Hello!  I hope this post finds you well and happy. It is a misty, wet day today, and we are expecting a bit of weather over the next few days. I hope it isn’t too bad – the storm caused quite a bit of damage in Australia, I understand.

My favourite season of the year approaches, and I am much looking forward to crisp, frosty mornings and toasty nights in front of a warm, crackling fire.

The awesome thing about having an established garden is discovering the hidden delights that reveal themselves with each passing season. Here are some of the new treasures that I have been enjoying.

IMG_3282 (1024x575)

Hydrangeas are slowly deepening into autumnal shades.IMG_3306 (1024x575)IMG_3305 (1024x575)

These gorgeous flowers have popped up and gaily decorate the garden. Does anyone know what they are called?IMG_3288 (1024x575)

The wood pile has been replenished, in time for that first cold night.

IMG_3307 (1024x575)

And now, on to this week’s news!

Just for you Steph, here’s the baking I did this week, an oaty caramel slice. 🙂

IMG_3308 (800x449)

I made it a bit more fancy by adding coconut to the base and also topped it with sliced almonds. It has gone down very well at home. I took some to work to share, as there is no way we can finish it all without it going stale. Everyone thought it was very nice. If there is interest, I can supply the recipe.

Knitting this week has been reasonably productive due to the fact I now take the train to work instead of driving. I have to say, I much prefer not being stuck in anxiety-inducing traffic jams every morning, and being able to get to work at an earlier hour to boot! It also is a way to make me leave the office by 6pm so that I get home in time to cook dinner and spend an hour with the boy before he goes to bed.

Last week, I finished the Spring Creek Shawl, another beauty of a pattern from The Lace Eater. Here it is, styled as I have worn it to work all week:

Spring creek shawl

I just love it! The border has a beaded lace design that Mary-Anne explains completely unintentionally looks like a dragonfly, but I think it actually fits the creek theme very well, given how dragonflies hover over streams. I used green beads, which I think gives the motif a more insect-like character.

IMG_3302 (1024x575).jpg

As usual with Mary-Anne’s patterns, she has provided a lot of knitting-interest-factor in this shawl, but none of the lace techniques are at all complicated.

IMG_3303 (1024x575).jpg

Some more details:

  • I used approx 180g of yarn (nearly one skein each of the two colours I chose – Tanis Fibre Art’s Dove colourway and Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock in Mink)
  • I skipped the first colour change to create a larger block of colour in the first section, and deliberately engineered the remaining colour changes so that the more detailed lace was knitted with the darker semi-solid, to show up the pattern.

The other thing I finished this week were my train knitting socks:

IMG_3310 (360x640).jpg

These are to be a gift for a friend who has the same size feet as me. I used Stray Cat Socks self-striping yarn in the Denim & Dandelions colourway. It’s such a fun colour combination! There is a little bit of greedy piggy in me that says ‘I want them!’ but honestly, with a drawer literally bursting with handknit socks of my own, it is time I did some sharing with knit-worthy friends.

So what’s next?

I am currently working on another pair of socks. These are the Cranachan socks from Issue 96 of The Knitter.  The yarn is Whimzy Sokkusu O in Flower Power. Sokkusu O is definitely one of my favourite sock yarn bases. I like how springy it is, and how defined the stitches are. Did you know it is milled in Italy?  It’s a little bit of fancy, and I like that I am supporting a base made by a quality manufacturer.

IMG_3299 (800x449)

I have also been quite enchanted with the Find your Fade shawl creations that I have been seeing all over the internet, and have been playing with some ideas of my own.


I still cannot decide which colour combination to use, but all the favourites have been bagged up together, and I think the best thing will just be to start with the colour I am convinced has to be part of the shawl, and just let the ‘fade’ happen as I knit.

Wishing you a wonderful start to your week.

Happy Knitting!

19 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. Hi, lovely photos as always and beautiful shawl. The flowers look like Californian poppies but I could be wrong. Enjoy winter 🙂

  2. The pink flower looks like a poppy of some kind, but is not a Native California poppy, which are orange and the leaf structure is different. Ask a nursery expert. Love to see flowers from down under, of course we have hydrangeas here too. And you are going into Fall. We are going into Spring in California and it has come in like a lion, quite warm this week. Your scarf is lovely as usual and you seem to be very busy with everything and looking very healthy for it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The pink flowers are Japanese anemones. They are a hardy perennial and handle drought well. There white version is more common.

  4. The flower is a Japanese anemone. They can be white or pink, I have them too. Beautiful!

  5. Awww, thanks for pinging me. Those bars look yummy; I love a good mix of sweet and healthy. You look fabulous! The shawl is lovely; I like the vintage vibe and how you can frolick about in the woods. Your hydrangeas are beautiful.

  6. I think those flowers are called Japanese Anenomes. (That’s what my MiL told me) They come in white too. They spread and pop up where they want so nice to have in a free form garden. Fabulous knitting as always, love the beads.

  7. The flowers are definitely Anenomes, my mother calls them Enemies as once you have them you won’t get rid of them.
    Any chance of the recipe for that slice? Looks yummy and I’m trying to change from yummy but bad for me to yummy and good.
    I think I need to knit one of Mary Anne’s patterns, I’ve seen so many in person since she pops into guild from time to time, always check if photos of the latest are allowed to go on the guild blog since I don’t want to spoil the surprise if she’s not ready!

  8. Hello, Hello
    Lovely to hear from you. And how good is it that you are able to knit on the train! And get some time to spend with the boy…
    Train knitting is the best. Some people walk the line, I knit it. When I can. Which is rarely but so precious.
    Your spring creek is opulent. I have the pattern and really, really want to make as part of The Lace Eater’s “Knit anything Lace-Eater KAL”, over in Ravelry. I have some beautiful hand-spun ready to go. I even have a shawl (yes I have caught your obsession) OFF the needles…
    My husband and I were great lovers of Dragon-flies… Indeed I rescued a huge powerful male and my husband said “They’re your Dreaming”…
    So why don’t I cast on “Spring Creek”?
    Because I had a dream that I should knit Biophilia.
    A Knitter’s Dilemma.
    I would love the recipe for the slice. Oats are the best!
    Your flowers look gorgeous.
    Good luck choosing your colours. My eye was drawn first to Top Right. But, then I fell softly down to Bottom Right.
    Those socks are enviably wonderful.
    And speaking of baser emotions…. your wood pile!
    Cheers and Happy Knitting
    Karin (AKA The Knitting Man Recommends…)

  9. your shawl looks great – one of the things I don’t like about working from home is I’m much less likely to wear my nice clothing items (will rather slob around in old jeans and jumper instead). Though I am more likely to wear a shawl because I’m still not sure they suit me.

  10. Yes they are Japanese anemones but the top photo that I believe is very poisonous, can’t remember what it is called but got rid of it out of my garden. Love the Shawl, its on my to do list too. I hear the trains have stopped today due to a fault, hope its fixed soon for you.

  11. Wow! The flowers are absolutely beautiful. I love the shawl and its unique design elements. Find you Fade has also bitten me. I just picked out my colors. I like the bottom left the best. Good luck.

  12. I am impressed by how well your stripes match on the new socks. Of course I love well lined-up striped on self striping socks 🙂

    I’m also happy to hear that you have found yourself with more knitting time. Knitting is far preferable to traffic.

  13. You look gorgeous at work in your new shawl! Great job – I love the colours.
    The flowers are Japanese Anemone. They are super resilient. I get rid the spent plants in winter by yanking the entire plant out (not pruning), and digging them up. They come back as if I had done nothing at all. It’s just the way it is. 🙂

  14. This is so so beautiful! 🙂
    The shawl looks gorgeous on you, and yes, I’d have problems giving the socks away, too. 😉
    The Fade shawls are gorgeous, and I am curious what you will pick!

    Sending you all the love. 🙂

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