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Before I start today’s post, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your caring and concerned comments on my car crash. I may not be able to respond to each and every one of you individually, but your thoughts and kind wishes mean a great deal. Thank you, so much.

This week has been a little hard. Bruised ribs and whiplash don’t go away very quickly, but I am on the mend, and the young boy appears to be completely recovered, which is a massive relief! The insurance company is still to pay out as they are waiting on the police report before doing so. Hopefully that will not be much longer. Being without a car is a major hindrance!

So let’s move on to happier things and talk about knitting!

I finished the edging on Southern Skies, and here is the finished shawl. I have to say, I love it very much. The swirls of colour through it remind me of the southern lights, and as someone said on my Instagram account, it also looks a bit like a galaxy! Thanks again, Audry, for a beautiful pattern, and thanks to Anna Gratton for such a lovely night sky colourway.

The yarn is Anna Gratton’s 4 ply 100% wool, and I made only one change to the pattern – instead of a garter border, I knitted on a Shetland lace Brand Iron edging. It has made the shawl larger and also a bit more feminine, which I like.

Having a lot of time to knit on the train on the way to work has meant that I have been giving socks a bit of attention this week. This is Dark Harbour Yarn‘s lovely Jetsam sock in Narwhal Hits the Disco. I see she has a very similar Rare and Exotic Beast in her shop at the moment which would be almost identical in my opinion. I am using my Bark sock pattern to liven the knitting up a bit.

IMG_2547 (800x800)

Before I start on yet another new shawl, I have decided I need to finish another long time WIP.

IMG_2549 (640x640)

This is my Ulva Lactuca shawl in laceweight, using Zealana Kiwi. At this weight, it has become more a summer shawl/scarf style, which will be nice to use when the weather warms up again.

Being a blogger and reader of blogs has given me lovely opportunities to meet some wonderful people.

Recently, I had the great pleasure of having coffee with Keiry Belton, co-author of Stitching up Paris – The Insider’s Guide to Parisian Knitting, Sewing, Notions and Needlecraft Stores.

If you have not heard of her yet, Keiry has just returned from a period living in Paris as an expatriate. I enjoyed following the blog she wrote about her adventures while there.  While she was there, she also co-wrote Stitching up Paris with Barbara Cattoni, another expatriate living in Paris, who runs personal walking tours of Parisian stitching stores at

IMG_2510 (640x640)

Stitching up Paris is the ideal companion for any needlecraft fan. The contents are organised very neatly into both genre (knitting/fabrics/embroidery/haberdashery/vintage and shabby chic) and by also by area. This makes it easy to find the information you are after.

Well written, and filled with beautiful photography, I  especially loved reading the little stories about the stores/areas that accompanied the reviews.  If I ever get a chance to visit Paris, this book will be coming with me!

The book is available to purchase here and if you live in New Zealand, I understand that the book can also be purchased from Minerva.

I leave you today with a new indie yarnie discovery:

IMG_2516 (640x640)

This is Artist’s Palette Yarn, a UK indie dyer. With the exchange rate happily a bit friendlier at the moment, I took the opportunity to indulge in some pretty colourways. Her palette is very much to my taste – one of those sites where you could happily tick ‘one of everything please!’

Hope you are having a marvellous weekend!




42 thoughts on “Discoveries and meet-ups

  1. I’m so glad you are on the mend and your son is ok. Your Southern Skies shawl is absolutely stunning and the edging is beautiful. Ahh Paris – what a useful resource book.

  2. I am sorry to hear that you had a car crash. I am glad to hear you are both on the mend.

  3. Glad you are feeling a bit better, did you crack any ribs? It took about 6 weeks for mine to heal when I cracked some (ages ago).
    The shawl is superb – words can’t do it justice.

    1. My physio thinks I may have cracked a rib because of the pain. I’m thinking I also did something to my knee, which is still numb after the bruising has gone down. The doctor did say it would take about 6 weeks to heal. Thanks for your kind words.

  4. Good to hear you’re getting better. I hope you’ll be all recovered soon.
    Your shawl is absolutley gorgeous ! And I can see what that person meant by it looking like a galaxy.. On the picture you used as a head for this blog it almost looks like a milky way swirl that you can get sucked into…. Love it !

    And oh, the seduction… that etsy shop does sell some beauties indeed 🙂

    1. I had no idea how the shgawl was going to turn out. Very difficult to see until it was properly blocked. And then what a happy thing it was!

  5. What a truly beautiful piece of artwork your finished Southern Skies shawl has become. I am not really a “shawl” person but that is really magnificent!

  6. Glad you are feeling better. That is an awesome shawl. Love the colorway you chose.

  7. It was really lovely to meet you too after reading your blog posts for so long. Thanks for your kind words about Stitching up Paris, I’m glad you liked the stories. Glad to hear too that you are on the mend.

  8. Stunning shawl in pattern and colour. You will love wearing/wrapping in it. Great read re your reference to Keiry and links to blogs with wonderful knitting designs. So glad you are improving, pain is so debilitating in more ways than one. I enjoy reading your blog, have a good week:)

  9. What a gorgeous piece of work! Amazing colour shifts and you look great in it. I too am glad to hear you are on the mend, amazing how children ‘bounce’ back! My friend just went to Paris……she’ll be sorry she missed this post, the book sounds very interesting. Thanks.

  10. Stitching Up Paris is such a great book – I’ve just visited the city and it was a fabulous guide. And your shawl – I have no words! Stunning!

  11. Your shawl has nearly left me beyond words. The Wool is absolutely stunning a d really perfect for it and your knitting is absolutely perfect. I hope you are keeping this one as it has your name written all over it you know!!
    Glad you and your son are healing. It will take a while to recover from the memories, bodies do seem to heal faster. While your young chap is OK it probably will pop back into his conscious mind as it will yours. The huge thing is that neither of you are badly hurt. Hope you get a car soon my dear but the silver lining is the knitting on the train!!!
    We had a near disaster here! My son in law bikes to and from work. He had just got home from ,5 weeks all over the world for work and on Thurs night some …..person…. Ran into him after he failed to see him in the cycling lane. His fabulous bike with all the bells and whistles is a right off and he skidded along the road, broke his glasses and thank goodness like you nothing is broken he’s been badly bruised.
    Take care. Hugs xx

    1. So sorry to hear about your son-in-law! I hope he is okay and is healing well. What a horrible thing to happen. I got dragged under a truck once on my bike, and it was not a pleasant experience. The truck driver didn’t even know he had hit me!

  12. So sorry to hear about the car crash 😦 Good thing you are healing quickly and hopefully the insurance won’t take too long to pay out. This is a magnificent FO though, what an incredibly stunning shawl!

  13. If you are to be without a car, at least it allows for more sock knitting time. I just hope the insurance pays out soon.

    1. Glad you approve. It can be worn folded so that it is okay for a smaller person too. I just thought it looked better in its entirety for the photos.

  14. Whoa, glad you and your son are okay! The Southern Skies Shawl is spectacular! How could one not use that yarn with it. Hope new car situation is worked out already.

  15. Good to hear that you are fine! And what an achievement; the shawl is fantastic! Lovely book about Paris; I visited one of those stores last year, amazing!

  16. I sure do love your Ulva Lactuca shawl and the colour you chose too. Really lovely.

  17. Hey Wei Siew, I only just saw your blog and heard about the accident. Really sorry to hear that happened – how frightening – glad you are both ok and that you’ve got a new car. In my experience it can take a while to get over shock… hope you are both doing well.

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