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As fast as you can


Knit, knit, knit as fast as you can! Winter is nearly at an end, and it feels like it has only just begun. The season in New Zealand really is far too short in my opinion! In fact, this year, I think Winter happened last week, with the rest of it more like Autumn conditions. I really hope this is not the beginning of generally warmer winters.

This week, I was really happy to finally finish my Swan River Cardigan. Sorry about the weird poses… I was trying to show the way the cardigan falls at the side!

I have never knit one of these very simply constructed cardigans before. It is essentially knit sideways as a long rectangle with two slits for the armholes, and then you add sleeves.

It is as it was designed in the pattern – with drop shoulders which means that the cardigan is quite loose-fitting and definitely a spring/summer or indoor cardigan rather than something for winter outdoors.

The only mods I made were to make the sleeves plain, rather than lace. I felt there would be too much lace otherwise. I also added an extra cm of length to the fronts to make them just a bit longer than originally designed.

I am totally in love with the yarn. You may recall that this is the Luxury Lambswool 4 ply, dyed as a a one-off special for me from Maniototo Wool. However, the very same yarn is available from Happy-go-knitty as the Hakatere base (you may have to contact her about it or find it at KAN if you are going – it doesn’t appear to be in the Etsy store although I have seen it on Helene’s Instagram feed), and from Ruataniwha Dye Studio (again, best to enquire).  I used 390gms of yarn, which amounted to approx 827m/905yds. I highly recommend it! It is incredibly soft, which a beautiful drape and sheen.

I am very happy I got a sufficient quantity to make one more thing – a shawl.

Last week, I also received some happy mail!

IMG_2584 (800x800).jpg

Yarn Crush wrote to me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing one of their boxes. As you know, I would never say no to anything knitting related!

This cute box contains enough alpaca/cotton yarn to make one of the two enclosed patterns (both a market bag – one crochet, one knit), a very  decorative draw string, badges and a notebook. They have quite a unique offering. Each box is different – go have a look at their website to find out more!

With Winter fast approaching an end, I thought I had better be nice and knit the young man the balaclava he has his heart set on.

IMG_2585 (800x800).jpg

Unfortunately, I misread the quantity of yarn required – it needs 200g!  And I only ordered one skein… guess it will have to wait to be finished when the yarn arrives. It is very clever – looks like a normal hat, but then you can pull it down over your face and turn into a jack-o-lantern, which the boy loved the idea of! This is also in Maniototo Wool – the Aran Style, in the Matai colourway.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend.





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13 thoughts on “As fast as you can

  1. Ha ha ha – love the hat. I have been knitting the bearded hats ( from Ravelry) for ‘my boys ‘ ( the daughters partners)- and added buttons so they can be removed. They love them! I asked my fully bearded son if he would like one – he said “I’m good thanks – but Hannah does!”. So I’m knitting one for her. Funny and fun. You have to laugh every now and then. Definitely queuing that project.

    • Btw – have just started your ‘Light Gale’ ( I know, I know, not your pattern, but definitely you are the inspiration). Thank you for giving me the confidence to even start this.

  2. I love the photos of you! You look strong and gorgeous.

  3. Love the cardigan, the way it drapes is beautiful!

  4. Weird poses ?! You look awesome ! ( and so does your cardigan 🙂 )
    I’m curious about your review, I looked up their website before, and though it’s a very nice and interesting concept, I’d be afraid it would leave me with things I’d not eagerly knit…
    By the way; winter isn’t over yet ! My guess is that it is still to come. Like summer does, over here……

  5. Such a beautiful colour! This is gonna be one awesome hat … (oh, and I love the postcard. 😉 )

    I love the cardigan! I haven’t knit one of these, but this construction is quite popular in my knitting group! 🙂 The colour suits you really, really well. 🙂

  6. The cardi looks great. Now looking forward to seeing a shawl in this yarn. Thank you for mentioning “Matai”. The colour is the result of many months of experimenting to achieve it. It is a mix of 6 colours, and the good news is that I can replicate it. WooHoo! Your boy will look very cool in his jack o’ lantern headgear.

  7. Winter almost over? haha I am dying for it to start~!!! Nice cardi and you wear it well. Oh and the hat is hilarious.

  8. Just finishing up summer here in Camden, Maine (US) and getting ready to start on Christmas projects. That cardi is beautiful (so are you, I might add) and perfect for my daughter for a Christmas gift. I love how it drapes. It has been too hot to knit so now I will have to hurry. Thanks for sharing this beautiful cardi.

  9. I love the lacy bits at the border of your cardigan. I am coming around to the idea of knitting garments in 4 ply so they can be worn year-round.

  10. I hope we get a picture of the boy with his balaclava. A jack-o-lantern version is really clever! I suppose if I made one, it might be inspired by Frankenstein’s monster.

  11. Love the cardi – it looks like the perfect throw on over anything garment. I’ve recently started knitting again after a 10 year plus break as sewing took over as my current obsession! So I’ve recently discovered knitting blogs – more rabbit holes to fall down as a procrastination method!! I have a pattern that uses alpaca/cotton and haven’t been able to find any by googling – I see it in your box of goodies there – can you please tell me where to buy the yarn only? Thank you!