Sustain the Sea: Gyre

Long time readers of this blog will be aware of the free pattern collection I developed to highlight the importance of looking after our oceans:  Sustain the Sea.

Sustain the sea square

I have been absolutely thrilled to be joined in this initiative by Kiwi designers Mary-Anne Mace (Biophilia – pictured above) and Sonya Newstead (Empty Nets – pictured above).

Today, I’m honoured that we are joined by a wonderfully talented young designer, Josiah Bain, who hails from the United States of America.  It is truly exciting that this is developing into an international statement about our oceans, and that there are so many designers who are like-minded!

Josiah wrote to me recently offering to donate a pair of socks to this initiative:  Gyre.

A gyre is a system of currents in the ocean that spirals around a central point.  The gyre that these socks are named after is the North Pacific Gyre, the largest ecosystem on Earth. As well as being home to different marine creatures, the North Pacific Gyre is home to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. He offers it here in the hopes that “awareness will be raised about the harmful practices and dreadful littering happening in our naturally splended oceans”.

IMG_3117 (800x600)

This is a beautiful pattern that harmonises completely with the theme behind the socks.  The socks are also very interestingly constructed. Please visit Josiah’s thoughtful blog post to read more about these socks, to download a free copy of the pattern and to find out about a very easy thing that all of us can do to contribute to the ocean’s health.

And who is his great model?

IMG_3157 (600x800)

Find that out too when you visit his blog!

IMG_3178 (800x550).jpg

Thank you, Josiah, for this beautiful pattern, and importantly, for your own commitment to sustaining the sea!

7 thoughts on “Sustain the Sea: Gyre

  1. They look like fabulous socks – the rippling formation perfectly suited to the sea theme. Really interesting construction too. Love the model! It’s always fascinated me to think that if we poke a toe in our side of the pacific that we’re touching the same body of water American west coast dwellers touch as well.

  2. Lovely blogpost and lovely model ! The socks seem to be a challenging knit with that construction..
    Good to learn, too, that more people around the world are concerned about the state of our seas

  3. I am relatively new to your blog, so this is very exciting to me to see this and the other patterns! Thank you so much for sharing them but also for wanting to protect our oceans.

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