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Hello!! I hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend!

I’m popping in very briefly today.  This week has been one of those very busy weeks, and although there is a huge amount cooking away in the background, I can’t show much of it to you yet.

Inspiration:  I suspect that many of you already know about this show.  I found it, and binge watched it, and I think it has to be the singularly most inspiring thing I have ever seen in my knitting life.  The episode I have linked you to has English subtitles, but if you watch it and like it, you’ll find that the language of knitting is so strong that you don’t really need to know what they are saying in the other episodes… It has electrified me!

Please excuse the horrible lighting – daylight disappeared before I got around to taking a photo…

The green things

The socks are my current ‘take along’ plain vanilla sock. They have received the most love this weekend, because I’ve been doing a bit of running around with the boy.  It’s an Opal colourway – Buffalo Bill.

The shawl is Liliaceous, another gorgeous number by Mary-Anne Mace. I’m using Zealana Kiwi in the Fern colourway.  It is another thank you gift… better knit it nicely!

The ball in the corner is a current secret project in Circus Tonic Handmade in the Silvereye colourway, and the skein in the top right is about something that I’ll be telling you about in a couple of days!!

Which leads me to say, come back on Monday, 16 May, because I have something brilliant to share with you.  (NZ/Aust readers please note this is US time, so it may not be until Tuesday, 17 May our time).  A wonderful designer has made a generous contribution to Sustain the Sea, and it is just beautiful.

I leave you with part of one of the photos minus the project… just a teaser!

Mystery pic

See you again soon!


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17 thoughts on “Coming soon

  1. Your sock yarn is fun. I haven’t seen combination like that before. The last photo is interesting. Is that all rock?

  2. Thanks for sharing that knititng show, it looks absolutely brilliant! Also loving the green theme in your current WIPs.

    • I found the show very inspiring – all these knitters, none of whom are “professional”, and yet they all had such amazing skills.

  3. Loving the show too. Thank you for sharing it

  4. I am waiting for season 3 I guess we will be able to see it later on this year..

  5. Loving those greens.

  6. I am so excited too! 😀

  7. Someone else has mentioned this site to me and will listen/watch. LOVE the Fern colour, lovely knitting. Thanks.

  8. The colourways featured in this post are beautiful. Your shawl is going to be beautiful as well. Look forward to seeing what the last photo is about.Will watch the video

  9. I just watched the whole of that episode. It was great!

  10. What a post! full of news and anticipation and what gorgeous greens. I love that Sokkusu, top right corner. I used one of their greens in a project and it just filled me with joy every stitch.