Oh gosh. Since when did it become December!? Christmas is just around the corner, and there is still so much to do!

Isn’t it funny how the end of a year provokes a whole range of thoughts around life, deadlines, accomplishments, wishes. In a way, it is a good thing because it gives us a sense of time. In another way, it can unintentionally create feelings of stress that shouldn’t be there. I do find it a great motivator to remember to ‘do’ something with my life.

In this post, I think it’s time I fronted up and explained a bit about my less-than-regular posts of late. Make a cup of tea and settle in… this is a bit of a wordy one!

Life has been quite distracted chez Kiwiyarns over the past couple of months. As of November, I began working in a permanent role, although I have been in a ‘caretaker’ role for that position for a few months now. It’s a senior job that is giving me a lot of satisfaction (and finally, some life certainty!) but is also draining my energy and ability to keep up the blog on a regular basis. I do apologise for this, as I value your interaction with me so much. My life over the past few years would not have been anywhere near as rich or as fulfilling had I not started this blog and pursued the path of knitting creativity. But none of that would have been nearly as good if it hadn’t been for the support and friendship I have received from you. I thank you for this from the bottom of my heart.

In my dream life, I would be a full-time knitting designer, fully immersed in the art of knitting and sharing that dream. However, from what I have seen and learned over the past few years, it takes a certain life circumstance for that to become a reality for most people.  Importantly, you need to have a financial backer (usually, one’s partner from one I can see!) to cover one’s life necessities while the business is growing into a going concern. This scenario is most likely never going to be mine, and I have to be realistic about ensuring some security around the rest of my life. Hence the pragmatic return to my former career.

This is by no means the end, and I do not regret for one moment, the risk I took to delve into knitting in a deeper way. Quite apart from the richness of human interaction (which is sadly lacking in a corporate environment), I also got to learn in an unfettered environment, I found freedom and the ability to create – independently of any rules or structure.  And I was able to live the life I wanted. It has been soul-restoring. This has been worth more to me than any money in the world. I also got to be closer to my son that I ever would have been otherwise, and that too, is worth more to me than any money in the world.

I am still knitting furiously in my free moments (another reason I am not writing as much) and would love to keep sharing bits of my life with you here. It just may not be as frequently as before. You’ll see I am reasonably good at keeping up on Instagram, mainly because it’s a very quick process to take a photo and say a few words – I would love to see you over on that forum too!

Now, what has happened with my knitting since I last wrote? There have been a few socks.

But as you can see, my usual output has been somewhat diminished.

I did make a start on the shawl I spoke about last time, but I am not in the mood for blue hands at the moment. The naturally dyed indigo based yarn I chose leaches blue on to your skin like nothing on earth, and perhaps in another head space I would be able to cope with it, but not right now. So today, I decided to frog it and use this instead:


It is going to be beautiful. It’s Anna Gratton Wool/Silk/Mohair blend in Forest.

I am on a bit of a shawl bender to be honest. Once I have got my Christmas sock knitting out of the way, or maybe after I finish Regenerate (using Anna Gratton’s Forest colourway above), I already have the next shawl’s yarn all ready to go:

I am fairly sure this will be Supplejack. I’m using Tanis Fibre Arts Blue Label in Lotus, Dark Harbour Yarn Port in Limey and Ruataniwha Dye Studio 100% merino in Spruce.

And maybe the one after that…


This one is also Mary-Anne Mace‘s fault. That woman just cannot stop producing the most breathtakingly beautiful shawl patterns… this yarn is earmarked to be Spring Creek, or maybe the newest pattern that she has designed that is still in testing. There will be time to decide. The yarn is also Dark Harbour Yarn Port in the Fairwater colourway. The light grey is also Dark Harbour Yarn Port but I have lost the label and cannot remember what the colour was called.

That’s the great thing about knitting. So much creative potential, so much to knit!  Just a pity there is so little time…

Wishing you a good run-up into the Christmas season. What are your plans? I for one, am much looking forward to my firm’s annual three week break over the Christmas and into 2017. It will be good to relax, enjoy family and friends, and knit, knit, knit!


9 thoughts on “Wait…

  1. Hi from Germany!
    since starting my own shop and knitting so much more, I realized how time consuming all this is. You’re definitely right. Without the support of my husband it would’nt work.
    And a lot if days I wonder where it will lead to….
    Have a good prechristmas time!

  2. Glad to hear you have a three week break to look forward to. I would’nt mind so much about blogging, much as I like to read your posts, I think it is more important that you have some time to yourself to relax and spend time with the young man.
    Maybe I should start taking peeks on instagram then, I am very curious how your Supplejack will turn out, the yarn looks very promising ! Love the socks, especially the striped one… reminds me of a sweater in that same black and blue that my mom knitted for me when I was a teen. That sweater ( out of acrylic yarn ) has been worn to shreds… 🙂

  3. I find it’s easy to add to my wish list but so little time for knitting these days. I’m always in the car driving teenagers here and there. One day I will be able to get back to knitting, I have about 3 cardigans worth of yarn in the to do box!

  4. What a beautiful opening with such a warm colored rose. And thanks for your frankness on writing about year-end deadlines and feelings, projects, etc. It is a good reflection to not be overwhelmed. I think you still accomplish a great deal of knitting with your otherwise busy life, but you seem to be succeeding at all. It will be nice to get your blog whenever you have time for it. Happy Holidays.

  5. Never give up your creative pursuits – they are going to be what keeps you balanced when your job is busy and stressful. And your job (with hopefully an appropriate level of pay) is what’s going to keep you in yarn for as long as you want it.

  6. Ah yes. There are times in life to be pragmatic, especially when you have a dependent child, but the creativity will still sit in the background waiting for the opportunity to peek out. I’m imagining how your stash is going to grow…….ha

  7. Wonderful that you still have the time to nurture that deep-knit love.
    Wonderful that you have the means to secure some financial stability for you and the boy.
    You will have even more to share.
    It will happen.

  8. It’s true. The end of the year does create stress with perceived deadlines. Maybe it is because we all would rather not carry the to-do list into the new year.

    That skein of Forest looks so yummy. I still have that lovely Big Sur skein you sent me on the brain. I’m pretty sure I want to weave it. I’ve borrowed a loom… now I just need to learn to weave!

  9. In my 50+ years of fiber arts, my work ebbs and flows … Sometimes I knit furiously for 5 straight years then I put it down and focus on weaving for a bit. The beauty of it is that the fiber is always waiting, ready when you are.

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