The small things

Hello! I hope you are enjoying a relaxing weekend.

It has been an extremely busy couple of weeks for me and the busy-ness is not likely to stop for a while.   I have taken on a new position at work with much more responsibility (it is a temporary role, which I am not ungrateful for). Not much knitting time was to be had, so I am focusing on small things at the moment. I find the ability to finish something does help with lessening stress levels and keep the happiness in knitting.

The first was the Jackyll and Hide balaclava for the young man. He is very pleased with it. The pattern is very clever how it can fold up to become an ordinary hat. This was knitted in lovely aran style Maniototo Wool in the Matai colourway. It is a beautiful, warm orange. He has been wearing it constantly since I finished it (hat-style, in case you are wondering!)

The second lot of things I finished were a couple of pairs of tiny fingerless gloves for my nieces (3 – 5 yrs).  I discovered that fingerless gloves for kids are a great way to use up sock yarn scraps! The pattern I used is my Adorable Kids Fingerless Mitts pattern. I have fiddled with the pattern some more, and have updated it – available at the link if you’d like it.

This weekend, I decided to put my head down and finish that new sock pattern I have been working on for a few weeks.

IMG_2594 (800x800).jpg

These are the Train Knitting socks. I started them when I was having to take the train to work. I was getting bored with knitting plain vanilla socks, but needed something that I could still knit without having to refer to a pattern much. I think the little windows in the socks are much like the flashing windows of a train as it travels along the tracks.

I will launch this as a new pattern in September to kick-start my contribution to the Socktober festivities happening over on the Carolina Fiber Girls’ podcast (the short answer is that I’m going to have a 40% discount on all my sock patterns from 15 September – 31 October). The yarn is Meraki Studio‘s sock base in a very pretty colourway called Tip Toeing Fairies.

I have used deep stash for this week’s new projects.

IMG_2599 (800x800).jpg

The grey alpaca/polwarth blend is from the South Island by a producer who no longer makes their own yarn. It is on its way to becoming a Braidsmaid.

The socks are two part-balls that I decided to combine into a sock with contrasting heels, toe and cuff. I haven’t actually knit a pair of socks like this before, but am loving how the two colourways are working together. The yarn is the work of the lovely James, who sadly no longer dyes.  I do so miss it.

Some of the prettiness that is showing up in my garden – Spring is not far away, although it feels like winter has only just started. I am looking forward to seeing the apple, plum and peach trees burst into blossom.

spring flowers.jpg

Happy Knitting!



22 thoughts on “The small things

  1. Hello. That hat is SO funny. I always like contrasting heels/toes/ribbing on socks and these colours are working out well. Every time I open your post ans see that shawl I sigh. Starry Starry Night is all I can think of, I have no idea what the name of it really is but this works for me! The socks look like they need buttons to come thru those ‘button holes’ 🙂

  2. Your sock design is fantastic! It’s the kind of sock I’d like to move on to from vanilla sock.

  3. Is your new railway train pretty socks toe up or cuff down? I do like the pattern you have come up with 😊 That hat is just the thing isn’t it, no wonder your boy loves it! Even younger chaps probably will too. I have a certain grandson in my mind here. He loves quirky things.
    Your new knitting looks good especially the two colours socks. Then your flowers. Aren’t they beautiful. I have just moved into my own place but it’s one of those gardens that is ground cover and bark and/or stones, my Carer calls the graveyard stones 😒 Oh well! It has a large conservatory so I will just grow my flower garden and vegetables all in pots, in and outside. It will be great. Those flowers are so pretty and such fun to see what pops up as you haven’t been there that long yet.
    Congrats on your new position too. Hugs

    1. They are cuff down socks. Congratulations on your move to a new place of your own. I guess with the stones you will not have so much weeding to do, and as you say, you can plant your garden in pots. I hope you enjoy it there. x

  4. Looking forward to the “new” sock pattern. Love the flowers. Looks like the one in the middle is a Hellebore which is a favorite of mine because they bloom so early here in the northern hemisphere.

  5. I love reading your blog – and am in awe of your socks! I have never knitted a pair. Is there a pattern that you would recommend for ‘newbies’?

    1. Thank you Pam! When I first started knitting socks, I followed the instructions in Stephanie Pearl McPhee’s book “Knitting Rules”. It is a basic sock recipe that I found easy to follow. There are quite a lot of free sock patterns for basic socks on Ravelry too – I suggest looking at the star ratings and numbers of projects to identify one that would be good to use. Hope that helps!

  6. The young man looks fabulous in his new hat ! ( big grin on my face at the balaclava pic – guess he could have some fun wearing it like that too, makes one curoius about the reactions 🙂 )
    I checked on Meraki studio – wow, beautiful wool it sells ! Can imagine it is lovely to knit with !
    The flowers look lovely, too ! That’s what I am soon to miss, I guess, as I already noticed some falling leaves here and there…

  7. Love the flashing window analogy in your sock design.
    I’ve been “knitting the line” myself this last fortnight. Loving it! Really loving it! My knitting, an Instagram account, a fully charged phone and a back-up charger… I could knit the line around the world.
    Well done on everything. Always an inspiration and a font of good things.

  8. YEAH for the balaclava! It looks absolutely awesome! I think I already knit a pair of your mittens, back when we didn’t know each other .. but I will give it another go, because it IS agreat stashbuster. 🙂

    You socks are immensely pretty! I love the combination between colour and yarn, and the little holes in the boxes make me happy for some reason.

    I hope that beside the stress, you still find a piece of calm within you so you won’t stress out!!

    I wish it was fall here soo, I can’t wait for the colours to change to orange and brown, to be honest. We FINALLY have heat here, but I prefer shivering to sweating (at least your can cover yourself when you’re cold, but since shedding one’s skin is not so much an option … Well). All in good time, I guess. 🙂

  9. The designer of the balaclava was quite clever to make sure it folded into a hat. It looks much more useful that way! Let the young man known my behalf that he looks dashing in it.

  10. I’m loving your new sock pattern and the comparison with train windows is very apt 🙂 Have just downloaded your kids’ fingerless mitts pattern. I have so much in the way of left over sock yarn to use up and this pattern will fit the bill nicely 🙂

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