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Sometimes things don’t quite work out the way you think they will. It’s the way life is and part of fabric of existence. Happiness and triumph, sadness and disappointment, tenderness and love, anger and failure. Is it even possible to have one without the other?

This weekend, I planned to take the young boy to Napier to enjoy a last adventure before the holidays finished. But on the way, a driver did not take care to check the road was clear before before entering the highway and crossing the road.

photo_1469157591250 (1) (480x640).jpg

Unfortunately, I happened to be travelling on the highway this person was crossing, and just about to enter the intersection at 100km/hr. This is the result.

We were all very lucky. No one died and no one was seriously injured. It could have been much, much worse. Both cars are write-offs, and the young boy and I are feeling very sore and tender. I have mild whiplash and a bruised rib cage amongst a few other things. The young boy has a realistic impression of a seat belt across his chest in colourful purple bruising. Thankfully, that is all.

The NZ Police were amazing. They were very kind and drove us back into town and helped me to work out how we could find public transport to get home. We were quite a long way out of Wellington by this stage, and there was no one to call on to pick us up. Getting a bus and then a train and then a bus and then walking the final 15 minutes, with luggage, to get to one’s home while feeling shocked and banged up from an accident is still not a pleasant way to end the adventure.

The most terrible thing of course is that I now have no car. Hopefully it will not take long for insurance to kick in, and allow me to get some new wheels.

So, that is some of the bad/good of life that has been happening at my end this week.  This particular incident is not an adventure I or the boy would ever like to repeat, even if we are grateful that we are still alive and not badly injured!

Thank goodness for knitting, which has provided solace and a place to keep my mind off recent incidents.

IMG_2502 (640x470)

I would have dearly loved to show you a finished Southern Skies Shawl. It is very nearly done, but the edging is taking longer than I anticipated.

IMG_2506 (640x640).jpg

I am very pleased that it is as big as I would like it to be.

IMG_2507 (640x640).jpg

Anna Gratton did a wonderful job of translating the night sky. This looks like it has the Southern Lights flowing through it. I can’t wait to finish off the billions of edge stitches so I can block it and see it in its full glory!!

I did manage to finish the delicious stripey Cinnamon socks from Stray Cat Socks though, and they are keeping my feet nice and cosy as I type this.

IMG_2505 (640x640).jpg

I hope you have had a nice week and are enjoying your weekend.

Stay safe, and happy knitting!

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43 thoughts on “Sometimes

  1. OMG! Thank heavens you are safe, although sore. Insurance is usually pretty quick to kick in, but that is little consolation to a one-car family. Thinking of you

  2. Oh my goodness, how fortunate that you weren’t both badly hurt or worse. I am so happy that you have escaped relatively unscathed and I hope your son is OK. It would have been a terrifying event for both of you. Take care and be kind to yourselves.

  3. So sorry to hear you were involved in this crash, but thankful that you and your son were not seriously hurt. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
    The night sky is beautiful!

  4. Oh Honey!
    A realistic impression of a seat belt across a young lad’s chest hit me like a hammer. So easy to descend into cliches at times like this…BUT… how frail our realities are… cobwebs. Deep breaths all around.
    Knitting is not just a healing action, in this situation, but a metaphor for creating unity, beauty and function through careful weaving of one delicate strand.
    How beautifully you do it.
    When I grown up I want to be Anna Gratton’s girl friend. She is a star. You put me on to her. What a woman of foresight she is.
    And what a beautiful product she makes.
    There are less dramatic ways to provide “What I did in my holiday” stories for the young lad. So happy everyone shuffles on to tell the tale.

  5. Oh horrors! Thank God you are both all right. Getting home was a nightmare also 😦 Unfortunately we cannot push a delete button and not remember the accident. Be good to yourselves. Thinking of you……..
    Night Sky shawl is truly beautiful.

  6. Oh no! I’m glad you are both okay,

  7. Oh no! I’m glad you are both okay, and hope the recovery process (physical, mental, and insurance-related) is relatively quick.

  8. What a lousy way to end an adventure and I’m so glad you’re both okay. The Southern Skies Shawl is gorgeous!

  9. May you both recover from this horrible incident. Even ‘mild whiplash’ can be problematic, so especially take care in that area. ♥

  10. Glad to hear you are both safe. Good thoughts & hugs winging your way.😄

  11. OMG what a shocking thing to happen. I hope you are able to take some time to recover

  12. A very scary event. Glad you are all okay

  13. Very sorry to read about your accident. I know the intersection well. You are very brave to carry on and then write a post in praise of knitting. I hope all goes well from now on and there are no bad after effects. Your southern skies shawl looks really beautiful, even unblocked.

  14. Thank goodness you’re both ok, unfortunately it’s something that happens so easily from a simple lapse in judgement on the part of one driver and I know I’ve been guilty of that lapse from time to time as well despite my best efforts. I hope you both recover fully and quickly and that the insurance gets you a new car very soon too!

  15. Yikes! I’m glad that you’re both ok… what an experience, and one not to be repeated.

  16. Hoje you and little boy bem fine. Only God knows the reason of change in our lives. 😘

  17. I am so relieved you and your son are safe and okay albeit a bit shaken up. The same thing happened to me a few years ago when my son was 10. Flew straight off the highway and landed in a swamp upside down. We were both hanging upside down, held in by our seatbelts. Both of us crawled out of the car to the amazing of passers by. To this day, I do not like driving. Love those socks I must say!! Take care and give your son lots of hugs (which I’m sure you are) 🙂 PS I hope the vehicle replacement doesn’t take long.

  18. What beautiful projects. So glad you are all OK, car accidents are my worst nightmare. x

  19. What more can I say, everyone has beaten me to it. Just be reassured that so many people really care about you and those around you. “Tough times don’t last but tough people do”

  20. I am aghast to read this, so glad to know you are “ok”.

  21. How horrible! Glad you are OK. This could happen to any of us – it’s horrifying. Hope the insurance company processes things quickly for you.

  22. Thank goodness you are both so un-hurt! Not a real word, but it is a miracle as so easily you could both have been severely hurt!
    What a harrowing trip home for you both and loaded down with luggage too and shocked and in pain. The 15 min walk would have seemed like forever and reached home with all your familiar stuff must have been quite wonderful. Being without a car will seem like the pits. Will your insurance company come up with a loan car in the interim? I sincerely hope so.
    Knitting will be wonderful. It’s mediative actions will help you and your body! Plus you like knitting (as we all do) and being home and together will be a balm for your heart!
    I’ve been without a computer till just recently for. 18 months and it is so good to be reading your blog, to visit Revelry. I had to leave my home in Oxford and have been living with my daughter and her family for close to 2 years now. A big change for me.
    A cyber hug from me and take care of you both!! Xxx

  23. What a nightmare ! Thank god you’re both okay, I do hope you will not be suffering any nasty side-effects of the collision or something.. Wishing you and the young man a quick recovery !

  24. Being in an accident is never a good time. So happy to hear you are both ok, and will fully recover!

  25. glad you are both OK and eventually made it home safely. very scary! Here in the US, the insurance company will often pick up the cost of a rental while you sort things out, is there a chance it will do that in NZ? At least short term, it could be a help.

    glad you are able to knit!

  26. Glad that you’re both ok. Hopefully you have new wheels soon. take care.

  27. Oh my goodness, thank goodness that you are both okay from it, although I assume there are still some tenderness and bad memories that will follow for a time. Do take it slowly and rest when you can. Driving is such a scary thing sometimes when you really have to watch out for other cars. Your shawl is looking gorgeous and I love your socks. I was thinking of buying that colorway from SCS but she had a few new ones with that as well so I really cannot decide as yet.

  28. I am thankful you and your son are ok.

  29. I’m so glad you both are safe and relatively unhurt. The aches and pains often take a day or two to show up. Take it easy on yourselves.

  30. Like everyone else, I am very happy that you and your son (and the people in the other car) are ok. In the end, that’s what matters. Inconveniences (no car) will be forgotten in time and your minor injuries will heal. Hopefully, that will be fast and knitting will help

  31. i know that OMG has been said many comments before…but OMG! I am so relieved to hear you guys are okay. You are spot on, sometimes things do not go as planned. Take care of yourself.

  32. Wow!! Not a great end to the holidays. Pleased to hear that you are both ‘ok’. Hopefully the insurance won’t take long to sort.
    Look after yourselves and rest.

  33. Oh my gosh! I am so glad you’re okay, but what a scary experience. I remember well the achy feeling of being in a car accident — even though it seems relatively minor it can last for a while. Not a bad excuse to take it easy with some knitting for a few days.

  34. OMG. My reaction? “Oh f—.” I’m so glad you and your son are in general okay. To have to take the bus all the way home in bruised condition? Made my heart ache for you Wei. But I’m so glad that was a mini hill and not any steeper. Don’t sign off on anything saying you two are okay. I’m mad for you. I hope you’re able to get in some time off to recover.

  35. So glad you and your son are alright. It looks like a nasty crash. Trains and buses then a long walk all sound like a terrible way to go back home after an accident like that. take some time to recover.

  36. I’m glad you & the boy are okay; what a scary thing to have happen. And to then have to figure out how to get home after is even worse, but you did it! I hope insurance works quickly & you’re able to get a new car quickly.

  37. Holy crap! I am so sorry that you have to deal with this. But I am even more thankful that you and Eric were able to walk away from this one. I hope you both recover quickly…. and I’ll bet Eric will always remember to wear his seatbelt for the rest of his life.

  38. Oh no! So glad you both are okay but what an adventure just to get back home. Knitting does have amazing healing powers though, doesn’t it? Your shawl is beautiful!

  39. What a scare! I am glad you are both okay. Love your knitting…hopefully that will help you relax,

  40. I’m so glad no-one was badly hurt, but it must have left you both quite shaken (not to mention bumped and bruised). Not a great way to end the school holidays.

  41. Thank all that is holy you and the boy were able to walk away. I am so sorry to hear about the accident. The shawl is looking beautiful. Looking forward to seeing the FO

  42. That’s awful, Wei Siew. I’m so sorry, but also pleased you are ok!
    (It happened to us last year, car written off, and all had whiplash and bruising, but we were only 2 km from home. It would have been much worse to do all that bussing, training etc. That’s something you really don’t think of needing to do!)
    Hope you’re all better now and there are no long term after-effects.

    • I’m so surprised that almost everyone I speak to has had a traffic incident. It just shows how careful we need to be. I am very glad to know you were okay too. Losing one’s car is a major inconvenience.