Winter has finally arrived, and it is so nice to be able to wear cosy, warm things, and be wrapped up in all the knitted goodness!

It has been very wet for the past few weeks, and there have been floods in the garage causing damage to what is left of things that I have been trying to keep nice but cannot fit into my small house. It has left me strangely depressed and frustrated. More lessons learned in what structural features to look for when considering if water is an issue. For example, culverts cut into the concrete in front of the garage – what for except to drain away water? And of course, there is the matter of that hole in the roof which made itself known the first time it rained… The landlord is supposedly doing something about it.

This holiday weekend we have had gorgeous blue skies and crisp, cold days, and the mood is much improved by the sight of some sunshine!

I have discovered that I need a few new things in my wardrobe. The office is very warm, and not suitable for some of my heavier sweaters.

IMG_2331 (800x600).jpg

Light Gale, a tunic-style sweater by Alicia Plummer should fill a gap and be versatile enough for both work and casual wear.  I am knitting it in The Wool Company’s Merino Possum in the Mink colourway.

Alicia has made a strange yardage recommendation though.  I really cannot see how I will need 1,400yd/1,280m for this project when it doesn’t have sleeves nor yardage-eating properties like cables. I have now knitted the entire back, and have only used 300+ metres. My generous estimate is that this project will require less than 900m/980yd to finish. We shall see. I am not worried if I need more yarn. I have chosen a sweater quantity of yarn out of my stash, and there is more than enough to finish it.

At the same time, I appear to have developed shawl fever, probably due to a desire for nice warm things around my shoulders!

IMG_2330 (800x600)

This is Waiting for Rain in one of Anna Gratton’s discontinued yarns, a mohair, wool, silk mix.

I am knitting it alongside the beautiful Liliaceous from Mary-Anne Mace.

IMG_2333 (800x533).jpg

This one is going to be a gift. It is in Zealana Kiwi Laceweight in the Fern colourway.

To cheer up the dumps caused by the flooding issues, I couldn’t resist this exquisite beauty from Holland Road Yarn Company this week:

IMG_2334 (800x533).jpg

It is, would you believe it, my very first gradient yarn purchase. My absolute weakness is shades of pink and green together… it’s the sort of colour that makes your heart leap in gladness.  Now to find a pretty lace shawl pattern to match it!

I paired the purchase with some Outlaw Yarns Bohemia Worsted which I think will make a lovely, snuggly, cabled cowl at some point. It is also a yarn I have not tried yet, and I am looking forward to seeing what it can do!

It is absolutely wonderful to think that there is one more day at home before the working week begins.  Hurrah for long weekends!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend, wherever you are.

Happy Knitting!

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  1. I am so impressed, not only with your prodigious output, but your incredible skill. What beautiful work! I, too, am passionate about New Zealand yarn and fibres ( I’ve taken up spinning again as well as knitting). I just thought I would let you know about a recent discovery of an indie dyer. She popped up on my Facebook page, and lives in a town close by, so when my husband had to go to Dannievirke for business, I thought I would tag along, and visit her shop. Turns out she doesn’t have a shop – she works from home and sells online. Still, when I knocked on her door she was more than happy to show me her studio and let me squeeze her ( I was going to say balls, but that just wouldn’t be right) yarn.
    It’s lovely. And so are her colourways. She sources her yarn from Skeinz ( one of my happy places) and dyes and sells them through her FB page – Darn Knit. Just enter a search in FB Darn Knit and maybe Dannievirke.
    I’m glad I blundered into her place – I love to see and touch something before I buy it, and I think you would enjoy checking her out. ( Her being Susan).
    I just thought I would return a little bit of the pleasure you bring me when I read your blog. Thanks.

    1. Lol I’m so pleased you came to visit me too. I also prefer to see things in the flesh, in particular yarn, as it’s texture is just as important as its look. It was lovely to meet you and I look forward to seeing you again.😊

    2. 🙂 Susan from Darn-knit is my sister and this makes me so proud for her! She works really hard and has really found her niche. So cool. Thankyou!!!

  2. So sorry to hear about your flood, I can empathise completely with you feelings of depression and frustration. It is often the things that are beyond our control that cause the greatest angst but I am pleased that you are finding solace and cheer in pretty knitted things. Keep up the good cheery work 🙂

  3. Hi Wei Siew,

    I’ve taken a break from “THE sock” and browed your blog which is delightful I fell in love with the red coat you knit and also the shawl in green which I can’t seem to find anywhere. I must be missing the name of it somehow.

    I’m going to take a pic of the sock and send later today. 3pm here now and want to see how much I can get done to show you. I finished charts A and C and decided to knit one repeat of chart D which will bring me to the heel flap measurement that is close to Fred’s usual 7.5-8″ of leg. I’m loving this beautifully written pattern and thinking of you often.

    Big hugs from your fan to the far west and I’m so glad you are having better weather!

    Xx Tunie Pics coming before 5:30pm my time.

    1. Hi Tunie, I am glad my blog has entertained you. 🙂 I am not sure which green shawl you saw as I have knitted several. All my projects are listed in my Rav notebook too – you might have better luck tracking it down that way. xx

  4. I am a winter person but here in Norway summer has really arrived! I am still knitting woollen winter sweaters… Impressing projects, all of them!

    1. I don’t think the seasons ever really matter for the committed knitter. Sooner or later, those lovely woollen winter sweaters are needed. Your projects are gorgeous!

  5. Hard to imagine you’re in winter when we are in summer here in California. But before long the tables will be turned and we will be in winter and you in summer. Hope your flooding/water worries are remedied soon. Landlords should have to reveal faults and weaknesses in their rentals just as a seller does when they sell their house – bound by law, of course – but then who’s going to regulate it? Hmmmm. On the lighter side, you have some nice knitting projects going – that can always lift the spirits!!!! Happy knitting.

  6. It is definitely summer in Camden Harbor, Maine (northeast US). It never really gets that hot here since we are so far north and live at the coast, so thankfully I can knit and not be uncomfortable. Good thing, since I am a slow knitter and need to start projects early if I want to wear them in the winter. Your Lite Gale tunic looks fabulous and I am going to start that soon. You have such an interesting blog and I love reading it. Have a great winter and enjoy the cooler months.

    1. You are lucky to have cool weather all year. I am much looking forward to finishing Light Gale. I think I will get a lot of wear out of it! Thanks for your kind words about my blog. 🙂

  7. I am not surprised you feeling down and frustrated, especially when the problem had been notified to your landlord.I do hope you will be recompensed. I love your knitting, you will get a lot of use out of the tunic. Up here in the middle North Island we have been having lovely sunny days as well, frosts overnight. Have a good week and happy knitting.

  8. Sorry to hear about your being affected by flooding. Maybe it’s only becoming more of a problem now with increasing frequency of extreme weather events? Your shawl projects look pretty and I’m looking forward to seeing your finished tunic.

    1. I think the volume of rain definitely had something to do with it. But the hole in the roof doesn’t help! I hope they fix it soon. I’m looking forward to finishing the tunic soon too – I’d like to wear it! 😀

  9. Sorry to hear about the water damages… I hope it didn’t ruin anything that holds precious memories…
    Your shawls are going to be awesome, very nice patterns you pciked, too ! I am curious what the gradient will live to be. Never bought one myself either, I was wondering; how do you see/estimate how long each colour run is and so what you can turn it into ?

    1. Thanks José! I think with this gradient that I will just knit a shawl that flows with the colour, so it won’t matter how long each colour run is. It would be too stressful to try to work in changes according to the gradient.

  10. Hello – I am from the US and currently touring your beautiful country! Today we are in Napier and go to Rotorua tomorrow. I am seeing for myself some of your inspiration!

  11. Ugh, flooding. So Sorry. we are now at the beginning of Summer, Idaho, and it is a blistering 37.7 C and I feel like I want to barf! Hiding out in the house, with wool……regardless of temps, always wool. NICE Mink colour.

  12. Your projects are always beautiful – I really enjoy seeing them. I am, also, amazed at your output! Hope the flood situation has been resolved and you were able to save the items stored there.

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