Waiting for Rain and Light Gale

As I was typing this header, it occurred to me that both my recent Finished Objects are about the weather. Isn’t that funny!

Here are Light Gale and Waiting for Rain.

A bit about both:

Light Gale

I used The Wool Company’s Utiku Merino Possum in the Mink colourway.

As noted in my last post about this pattern, I certainly did not need 1,400 yards noted in the pattern.  Knitted in the smaller size, I used 362 gm, which is the equivalent of 795 metres, or 869 yards. (That’s 3.6 balls of the merino possum yarn in case you are wondering.)

The pattern itself could have included a schematic.  I find them very useful so I can adjust sizing easily if necessary.  I also like charts, and find written instructions difficult for pattern repeats, so I charted out my own, and that made it much easier to work out the stitch pattern quickly.

I did not do a tubular cast on or cast off. Instead, I used a long tail cast on, and cast off using my own half-stretchy bind-off method.

Alicia used a stockinette style decrease, which contrasts against the purl background of the body.  I chose not to do that, and reversed the shaping instructions (P2tog and P2togtbl) so that the shaping was invisible.

I did not put on a button, but just sewed a join into the two sides.

The rest of the pattern was knit as instructed.

I love possum yarn.  See the soft, fluid drape of the fabric, and the warm, snuggly halo that develops after blocking.  Besides pure wool, it is my next favourite medium to work in. It does not pill, it is surprisingly hard wearing, and it stays looking beautiful for years and years. (Note that recycled possum yarns can be less hard-wearing.)

IMG_2429 (1024x1024)

Waiting for Rain

This is such a sweet pattern. I used Anna Gratton’s silk/mohair/wool mix which she has unfortunately since discontinued.  It gives a beautiful organic texture to knitting.

Anna Gratton silk/mohair/wool

I wanted my Waiting for Rain to be organic looking, and I was pleased that the yarn I chose has definitely given the desired effect.

I did not change anything about the pattern.

The only thing I would say is that I am not 100% happy with my bind off and the edging.  It is a tiny bit tight for my liking, not enough to be a real issue, but just enough to make me think “hmm.”  I did use the lace bind off recommended by Sylvia, but as I have noted before, my bind off is always very tight for some reason, so I may have to look into a further adaptation of this method to work for me.

There is a lot of knitting news to talk about this week, so I think I will break this week’s postings into two.  Watch out for another one from me tomorrow about future projects!

I’m going to be examining three swatches. And trying to decide which one to use for this.

Have a happy and great weekend!

11 thoughts on “Waiting for Rain and Light Gale

  1. Gorgeous pieces you have knit up. The shawl is large enough to wrap around in and the tunic is large enough to feel comfort from the weather. As you say its too bad the silk/mohair/wool yarn has been discontinued. I like the texture and combination of those three fibers. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Heh- I love the weather related theme. 🙂
    Your projects and knits are a constant source of inspiration. These two are no different. Beautiful knitting!

  3. Beautiful! I bought a few skeins of merino-possum blend while on vacation in NZ last April. Had no idea what I wanted to make with it, but now I think I’ll have to follow in your footsteps and make the light gale! You always have the loveliest FO. And a great eye for color! The shawl is gorgeous and the tunic looks perfect for a wet and cold winters day.

  4. I love your projects! I have been looking at both as possibilities. Really well done. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love the lines of your shawl, and just the right shape and size for plenty of wearing options too. Your poncho thingy looks nice and cosy too. At long last it might be cold enough to wear possum merino!

  6. What beautiful garments 🙂 Today in Brisbane it is 15 degrees Celsius so I am nicely rugged up. it’s fantastic to experience some cold weather…finally! i imagine it’s nice and cold in your neck of the woods too 🙂

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