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Super early or super late!?


A Happy Weekend to you! I for one am very pleased it is Saturday!

As predicted, I managed to finish Braidsmaid this week. I may be lucky and get a couple of wears out of it before the weather warms up too much more. At least it is ready for next Winter? Or am I super late for this Winter? It doesn’t matter much. It will still be worn. There’s no such thing as an expiry date when it comes to knitting!

I knitted Braidsmaid in a DK weight natural grey alpaca/polwarth mix that I got from the South Island a while ago.  I used exactly 250gms of yarn, or about 450m.  It drapes beautifully and is so warm and snuggly. I do love wearing alpaca.

The shawl is the perfect size to wear under a coat. Featuring a reversible cable and garter stitch, you don’t need to worry which side is the right side, because they both look the same.

It has a shaping that I don’t think I have used before – you start at one end with the braid only and gradually increase the garter edges out to a certain width. Then one side is decreased gradually while the other is knitted on to the braided edge as you go. Such a clever design!

I think the key thing to know about this shawl (in terms of sizing) is that the shawl will only be as wide and as long as you end on Body Pattern I.   The width of the shawl at this point determines how long the shawl will be – the remainder of the shawl is all about decreasing one side down.  If you want a larger shawl than noted in the pattern, you should work a couple more repeats in this section before starting the remaining sections. In my case, I simply worked the number of repeats noted in the pattern. If I was to knit it again, I would probably chose to work one more repeat to make the shawl slightly larger.

I did a bit of an all-night knit bender this week… I found yet another WIP at the bottom of my basket and proceeded to finish it during the quiet hours of the night.


I lost interest in them last summer after I didn’t complete them in time for Christmas. They are now ready for this Christmas!

These are Stray Cat Socks‘ in Joyeux Noelle, a Christmas colourway, using my Geek socks pattern. I get a little thrill every time I look at the projects in this pattern – there are over 450 projects noted on Ravelry so far – it makes it so worthwhile to make the effort to design a special sock. Thanks so much to everyone who has knitted this pattern!

The current frenzy of knitting shows no signs of abating any time too soon. I have made good progress on the next pair of socks, the V Junkie socks from Socktopus.

V junkie socks

The winding party has begun for the 3 colour cashmere shawl. Part of me is worrying that I have chosen the right shawl to knit. The yarn I am using is so special and so pretty that I need to be sure that whatever I use it for is going to do it justice! I might consider that issue a bit more…

I hope you are enjoying a great start to your weekend.

Happy Knitting!


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11 thoughts on “Super early or super late!?

  1. We are getting into shawl wearing weather here….I’ll have to try your geek socks…as I’m addicted to self striping yarn…

  2. Braidsmaid is beautiful. It is one of those perfect patterns and styles that you can wear with anything. Love it.
    The socks are of course…awesome!

  3. Good looking shawl and great socks.

  4. Always an Early supper !! You look great with that shawl and the V Junkie socks are very fun. Funny, so many times these patterns look better on someone’s feet or blog than in the book.

  5. Love the Braidmaid shawl. I will have to find it and add to my list of things to do.

  6. You sure have been busy. Love the shawl and the Christmas socks.

  7. The shawl and socks look beautiful !
    I hope you’ve been able to make cast away your doubts about the cashmere and managed some knitting there – sounds like it will be a lovely knit

  8. I remember that Stray Cat yarn. I didn’t realize it was still a WIP. Glad to see that the socks are ready for this Christmas!

  9. Love the honey comb pattern on the last pair of socks!!!

  10. a love shawl very much “reversible cable and garter stitch” looks great, keep it up 🙂