Life 3.0

Hello my lovely readers. It has indeed been quite some time! How has life treated you? I hope well, and that there have been some wonderful knitting moments enjoyed in among all the adventures.

It feels like time is passing faster than a shooting star, and life happenings do not appear to be slowing down, so before yet another month slips by, here is a quick update!

  1. I moved. To Nelson.

Nelson is a very beautiful place. A nice man lives here too. He invited me to come join him. I thought I should give it a go. πŸ™‚ The boy likes the new place too. He thinks his new school is much nicer than his last one. And he gets to bike to school – hooray for exercise! (says mum).

It’s no wonder that Nelson is known for being one of the most scenic parts of New Zealand.

There are beaches,

and mountains

and interesting things to see in them.

There have been quite a few comings and goings since I moved, and in between settling into a new job and life, more exciting things have happened:

2. My daughter got married!

It was a wonderful, happy, intimate day. The bottom image is of all my three kids together. The wedding happened in Melbourne, where my daughter and her husband lived. They chose to get married on St Kilda beach, their happy place.

After the reception, I took the boy to Luna Park, which was on the way back to our accommodation. He had a great time. He’d like to go back.

3.Β  I went to Unwind, my first knitting retreat!

There was yarn. A lot of yarn.

There was knitting with lovely people and sharing accommodation with knitty friends. It was absolutely awesome to meet people whom I had previously only known digitally, and to be able to put a face, a voice and a personality to the name.

There were dinners at which amazing knitting was admired. This is a knitter’s Celestarium. I absolutely love the edging she put on her shawl!

And of course, it wouldn’t be a knitting retreat without damage to the bank account… Some of this went to friends, but I admit there was a bit of yarn piggery involved!

It was such a privilege to spend three entire days doing nothing but knit, and talk knitting, and be around knitting people. Morag (Vintage Purls) did an amazing job organising the event, and I’d love to go back next year if I can. It was also my first time in Dunedin, a city most worthy of a second visit.

Thanks to going to Unwind and consulting with people who love colour, I managed to find the missing shade for my Three Colour Shawl. I ended up using Dark Harbour Yarn (silver with speckles) and (dark grey) and Hedgehog Fibres (mid-grey) for this shawl. I love it, and it is going to get a lot of use, as soon as the seasons remember that it is Autumn… it is unsurprising to know I am not enjoying this very long Summer.

So ends my quick update. It feels like I’ve done a bit of a life reboot. 2018 is going to be an interesting year.

My apologies for the bad quality of the photos. I’ve been using my phone to take photos recently, and it seems I need to take a bit more care with focus, now that I see the images in larger format!

I really hope I’ll get time to keep up with this blog this year. There needs to be a post about yarn in Nelson, obviously, and although 90% of my stash is now in deep storage until I decide on my permanent place of abode (hyperventilation tends to occur when I think about this too much), I have got enough here to keep me busy for several months. I have discovered to my disappointment that knitting and relationships sometimes do not mix too well though… we went to the beach this weekend. I took out my knitting (what else is there to do if just sitting down right?) and there was a most scandalised “You didn’t!” remark… sigh. -.-

Thank you for keeping up with my blog and patience while I negotiate changing life circumstances. More than ever, I appreciate my knitting community.

Until next time!


39 thoughts on “Life 3.0

  1. Very glad to see you back! Nelson looks lovely, as do the greys together in the Three-Colour Shawl! Dunedin, my hometown (although I live in exile in Auckland) is well worth another visit.

    1. I love your reference to ‘being in exile’. Dunedin looks like a very cool little city. So many nostalgic elements there that have disappeared from the other cities in NZ. I hope it stays that way.

  2. Welcome back! You have been missed. What an exciting new journey you are on – I hope the fork in the road you have taken continues to be a happy one. How wonderful to be able to spend time with your family at your daughter’s wedding in Melbourne. Think you need to do a little educating on the importance of knitting in our lives and to our sanity – my husband thankfully is well trained in this now. Haven’t ever made it to Unwind but friends who have loved it.

    1. Hopefully one day I will make it up to Auckland to your fabulous event! Some education needs to happen with the knitting, but the good thing is that his little people have recognised the benefits of having a knitter in the household – the ‘orders’ are stacking up! πŸ˜€

  3. How amazing I was only wondering just yesterday how you were getting along, so pleased to see your blog post and happy to hear about your move to Nelson.
    Happy 2018 πŸ™‚

    1. It was a very fleeting visit – barely 48 hours. Hopefully next time there will be more opportunity for meeting up with people!

  4. 2018 will be a stellar year for you… one full of many adventures and much love. It was wonderful to see you at Unwind and even more wonderful if you can make it back next year. Best wishes for the year ahead.

    1. I hope that same for you too James! It was lovely to see you too, even if only briefly. Looking forward to seeing your continued adventures in Dunedin!

  5. Seems like your life has been a true rollercoaster over this past period.. I hope you feel sort of settled and more at peace with the rhythm now. Those photo’s are wonderful, and wonderful events, too !

  6. When I have been to New Zealand, Nelson is the place we fly in an out of. What a great place to be. Plus, a great LYS in town, AND only about an hour drive from The Woolshed in Canaan! Best of luck to you in the next chapter of your life!

  7. Well, when I looked at my email this morning and saw Kiwiyarns I said, Hooray!!! And reading thru your “update on life” I was thrilled to hear you are well and happy. That is great. Do hope you will continue your blog – but also continue with what ever makes you happiest!!!

  8. Lovely to see your update. I empathise ‘Re knitting on the beach and the response you had. I have similar reactions when the first thing I pack for trips is my knitting, plus more wool just in case I need to start a new project!

    1. Responses like yours are one of the things I love so much about being a knitter and part of the knitting community – everyone understands!!

  9. It sounds like you have been busy and are happy! Nelson looks like a great place. And the retreat sounds wonderful. As for the knitting on the beach, just keep pulling out the knitting and he will get used to it. πŸ˜‰ I got several inches of a sock done today at a meeting, no one batted an eye. 😊

    1. Knitting in meetings is great. I managed to do that recently too! Hopefully the man will eventually be as tolerant as my colleagues. πŸ™‚

  10. Lovely to hear from you and with updates in your yarny world! I am so jealous you have moved to Nelson, it is the place I still call home even though I have been gone for 22 years BUT I am working my way back there – I really miss it all; the beaches, rivers, mountains and the people. I take my knitting/crochet EVERYWHERE and when I came home last year I was knitting on Rabbit Island beach whilst catching up with the whanau!!

    1. I can see why you want to go home. It is a beautiful spot and the elements you mention definitely some of my favourite too. Funny that you mention Rabbit Island. It’s where I attempted to take my knitting too! Good luck with your plans to end up here. I am sure it can happen.

  11. Happy for your happy times, and wishing you the best in new starts. People get used to knitting, eventually. πŸ˜‰

  12. Oh wonderful news and the very best of wishes for you and to your future. Lovely happy wedding photos at a wonderful place. Nelson is a superb place to live, hope you are successful with a job and are able to get a lot of your favourite pastime knitting, done. I have a favourite shop there, Broomfields. Look forward to seeing more of you on your blog. Have a great week.

    1. Thanks for your lovely wishes. I’m looking forward to investigating Broomfields. I have seen it from the outside, but haven’t been inside yet!

  13. It looks like life has gotten very exciting! I can feel your happiness coming through the photos. And boy has Eric gotten tall! I’m impressed that he is taller than Tim.

    Also, that knitter did a fantastic edging to her Celestarium (or is it Southern Skies?). I wish I had thought of it, myself.

    1. I thought you would be pleased to see that edging. As far as I am aware, it is a Celestarium. I think it has to be the most beautiful version of your design that I have seen yet, so had to share! Eric is shooting up as fast as a runner bean – he’s never in the same place as he was the night before. It will be interesting to see how tall he ends up being.

  14. What wonderful changes in your life that has happened. I’m glad you are happy and have such scenic views. Your daughter looks radiant. I didn’t know you had a daughter. Your youngest son has grown! I always thought he was a tween or something.

  15. I just found your blog and would be very grateful if you could help me with a merino/possum yarn problem. Every winter I wear lambswool, angora & nylon roll-neck jerseys as they feel so good on bare skin. I usually bought them from Op Shops but they are getting much harder to find, especially in a large size. I can’t wear any other wool next to my skin and I like to wear a short-leeved tee shirt underneath the jersey. So I’ve been looking for an alternative and recently bought a nativeworld possum-merino beanie from the possum shop in Woodville. It is the softest knit imagineable and feels great on bare skin. So I looked for jerseys online with 20% possum, 70% merino, 10% silk. I found some beautiful jerseys on the Wool Company website and bought two in my colours. They have the same mix as the beanie and I was told they came out of the same knitting mill -Manawatu Knitting Mills. BUT they feel scratchy and not the same at all as the beanie. The Wool Co. are a wee bit annoyed with me because they say that the mix is identical to the nativeworld beanie so they can’t be scratchy. But they are scratchy and the beanie isn’t so I rang the knitting mill and they told me that the beanie uses a new yarn knitted on a specialised machine but same percentage mix. When I look at the jersey against the sun with a magnifying glass there are very long silvery fibres sticking out all over the jersey but the beanie looks fuzzy like lambswool and no long fibres at all. The lady at the mill said the new method used with the beanie somehow keeps those long fibres in the knit so they don’t stick out. So I am wondering whether to return the jerseys or whether repeated washing, or some other process, might remove or soften those long scratchy fibres. The jerseys are to be worn as casualwear, not as fashion garments so I don’t mind if the texture changes a wee bit in the process. I desperately want to keep the jerseys as I can’t find anything else anywhere in the right colour, size and style. So sorry this is such a long question and I do hope you can help me!

    1. Hello. I notice with shame that it has been about two years since you wrote this post to me and you have already made your decision about whether to return or not. I’ve been away from blogging for quite a while and haven’t been paying attention to my comments.

      I hope that whatever decision you made, it was the right one for you. In terms of future reference, unfortunately, if those scratchier fibres were there, then you aren’t going to get a softer jersey no matter how often you wash it. Kind regards, Wei Siew.

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