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Swan River


Swan River

It appears that I am completely incapable of monogamous knitting at the moment. I “had” to start Swan River this week. It is a pattern from Issue 72 of The Knitter. Time I got some value out of all those magazines that I buy!

It is knitted in Maniototo Wool’s Luxury Lambswool in 4 ply, which Mary very kindly did me a one-off favour by dyeing and selling it me. This weight of yarn is not normally sold by her – she prefers to make it available to indie dyers only.  (She makes the 8 ply and woollen spun aran weight available on her website).

What can I say about this yarn?  Well… I hope that more indie people get their hands on it, because it is truly luxurious and wonderful. It has been spun semi-worsted and at a reasonably tight twist, and it is the slinkiest, softest, most gorgeous yarn I have laid my hands on for some time. Mary really spied a good thing when she found the merino cross fleece that her yarn comes from. And to think that the rest of this wool goes overseas to garment producers!  Lucky us that Mary has been able to obtain some of it for use in New Zealand and by knitters.

I’m hoping there will be enough left over of this yarn to turn into a shawl, because it is perfect for that purpose. In the meantime, I have a great requirement for a lightweight cardigan for use in the office (mostly), and this is what Swan River is going to be.

If you are wondering where you can get your hands on some of the Luxury Lambswool 4 ply, I understand that both Happy-go-knitty and Ruataniwha Dye Studio have got some, and are busy cooking up pretty colours for it as I write. You’ll have to watch their sites for news of when it is available, and when I find out, I will let you know.

I will probably have at least one FO to show you next week because I am making good progress on both Waiting for Rain and Light Gale, which I showed you last week. I won’t bore you with more photos of the same looking WIP!

Autumn came late this year. I leave you with a view of the riot of colour in my backyard at the moment. I’m enjoying the show!


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14 thoughts on “Swan River

  1. OMG, I must be a promiscuous knitter! I have four projects going at anytime. Up to this point I thought I had attention deficit disorder, but am much relieved I am just promiscuous!

  2. That’s sounds like a fantastic yarn! I recently found myself in the situation of having absolutely no solid coloured 4 ply yarn in my stash – I’ll have to keep an eye out for some of this!

  3. Very funny, promiscuous indeed, ah that would be me!! The sweater and yarn looks lovely. And What a RIOT of colour is right! we are so confused with weather just now, 40 C last week and now 10 C with wind and rain……….

  4. I’m definitely NOT a monogamous knitter, more of a cerebral knitter, and while knitting my ‘boring’ current knit I am dreaming of some more projects. …I should have joined the Mason Dixon Sockalong!
    This yarn looks fabulous, and the link proving its versatility and strength – I make jokes about the ‘bottom of my bag’. This yarn will be one to look out for, just delicious possibilities.

  5. The autumn colours look wonderful! Here in Japan things are getting hot and I am less enamoured of summer temps. I agree that this yarn is really special in person; I’m doing some sample knitting with it in preparation of its release and I’m in love! Thanks for including us in your post!

  6. Beautiful color for that sweater – can’t wait to see the FO. The autumn colors are beautiful, but I’m really glad summer is just now starting here in North Ohio! I’ll welcome fall when it arrives, but for now I need warmth!

  7. Who cares if you are monogamous knitter as long as you are a happy knitter. Knit all the things!

  8. This is a lovely lace pattern; I had to check the pattern and the jacket was gorgeous. Looking forward to see it finished. Very inspiring!