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There must always be a sock


Hello, and a happy weekend to you!

It is funny how sock knitting can become so addictive. How little twitches happen if there is not a sock to work on in the near vicinity at all times. What causes this devotion to the art of making beautiful footwear?

It is the yarn, looking oh so tempting on the shelf of one’s stash or store, as the case may be? Or is it all those lovely patterns out there, just begging to be made into a gorgeous sock of own’s own?

Or it is the wonderful feel of the yarn and the ever changing view of colour and pattern (especially in hand-dyed or self-patterning yarn) as it slides between one’s fingers, accompanied by the comforting click of the needles?

Is it the great satisfaction of seeing something so pretty coming off the needles in a relatively short time period, and being able to enjoy it afterwards for a long time?

In any event, I will not deny that I am totally addicted to making socks.
All the socks

I showed you the contrast cuff/heel/toe pair last week.  These are now my ‘take along’ socks because they are nice and easy and don’t require concentration or looking at a pattern to knit.

The pretty sunset coloured socks on the right are a pair that snuck on to the needles this week. You may have noticed my obsession on Instagram… They are the Caretta Caretta pattern in Alice Yu’s Socktopus book. I actually started the cuff in this yarn (Sokkusu O – Pairie Dusk) quite a while ago, intending to knit a plain vanilla sock, but there it got stuck until my current mood, which is ‘clean out all the WIPs!’ In the meantime, I acquired the Socktopus book (so many good patterns in there!) and decided that it would be nice to combine Sokkusu O (original yarn in the book) with one of her patterns. The combination is working beautifully, and I am very pleased with them. It is meant to have beads, but I do not like the idea of beads pressing into my feet so I have omitted them.

The blue of the left is the large size counterpart to the Eriskay sock pattern that I released some time ago. I’m going to be giving this pair to my brother for his birthday which isn’t for a couple more months, and so I have been a bit lazy about finishing them. But next week is looming, and this is another pattern that I will release for the Socktober celebrations, so I had better get my A into G!  This pattern will be available as a set with Eriskay – anyone who has purchased the medium size version will also get this one as part of the package.

The end sock is my sad attempt at joining the Aussie Knitter’s Sock KAL for July and August.


I am not sure why, but this sock is really not doing it for me. The patterning, I think, is possibly too intricate for a sock. I just haven’t been able to ‘get into’ it. It looks quite nice as a sleeve, or maybe even a pair of delicate fingerless mittens! In the meantime, I think the only thing is to frog it and save the delicious Circus Tonic Handmade yarn for another project that deserves it better. It has become an eyesore on my knitting desk.

And the other part of a sock knitting obsession?  Compulsively planning for the next pairs… which is part of yet another theme, use up some of that deep stash!

IMG_2609 (800x449).jpg

Happy Knitting!



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22 thoughts on “There must always be a sock

  1. It is always such a pleasure and inspiration to read your posts.

  2. I love your title “There Must Always Be A Sock”. Like for other knitters “There Must Always Be A Scarf . . . or a sweater . . . or a cap . . . or glove . . . and so on. Great title!!! And your current projects are very nice – all different and keeping your interest going, except for the one . . . Happy Knitting and thanks for sharing.

  3. I am determined to like making socks. They would be wonderful presents…but, so far, we’re on our third date and the relationship is in jeopardy….sigh.

  4. I love knitting socks too – but my collection has been decimated by my ability to wear them out. I do wear gumboots a bit (I’m on a farm) but some of them are quite new. Do you have any hints for making them last longer? I use sock yarn and usually do a slip-stitch heel. Love your posts, thanks for being such a great supporter of kiwi fibre. 🙂

    • I think the only suggestion I could make would be to ensure you knit your socks at a tight tension (I use 2.25mms to get a 9st per inch count) as it does help to keep them together. Also using really hard wearing sock yarn like Opal or one of the indie yarns with nylon definitely makes them last longer.

  5. You are right about the love of sock knitting. I’m about to cast on another sock project, there’s no such thing as too many socks !

  6. I don’t know what it is about sock knitting, but indeed I feel like there always has to be at least 1 pair in on the needles somewhere. Love all the socks you are working on!

  7. I agree about Socktopus, every pattern is a winner. I am an admitted sock knitting addict as well!

  8. It looks like you have some lovely sockportunities (ha ha) coming up, with all the beautiful yarn. Happy Knitting, indeed!

  9. I wish that I knew how to make a sock. I am only a beginner, but you inspire me to keep learning!!! So thank you! Gonna check out your blog!x

  10. What is the pattern of the unfinished sock that you are not loving? I tried to look on the forum for the July/August KAL but there doesn’t seem to be anything (I may have been in the wrong group even as I am not great at the research!). It just looks so lovely! I finally finished a pair of socks for myself after a long sock hiatus and really enjoyed them – I think I need the difficult socks to keep me interested!

  11. I was in my LYS today and mentioned that I have to always have a pair of socks on the needles, love them and also your socks. I have also just started a shawl which happens to be the 3rd one on needles at present, oh my goodness. It’s Rheinlust by Melanie Berg. A beautiful design. I really must do some finishing, this is a serious problem me thinks. I don’t care though I love it all. Have a good week Wei Siew 🙂

  12. Funny, I had a sock ‘fir’ for a while and now it is shawls. A friend just finished Rheinlust and it is gorgeous. You socks give me hope I may just kick back into them! thanks.

  13. I think you are spot on with the reasons to have socks on the needles !
    And I think you just enabled me to get my own copy of Socktopus…. It’s been on my wishlist for some time now, together with some Cookie A. stuff and the Think outside the Sox book, but I think that Socktopus is one I’d knit the most patterns of, so…. ( thanks 🙂 ! )

  14. I agree, that last sock is a little too busy. But as a detail on a sleeve cuff, it would accent a cardigan really well!

  15. I agree with Audry about the sock pattern being a detail on a sleeve cuff, that would be just perfect. It would be delightful in fact as it’s such a lovely pattern but I agree that it’s not a sock one at all.
    Mind you, this is me talking here. I’ve yet to be brave enough to venture past stocking stitch in my sock knitting. Though I do have your pattern “Mary, Mary” and Meraki Studio NZ Sock 4ply in Turkish Delight so there goes MY Vanilla Sock Loop.
    When I finish my current shawl pattern with the yarn my daughter got for me at the Christchurch Wool Sale so many of our wonderful dyers came south for I may start them then. The knitting needle loop practise sounds rather daunting however, so I’m not sure about that method at all. I suppose there is a video on how to master this but not found one, well truthfully, haven’t looked very hard yet!!
    Enjoy your socks Wei Siew,!! Hugs