Oh my goodness. I did not mean to disappear for so long. A new year has begun, and we are already into the second month! Time seems to be flying faster and faster! I hope this post finds you well, and that your year has begun well!

In Wellington, we are experiencing the wettest/coolest summer in 30 years (described in the news as the fewest “beach days”). I have to say I am personally enjoying it. I wish I could say it has led to more knitting (and blogging) time, but that hasn’t really eventuated due to other life happenings.

You may have noticed my Instagram feed showing off the finished Regenerate. Here it is again (some of these pics haven’t made it to Instagram):



It is large and I love it! And as usual with Mary-Anne Mace‘s designs, I enjoyed every minute of knitting this beautiful design.

Because I chose to use fingering-weight yarn and not lace-weight, and work one more repeat of Chart 3 to make it a larger shawl, I ran out of the 200g ball that I originally used, and had to find more (what’s new!) Fortunately, I had more Anna Gratton merino/mohair in my stash that matched perfectly and it adds to the wonderful woodland feel of this botanically inspired shawl .img_3143-800x800img_3147-800x600

It has been wonderful to cuddle under the shawl on our cooler days. It is yet another favourite piece of knitwear.

Friends of mine were admiring my shawls the other day and asked if I sold my work. I replied that it takes many, many hours to knit a shawl, and if I were to recoup my time costs, the figure involved would be viewed as unaffordable by most people. We went on to have a brief discussion about slow fashion and how making your own clothes does mean you can create them to your own specifications and in the colour/fabric you like. My friend remarked that it meant I had a unique wardrobe as a result, followed by cute addition from her husband of “well, it’s only unique because you won’t sell your work!” It was one of those maker’s moments. Clearly, my friend is now on the “knitworthy” list!

Since finishing Regenerate, I have begun work on Supplejack. This is a fast and fun project, and I am nearly finished!

IMG_3212 (800x449).jpg

As usual, I am doing my own thing in some way, and in this instance it means I have used four colours and not three, and put in colours in the order that pleased me.

I’m using Dark Harbour Yarn in Jetsam in Limey and Port in Pearls That Were His Eyes; Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label in Lotus, and Ruataniwha Dye Studio 100% Merino in Spruce.

I’ll be able to show you the finished project soon!


12 thoughts on “Regenerate

  1. What a beautiful shawl but a bit to hot here in Queensland for it and just wish I could have the weather you are having as it would make great knitting weather and life would be easier to get out side and garden…Welcome Back

  2. Good to see you again! I agree on the pricing thing, even at mimimum wage for the hours put in most people would consider our product to be overpriced and then you add in the yarn. I’ve got a shawl up for sale at the Wool, Yarn and Fibre shop in Christchurch, it’s well underpriced for the hours put in but about on a par with the others there. Most people still consider it to be too expensive. Only reason it’s there is because it’s not my style, it was a test knit and is lovely but not me.

  3. Your knitting is amazing, I used to love knitting, but life had me feeling blah, so couldn’t be bothered making anything, but your work has reignited my interest, stunning colours, so inspiring!

  4. I forgot you added an extra repeat – it looks glorious. I love a huge triangular shawl.
    I’ve never sold a knitted item either, for the same reasons you give, but it’s nice to find a new knitworthy friend!

  5. I love your new shawl, the colours are so fantastic but I especially love th green with its coloration and shadings and yes it’s woodland feelings you are spot on in that description. The pattern of the shawl itself is delightful and married with the yarn kts absolutely perfect!!!
    Love it, love it! Congratulations

  6. Such a big shawl gives one the wanties for my own to snuggle in *looks at the gloomy grey weather*…hihi…. It looks awesome ! And from the looks of it, your Supplejack is going to be just as lovely 🙂

  7. The finished shawl is awesome. I love the colors. I am like you in that I like to do a bit of modification to make each project with some of me. Unfortunately, I am not creative enough to make my own designs,but an very good and making modifications to others.

  8. I love how when you run out of yarn, you don’t let it spoil your day. You come up with a beautiful alternative instead. The shawl looks lovely, especially with you in it!

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