“I think you need to knit a sweater next.” said my friend, Alex. She is right, I suspect. The current shawl and sock streak has enabled me to knit at times when I just need to knit and not think, and also produce beautiful neckwear that goes well with my wardrobe. But maybe it is time. I recently got some beautiful Maniototo Wool in Aran Style. Maybe it is time it becomes a sweater.

IMG_3331 (800x449)

I have not blogged much recently. A lot of it has to do with being fully occupied on the work front, which means that all I have felt like doing when I got home was to knit to lessen the effects of a stressful day.  I’ve also been dealing with a personal issue that has taken a lot of emotional energy.  Things are a bit ‘low’ here, but such is life, disappointing things happen, and at some point in time I hope to be back to my former, more balanced self.

I’ve finished/started a few things since you last saw me here:

I’m of course most proud of the lovely Speckle Tonic, another gorgeous Lace Eater design.

I used two skeins of Circus Tonic Handmade’s single ply merino. The colourways I used are Grey Whistler and Cape Barren Goose. I used almost the entire 200g, and ran out of the grey on the very last row.  This caused a bit of a predicament, but I decided to experiment by using the lighter colour for the bind off, and I think it actually has worked really well.

My Find your Fade shawl has fared less well. I find the lace on this design too random looking for my liking. The shawl is currently back in balls while I work up the motivation to start again and pick a lace detail that I can live with.

And in the meantime, pretty stripey socks are a great form of meditational knitting!

Now to tell you about a new family member who has come to stay: You may remember that we used to have a little mini lop rabbit, Cole. He had to stay behind when we moved to this house, but the young man hankered after his beloved pet and has never stopped wanting wanting him back. Recently, an opportunity came up to perhaps have him back, but I learned at about the same time that he had passed away.  Naturally, this was a very upsetting thing to learn, and made the young man even sadder that he would never see his lovely rabbit again.

Cole had fathered a set of babies before he passed away, and the daughter rabbit in turn, had recently had babies of her own. The young man was determined that we obtain one of Cole’s descendants, and in the time-honoured tradition of kids who get their parents in a situation where there is not much you can do to back out of it, someone has come to live with us.


This is Caramel. He is lively and fun and full of energy.


We won’t be able to have him in the garden because he’ll dig holes and be damaging to the property. But he gets lots of supervised hoppy time in the house, and he is busy endearing himself to us with his very engaging ways.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend wherever you are. I’m looking forward to an afternoon tucked up in front of the fire, enjoying the therapeutic effect of playing with sticks and string.

14 thoughts on “Winter

  1. Love your Speckle Tonic Shawl photographed in the window. The light coming thru the window shows off the lace pattern well. I have not knit a Lace Eater design yet, but am inspired by the ones you make. Hope your life gets back to normal soon. Deep dark winter can be hard on the psyche. Hopefully it will not last long.

  2. It is wonderful to read your blog my dear friend and to see your wonderful range of knitting. LOVE all the socks. I’m currently knitting your Mary, Mary but my wool is too dark ( you sDid say) so I’ve cut out the stepped Centre pattern an I’ve done the mock cables right across. I actually love how they look and of course they are my big favourite, “toes up”
    Your shawl is absolutely stunning, you taught yourself lace knitting and you have really mastered it haven’t you. It is truly beautiful and you must be so very, very thrilled with it and love wearing it. You will collect so many compliments then I am sure.
    Hasn’t your young lad grown (they do grow far to fast for we Mothers) and he’s looking so good and his baby Caramel is such a beauty. What a wonderful colour indeed!!! Actually you could let him be outside in a little pen as long as you put rabbit netting, (Bunnings, Mitre 10 etc) on the very bottom so that it sits in the grass which he can eat but the netting is too small for him to dig the grass and earth up underneath the netting. Don’t forget to get him vaccinated which will be like teaching grandmothers to suck eggs of course. Those nasty rabbit killing viruses they bring in are very nasty!!
    Are you still working full time??? That on top of a stressful job will be tiring and then their is still your home with washing, cooking, cleaning and spending time with your lovely lad.
    Hugs my dear friend!!!!
    Margot 😘😘😘😘😘

  3. I’ve been admiring your lace shawls for quite a while now, thinking that maybe I could knit one myself, although it would have to be a very simple pattern. Do you sell any of your items anywhere? I would be interested for sure. 🙂

  4. Love your posts and your knitting especially that beautiful shawl but I am sorry that you are having a tough time of things emotionally and I hope things improve soon.
    Love and knitting

  5. I hope the sun (both literal and metaphorical) comes out and things get better for you soon.
    (I love the window shot of your shawl!)
    Can’t wait to see what garment you choose to knit – enjoy the delicious process of deciding and getting hooked into something new and beautiful. 🙂

  6. Lovely start to my Monday. Discovered your blog while sipping coffee and working on a design for a baby sleep suit.
    What gorgeous wools. Am looking forward to exploring your blog and discovering more.
    Thank you.

  7. I am a knitter would love to have some new patterns please keep in touch I really like your blog

  8. So lovely to see you back at your blog. I do hope things run more smoothly for you. Little Caramel is absolutely adorable. Unfortunately we can’t keep rabbits in Queensland so when I was growing up it was always guinea pigs 🙂 I’ve booked myself another cruise around NZ! Can’t get enough of the place. It’ll be in February next year and I’ll be in Wellington on a Sunday so I’ll spend the time wandering the city streets and shops. Take care 🙂

  9. Hello Gorgeous
    Sorry to hear you’ve had to deal with the slings and arrows…
    Let’s pretend our knitting excels as a result of it.
    Yours certainly appears to have.
    What a selection of goodies.
    And Caramel. What a beautiful bunny.
    The boy looks gorgeous. Growing into his face.
    Lovely to hear news of your world.
    Karin (The Knitting Man Recommends)

  10. I’m so very sorry to hear that things have been rough lately. I’m hurting on your behalf.

    I am also really impressed with your knitting output. There might not be much time for blogging, but it looks like knitting hasn’t gotten neglected.

    Do you know what sweater you might be starting next?

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