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I have been unexpectedly absent from the blog for a couple of weeks due to coming down with the flu, a family vacation and some very busy times at work. It’s good to be back chatting with you!

We had an all-siblings and family get together to celebrate my father’s 70th birthday. These photos are taken at Mount Maunganui (or looking across from Tauranga to Mount Maunganui) and are my teenage stomping grounds. It was lovely to be on the beach again, feeling the sand under my toes. It was a contrast to Wellington beaches which are mostly rocky, with their own kind of wild beauty. Very different in character to the gentle, soft sand beaches I grew up on.

You can see larger images of these pictures by clicking on them.

Some knitting has been done, but not much, sadly.

I was unusually sick with the flu for several days, which even affected my ability to knit. (Fortunately, I was able to recover enough to attend my family gathering). And work has also eaten significantly into my spare time recently.

These projects cover the last two weeks – the cardigan is a Drops pattern that I am modifying as I go. I do not fancy the extended garter lapel in the front, so I will keep it straight edged. The cardigan has enough width without me needing to any extra stitches. I also plan to knit plain sleeves so that the overall effect is not too lacy. The yarn is very special Madelinetosh Pashmina in Tart. A generous gift from a very loving knitting friend.

The socks on the top are the finished  V-Junkie socks, knit in Knitsch 100% merino sock, and the bottom pair are a plain vanilla pair worked in two colours. I used a now-discontinued indie dyer’s high twist merino sock yarn. They are the first contrasting toe/heel/cuff socks I have made, and I am quite pleased with how they have turned out! They are also an effective way to use up those partial balls of sock yarn that aren’t quite enough to knit a pair of socks out of. I used approx 30gm of contrast sock colour and 60gm of the main colour.

One of the unexpected delights of the new place I am living in is the profusion of flowers that bloom in spring. I leave you with a small montage of some of the prettiness I see every day. It gladdens my heart – I hope to share a small piece of that joy with you.

My father and I were having a discussion one day about plants, and gardens, and the simple pleasures of enjoying a piece of freshly picked fruit, or delight in a gorgeous bloom. He made the observation that the tree or plant you put in the ground is a gift to future generations, and that we are but temporary custodians of their fruit and beauty. Wise words indeed. Such a simple act of planting can so powerfully contribute to someone’s future quality of life. After all, if it wasn’t for the efforts of previous people who lived in this house, I would not have all this loveliness to enjoy now. I shall look after this garden, and add to it, so that others can continue to enjoy it long after we are gone.

A happy weekend to you, and Happy Knitting!


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8 thoughts on “Unexpectedly

  1. Love your springtime flowers. We are moving into Autumn here in Tennessee, where the changing leaves provide inspiring color. Looking forward to visiting your beautiful country!

  2. Yes, I wondered where you had gone – so glad you are back and feeling better, its no fun being sick. A very nice observation of your father’s on trees and flowers – makes a person think about the future. Your photos are lovely and colourful, just like your knitting – looks very much like spring and summer. We are having an Indian Summer (extended hot weather) but winter will be here one of these days, we hope. LOL.

  3. Wise words from your father. Something I’ve never done is to plant a tree.
    It’s so soggy here in Virgina that it gives me an excuse to stay indoors and knit. Your beautiful photos are giving me much inspiration!

  4. How fun to get together like that. What an extraordinary beach. Sorry you were hit by the flu. My husband was fighting a bug at one point and for slightly better, but now has relapsed and is paying for pushing himself so hard.

  5. Those photo’s are stunning ! Both the beach as your garden, wow ! It looks like a very lovely area to have grown up in, I bet you’ve had tons of fun out there !
    I hope you are all entirely well now and that things are getting a bit calmer at work.
    We are really hitting autumn by now, I’m even considering turning on the central heating for the first time this season ( and finding myself wanting to knit all the shawls and hats and such…hehehe… )

  6. that’s so true – if it wasn’t for the people who lived in my house decades ago and planted a lemon tree right outside the bathroom, I wouldn’t be flush with lovely lemons right now! Unfortunately I’m not good at planting and keeping plants alive…
    You have a really lovely garden. Have you had to do much to maintain it?

  7. Your father is a wise man. It is so easy to be selfish, but when you think of planting tress as a gift, it is much easier being joyful in the giving.

    I’m still impressed with your knitting output, flu or no.

  8. Glad your are feeling better. What a beautiful place for a vacation. The flowers are also awesome. I live in Colorado and am fortunate to live in this beautiful country. I hope to visit your homeland in the next few years. New Zealand is at the top of my vacation bucket list. But then, this earth is an awesome home!