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Hello there! Things are certainly going pear-shaped with my intentions to blog regularly!  I have managed to disappear yet again for quite a while. As well as being busy at work, I have also been sick. There is a bug going around that knocks you sideways – a nasty thing that masquerades as a cold, but then you find yourself sapped you of energy and strength for quite some time afterwards. I suspect a few of you may have had it too. In my case, I was down for three weeks, resulting in very unproductive weekends. It has not been fun at all. And I have really missed my interactions with all of you.

However, I have had some time to knit, so it wasn’t entirely unproductive.  It is another reason I have been silent here. Knitting is such great stress relief.

IMG_3281 (800x449).jpg

This is my lastest project – the Spring Creek shawl. I love the moodiness of the two colours together – Tanis Fiber Arts’ cashmere blend in Dove and Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock in Mink.

Supplejack has been finished for a while, and I have been wearing it almost exclusively. I love it and am actually thinking of making another of this one – it is such a lovely design and a very fast knit. You’ll see there are a few ways to wear this shawl. In one of the photos you see me with a very special knitting friend. She lives in the UK, but she came over to visit her family, and we got to meet up!!! It was a most awesome weekend!

I used a combination of four yarns for Supplejack – Ruataniwha Dye Studio in NZ lambswool in the Spruce colourway (that’s the main lace panel), Dark Harbour Yarn Port in Limey and Pearls That Were His Eyes (bright green and grey) and Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label in Lotus (the variegated greens).

I have also been knitting socks.

These are a plain vanilla sock in Moods of Colours Softsock in a self-striping colourway.  The yarn was so pretty – I had to have me some!

These socks are ones I also finished a couple of weeks ago – Waving Lace Socks in Circus Tonic Handmade Revelry Sock in the Frilled Monarch colourway. Another very pretty colourway in one of my all-time favourite yarns!

I can’t believe it is autumn already. From this knitter’s point of view, the New Zealand summer has been rather marvellously cool, and I am glad of it.

The plums have come and gone, and now the apples are ripe, and making delicious apple pies and crumbles for one young man’s happy stomach. Homegrown produce is the best.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

Happy Knitting!


16 thoughts on “Catch up

  1. Glad to hear you’re on the mend now.
    Lovely knitwear you made!!
    (and those home grown apples look delicious, make me want to pluck them from the monitor)

  2. Wonderful to hear from you!!! And see your knitting results. I hope you have some nice open shoes to show off your special handknit socks. And your shawls are very cool. I could see using a lot of leftover yarn in the Supplejack. Yes, there is a nasty bug going around. We have it here too in California. Hope you will be feeling 100% soon. Ah, the fresh fruit. You are so lucky to have it. We are just going into Spring after an extremely wet winter, and the fruit trees are now blooming. They are quite beautiful. It will be months before we have fruit, so I am envious of your having it now. Maybe I’ll just come down and get some! Hahahaha. Be well.

  3. I had been wondering how you were since you’d not written for a while, thought it might have been work, but sorry you were not well. Hope you’re over it now. The knitting looks lovely (as usual).

  4. Your shawl has an intersting combination of colors; it looks great on you. I so love your new pairs of socks. Do flash your baking; I wanna see.

  5. Welcome back! Love the Supplejack…I could see making it in a variety of the greens I own…we are on our way to spring, but have one massive storm coming in Tuesday before then…..

  6. Lovely to have you back…
    Very sorry to hear you’ve been so under the weather.
    If the volume of output is indicative of the stress you’ve been feeling, clearly you’ve had an intense time.
    Some beautiful things to show though.
    Hope the boy (Mountain) is well and the cat and the rabbit and all your friends and family

  7. How lovely to read from you again ! I too had thougth it was ‘just’ the job being so busy… Hope you’re totally done with the flu for this year now..
    Your knit look awesome ! Those pink socks look very happy. That colour reminds me of some of the buds and tiny blossom that we start seeing around here now – love it 🙂

  8. You have an apple tree in your yard? How wonderful!

    I’m sorry that you got hit with the bug that was going around. We got a round of it here too, but maybe not quite as severe as what you experienced. Good thing it didn’t interfere with your knitting too much.

  9. Sorry to hear about your back issues. They can be rather debilitating and I am happy that you are on the mend.
    Boy- you have been productive in your knitting! I love that you described your color combination on the Spring Creek shawl as moody, as that is the exact thought that came to mind. The combo is stunning.
    All of your knits are gorgeous.

  10. Beautiful garments as always. The socks. Love the self striping Moods of Colour. Did you buy that wool in New Zealand or from overseas? Have a couple of projects on the go but its always good to be ready for more. Big hugs

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