent sized project. I, like you, want it to be sturdy so the needles don’t poke through but I like pockets and places for accessories.

  51. I love a bag that is a good size so I can fit everything in one like the poncho that I will be knitting next that you have so beautifully designed! An internal pocket so the little bits and bobs are easily found. The bag should look gorgeous, which I cannot say for the supermarket bag/s that I currently use! Thank you for your blog and the chance to win,

  52. I don’t have a knitting bag! I do heaps of cross stitch and have perfect storage bags for the projects. Like others have mentioned, the side pocket is so useful and necessary. I’m so very keen to knit the poncho just placed on the website and I can’t think of anything nicer to put the materials in. I like how people ask where I get my embroidery bags from and each has a history, gifts from family, friends, and a link to the work I have completed. I am a knitter for many years and could use this wonderful gift.