Eriskay, the FO

The boy and I went on a little expedition to the wharf to take photos of the Eriskay socks.

IMG_2290 (800x593).jpg

Given that these are socks inspired by the ganseys worn by fishermen and their families, I thought it would be appropriate to take photos of them in their natural setting. The Petone Wharf is a popular fishing spot, and has beautiful views of Wellington harbour.

IMG_2292 (800x600) (2).jpg

It was a lovely evening, and the fishermen had their lines out.

IMG_2295 (600x800).jpg

We were lucky to see a catch being hauled in.

IMG_2310 (800x600).jpg

Someone will eat well tonight! These are Kahawai, (Arripis Trutta) a fish endemic to New Zealand and Eastern Australian waters.

IMG_2298 (800x499).jpg

So here, they are, the finished Eriskay socks.

IMG_2309 (800x600).jpg

You may remember that the Eriskay gansey demonstrates a range of knitterly techniques, and so I designed these socks to reflect the the range of skills needed to knit an Eriskay.  I also tried to keep in theme with the beauty of an Eriskay sweater. I’m very happy with how they turned out.

IMG_2304 (800x600).jpg

Cabling runs down the back of the leg, with the front knitted in a range of lace and knit/purl patterns evocative of those used in a gansey.

The boy did an excellent job of photographing the socks.

IMG_2305 (800x600).jpg

We were going to stay on the wharf and enjoy the light supper of roast chicken and fresh bread that we had brought with us, but the wind was rather cold! Instead, we retreated to the car, and enjoyed the sunset in more comfortable conditions.

IMG_2315 (800x600).jpg

IMG_2313 (800x600).jpg

It was a nice end to a lovely day.

Don’t forget, the Eriskay socks are free to download until 8 July.  I loaded the full version of the pattern to Ravelry this morning. Enjoy!


14 thoughts on “Eriskay, the FO

  1. Your son did a great job photographing your socks. It was the perfect spot. I love how he is game for a jaunt somewhere with his mum and appreciates her knitting.

  2. What a great design……….you know if you had charged for them I would have paid!! setting was perfect and good job on the photography!!

  3. Your socks are gorgeous! I’ve just downloaded the pattern. Am in the process of finishing a second sock for a test knit. They’re actually in the same purple as yours 🙂 I love the scenery photos. Wish I was there in the cooler weather 🙂

  4. These images remind me of my childhood. And how gorgeously snug I remember it being sitting in the car on a cold day.
    The socks are beautiful. And yes, well done, to the boy for the photographs.
    Thank you so much for the pattern.

  5. goodpurlgonebadhere from wayback – studying photography hence the new id. I love these socks – so rich and warm-looking, and photographing snuggly socks in Wellington is a delight… Hope you’re well, and well done to you and the boy for beautiful socks well prhotographed 🙂

  6. Lovely. Thank you so much. Looks like the southerly change about to blow in, so pleased you got your gorgeous pics done in time!

  7. Fantastic pattern. Congratulations. Your son did a great job with photographing them! What a gorgeous environment. I especially love the last photo.

  8. Beautiful place, beautiful photos, AND beautiful socks! How lovely of you to offer the pattern free.

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