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A rocky night



Thank you so much for the many messages of concern and support that lovely people have sent to me since last night’s 7.5 North Canterbury earthquake.

Just a short note to say that we are safe, and there has been no damage done to our house. I can’t say many of us slept at all well last night! Hopefully tonight will not be too bad on the aftershock front.

Wellington has suffered some damage, but we are fine. Thank goodness the quake struck late at night when most people were safely in bed. It could have been so much worse otherwise…

My thoughts are with the poor people of Kaikoura and North Canterbury generally. There is a big job ahead to rebuild the infrastructure and get things working again down there.



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9 thoughts on “A rocky night

  1. So glad you and yours are ok!! I had a hard night when I couldn’t locate my extra husband who is still my best friend and then this afternoon he was finally able to make contact to tell us (our daughter and myself) that he was ok. Just problems with cell ph infrastructures. So I’ve been awake since midnight. It has been a dreadful day for SO many. While the quake was very unpleasant in my new rental accommodation, Maximus (my baby Cream Birman and I survived it though he was scared witless and has dogged my footsteps all day the little darling. Keeping him happy so helped me cope with the earthquake and the flare up of my chronic pain condition and a missing man lol. Every cloud has a silver lining!!
    Is your new job in the central city? If it is then you probably has a day off!! Hugs my dear

  2. Hugs, and going for an uneventful night for everyone! We have felt a few, but they haven’t felt strong here – just far too long for comfort.

  3. Glad to hear you are fine.

  4. Thank-you for letting us know that you are well! I hope that the aftershocks pass quickly and that everyone is able to get the help they need.

  5. Glad you’re safe and no damage was done to your property. I hope the aftershocks finish up before my parents’s cruise ship docks at its first New Zealand sound.

  6. Glad you are safe. Best wishes for all one your lovely island.

  7. Thank you for letting us know. I was thinking of you and praying for your safety. Of course my heart and positive wishes for those who were not are lucky. Sending you much love.