A proper winter weekend

Hello, and a Happy Weekend to you!

I am enjoying my cosy knitting room with a roaring fire AND a heater going, while the hail and rain fall outside, and snow settles on the hills that I can see from my window.  I am feeling extremely happy. It is finally Winter!

IMG_2557 (800x565)

An added happiness is the sight of my new car sitting in the driveway, bought yesterday. It feels incredibly good to finally have a pair of wheels again! I decided to upgrade, and added some extra money of my own to the insurance payout so that I could afford a good car. I am very pleased to finally have something that I really, really like – my first ‘grown up’ car – a Honda Accord. The young boy is extremely impressed. I hope nothing horrid happens to this one (or us in it, for that matter)!

Train knitting certainly had its advantages. Note I speak of it in past tense already!

I finished one pair of socks and have already gone past the heel on a second pair. I appear to have needed cheerful socks to knit on the train – the colour scheme appears very similar in these photos, but you will see they are different when I show more!  The yarn for my second pair is from Meraki Studios. All going well, the second pair will become a pattern.

The cardigan I have been talking about knitting is now only minus one sleeve. I modified the pattern from a lace sleeve to a stockinette sleeve and thought I had better sew it in and see how it looked before proceeding with the second. I think it works. The cardigan will be finished by next weekend, and hopefully blocked as well. I am very much enjoying working with this luxury 4 ply lambswool.

Audry of Bear Ears was highly entertaining in her recent post about socks and her need to get her self-striping socks exactly the same. Her post also jogged my memory into recalling that it is nearly SOCKtober! This year I have been a bit more organised and am planning to release a number of sock patterns closer to the date. I have also agreed to participate in the Carolina Fiber Girls‘ SOCKtober initiative by offering my sock patterns at a significant discount between 15 September and 31 October. Listen in during the August podcasts to hear about all about their plans. I will also keep you informed here.

I hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable weekend wherever you are, and if you are in New Zealand, hopefully staying warm!


14 thoughts on “A proper winter weekend

  1. What a gorgeous view. I’m happy to hear about your new car. And I want that sweater! My knitting skills aren’t at your level.

  2. Ah . . . have a wonderful day. The turning of the seasons are so nice and winter has a cozy feel to it as you have described. Sorry to hear you had a car accident, but things are looking up with a new car! Hope your recovery goes well. Happy knitting!!!

  3. Cold here in the Waikato also, indoors, lots of heating on and enjoying knitting. So pleased to hear you have your car, unfortunately we can’t do without one. Enjoy it’s newness. Like your cardigan very much and nice pair of socks. Have a good week.

  4. The Honda Accord is wonderful! You’ll love ‘her’ 🙂 Really like your cardigan. I too have a Problem if my self stripping yarns don’t come out right on socks…..what can I say? Will take a listen to the Carolina Girls, thanks and stay warm!

  5. Yay! New car! I’m sure the amount of relief you feel is immeasurable. I am glad that it has all gotten sorted. What color did you get?

  6. I love your projects! And I am so, so happy that NOTHING REALLY BAD happened to you and the boy when you had your accident!!! That was one horrible, horrible blog post, I am so sorry that that idiot didn’t take the time to check the road …

    The socks are absolutely beautiful, I really love the yarn/pattern combination!

    Sending you lots and lots of love (and sorry that I didn’t say anything for so long. Please don’t be mad.)

  7. Oh gosh, I was just exclaiming to someone today that I’m not ready for winter! But what can one do? Enjoy it in cozy hand knits! Yours are lovely. Glad the car thing got sorted out.

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