The sweater and other things

It appears that the last time I posted, I was about to knit this sweater:IMG_3343 (800x468)IMG_3335 (800x533)

And as you can see, it is done!  Quite a while ago in fact… I am aware that I have posted about it on Instagram and Facebook, but it seems wrong to have talked about it here, and then not show you the result.  The Wolf River sweater is now a new favourite, and I am extremely happy with the yarn I used, Maniototo Wool. It is light, warm, and delightfully cosy. It’s different to the superwash yarns – which are normally a lot denser. This is an extremely light sweater – I used only 470gms to make it.

I keep looking at the other amounts of Maniototo Wool in my stash, and thinking I must make another thing! Many more things!

Life this year has been extremely busy, stressful, sad, mad, happy, the full spectrum. Lately, there has been more joy than sadness, and that has been good. Some day I will tell you more, but I have been feeling very drained this year, and the words have not come. Hence my silence. I apologise I have been so quiet, and I do thank those of you who have stayed with me, and for your very caring and welcome messages that I have received. The next step, of course, is for me to reply!!

In three weeks, I will not be working for a while, and while that brings a certain level of stress in terms of finding a new source of employment, I have had to bring an end to my current job in order to find balance in my life again. I have come out of my shell a little over the last few weeks and having engaged with knitting friends, found that quite a few of my friends are undergoing the same experience. This year has been tough. For many!  I am looking forward to having ‘me’ time again, and to being able to spend more of it in the world of knitting and with my wonderful knitting friends on both this blog and in person. And to finding a job that I like a bit better.

You ask what I’ve been up to since I’ve posted here last? I have finished quite a few pairs of socks, but the only photos I have are on Instagram – the link in my side bar will give you a peek at what I have been up to if you would like to see!

I did manage to get around to taking some photos of my current main activity. This is the Assana wrap. I’m knitting it in Whimzy Sokkusu (variegated stripe), Tanis Fibre Arts (stone) and Dark Harbour Port yarn (dark blue lace). The colours are very complementary, and I am very excited about adding it to my winter wardrobe!


My current obsession is this:IMG_3359

I am still playing around with possible colour combinations, but I do so love the muted effect of the speckle yarns in this pattern, and I am determined to try to replicate the general effect in my eventual yarn choices.

There has been a lot of “wishful knitting” happening. By “wishful knitting” I mean the getting out of pretty yarn from the stash, playing around with colour combinations and matching yarn to patterns.  Even if not much actual knitting happens… My living room looks like a yarn explosion has happened…


I can’t believe it is nearly Christmas. It’s quite exciting in a way. A new year around the corner, new beginnings and new plans… I think it is going to be an eventful year, to say the least!

See you again, soon!


12 thoughts on “The sweater and other things

  1. Good to see you are blogging again. I always look forward to your posts. I hope things improve for you and that 2018 is full of happiness and knitting.

  2. Welcome back only today I was recommending your anemone pattern to a friend, still my favorite lacy pattern. You will enjoy the Sunset Highway I worked it in June for a granddaughter and currently working on her Swoncho for myself.

  3. Glad to see you back here, I do hope you’ll find a suiting job soon. At least soon enough so that you can actually totally relax during the in-between-time ! I think a yarn explosion is always a good sign; means you have enough brainspace to think about something new, creative and exciting 🙂

  4. So nice to hear from you again. Your Wolf River Sweater is beautiful. It does look like it could be a heavy sweater but your choice of a lighter weight yarn has made it a heavenly sweater. Ahhh . . . you have lots to create from in your stash and look forward to seeing whatever you choose to make. Good luck with finding a job that suits you better and that you have some vacation time during the summer to renew and reflect.

  5. Your Wolf River is stunning. That sweater has been in my queue for a while and after seeing yours I really need to get on it.
    Sorry to hear about the work stress- yes, I agree it seems as though a lot of people are having to do the same thing. But how strong you are that you are choosing your self over an uneven work-life balance. Kudos to you!
    Your knitting plans are much like mine…I want to knit all the lovelies.

  6. It’s good to hear from you again. The sweater is lovely. Sorry to hear about all the stress. Hope it works out soon and you get back to serenity.

  7. I’m Sorry you’re experiencing stress and sadness Wei Siew.
    I have found like you solace in my making this year.
    Lovely sweater. I’m dyeing Maniototo wool at the moment. I love its wooliness!

  8. My dear friend, I’m so glad to hear from you again. My old laptop died and with your email address so I have not been able to write to you. Nevertheless you have been in my thoughts and I’ve been hoping all has been well with you, your own family and extended family. When I see the word sad I truly do hope all has been well.
    I’m glad you have been knitting and I’ve enjoyed seeing all you have done with all you haven’t done in the form of your stash.
    With love and hugs

  9. Hello Honey!
    Lovely to see life is granted you some energy to engage.
    I so relate to the this post… in the non-engagement phase. Oi vay!
    Your jumper is the bees’ knees.
    Thank you for the update
    Much love
    Karin (AKA The Knitting Man Recommends…)

  10. So lovely to catch up again, and I do hope that 2018 will be a better year for you. We all have times in our lives when we have to just get through things and then after a hiatus move in new directions and I am sure lots of wonderful new beginnings will be around the corner for you. Kia kaha and keep on knitting

  11. It’s a gorgeous sweater – I love the lacy pattern. Sorry to hear you’ve had to leave your job (hope you haven’t had to deal with workplace bullying or something – that would be the pits).Thank the yarns that you have an activity that gives you moments of serenity.

  12. I’m sorry you have had stuff to deal with but yay for joy making its way in. I like this new FO. It almost looks like you’re wearing a lace tee over longsleeves. I can’t wait to see your new jumper in progress. I have stayed away from colorwork since I changed my knitting style. I will have to practice two handed knitting the Portuguese way soon.

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