Hello! It has been a while. I hope this post finds you all healthy, and coping with all the life dramas being thrown at us at the moment. We certainly live in ‘interesting’ times!

It’s important to be mindful of focusing on resilience in the face of change and staying strong for ourselves and our loved ones at times like this. I’m reminded daily of the old WW2 adage that has been turned into a meme of late, “Keep calm and carry on” (with obvious regard for the measures being taken to safeguard public health of course!)

Much has been said about the value of activities like knitting that allow us to slow down, breathe, and calm our overactive brains. More than ever, I’m valuing this activity that allows me to carve a bit of space and time to regain balance.

Rosebud shawl, designed by Tincanknits

Like a few others, taking joy in cooking has also had more of a workout than usual of late!

Apple shortcake

Music has been another very welcome calming device. My Spotify subscription is working overtime! 🙂


And as always, I take great joy in the grand beauty of our natural word.

I have been thinking about writing regularly again for a while and now is a good time to reconnect with my knitting clan, which I have been distanced from due to various factors (intense work schedule, broken laptop, life dramas, etc). I’ve got a lull in workload for the time being, so I’m grabbing the chance while I have it!

I began blogging during the GFC, and found that it gave me creative freedom that I never got writing for work. It was also the catalyst that led to my development as a designer. It was an outlet to connect with others in a meaningful way and talk about knitting related topics. At that time, I was very socially isolated, having just moved back to New Zealand, and without friends or family where I was living. So much good came out of that period of my life when I had time to focus on things that were meaningful to me. The GFC also marked the beginning of a knitting and hand dyeing renaissance all over the world, developing into what it is now. I’d say this was a good thing to come out of that particular crisis.

I wonder if once the dust settles and the new norm becomes apparent, whether we might find that similar good things come out of having so much of the ‘busy’ taken out of our lives, and we are given the space to refocus, try new things, or reconnect with activities and people who are so important to a healthy social fabric? And indeed, the environment might be given a break? There are so many possibilities!

I am a big believer in seeing the positives in a situation. I don’t see the consequences of containing Covid-19 as being all doom and gloom. The best thing in this particular scenario is that we are not isolated. We have the Internet, social media, Ravelry, chat platforms, so many tools to keep us connected, even if we have to be physically apart. It’s a Good Thing.

In New Zealand, our borders are closed, and people are being actively encouraged to stay put. We aren’t shutdown internally yet, and hopefully that doesn’t eventuate. It is affecting our ability to get together for knitting, attend events and be anywhere in a group larger than 25 in most cases though. Which is where being online will help a lot.

So, what’s on my needles? I have to say I wasn’t really enjoying knitting my Sunshower Shawl in bright orange. It’s just so not my colour, and the pattern wasn’t working well with where my head was. Still, I was very happy to purchase the pattern in support of Ambah O’Brien’s fundraising efforts during the Australian bush fires.

So, having frogged and put that one away, I have started on something that is much more aligned to my preferences in yarn, colour and pattern – the Whiteout Shawl. I am really enjoying knitting it. Just a little bit more garter stripe to get through and then I’m into the favourite lace bit. I’m knitting it in Miss Click Clack and Circus Tonic Handmade (taking a hiatus at the moment?), both single ply merino yarns that are creating that beautiful squoosh and drape that I enjoy creating in shawls.

Whiteout shawl by Melanie Berg

I’m hoping that soon I’ll be able to tell you more about the latest batch of Mithril by Stansborough. I’m waiting on feedback on my draft from Cheryl Eldridge and once I get her thoughts, I’ll be able to share more about what’s different about the latest batch of this heritage pure wool yarn.

Mithril by Stansborough

Until next time, sending good karma and warm thoughts your way. Thanks for taking the time to read. 🙂

16 thoughts on “2020

  1. So lovely to have you blogging again. I have been following you on Instagram, but just not quite the same!

  2. Good to hear from you again. I’m hoping that we don’t end up having to be on lockdown which of course depends on whether the current measures stop community transmission. Fingers are crossed. I also hope people stop panick buying, it’s been making my standard fortnightly shop rather more difficult than normal. Slowing down though is a good thing and if pollution eases that might show people a better way to do things.

  3. It is lovely to hear from you. In the past your messages were such a welcome in my week so a return of them is a treat. I agree that knitting is a wonderful way of keeping calm.
    Keep safe

  4. How WONDERFUL to hear your (written) voice again my dear friend. I did periodic searches, but to no avail so finally I gave up. I now live in ChCh close to my daughter and her children.
    I will look forward to your blog now. The news about your little orange fluff ball was great news
    Much love

  5. Nice to see you have come back to the blogosphere and are still knitting as much as ever! I recently got back into knitting when I go a horrible cold and spent a week off sick. I decided now was the time to unravel my cotton jumper and remake it into a wrap cardigan. Had forgotten how much I enjoy it.

    1. Hello to you too! 🙂 It’s funny how things go in cycles, like rediscovering lost joys. I suspect you may be finding a bit more time for knitting if our latest alert level raise is anything to go by. Enjoy!

  6. It’s always lovely hearing / reading from you !
    Those shawls will be gorgeous. Times sure are strange now, often it feels quite surrealistic to me. Despite all the bad news about it all, I do enjoy how it is more silent outside now, so I get to hear more birdchatter, while watching spring slowly peeping in, with lots of blooms and colours. So I guess you will be enjoying some autumn colours right now and more knitwear.. ?

    1. It’s so wonderful to hear from you too! Yes, it’s a very surreal world at the moment. Autumn is my favourite season as you know. Living in the city, I don’t get to see lovely autumn colours as it’s mostly evergreen here. I’m looking forward to cooler days and as you say, cosy knits!

  7. I can’t BEGIN to tell you how happy it makes me to see your post! Welcome back! I have missed you.

    I agree with you on so many things you have said about this time – I hope that we will discover new things, learn to slow down, and that we’ll be more appreciative of what we have and can do. I hope we won’t forget this too soon.

    Your shawls look absolutely lovely! I had a peek from time to time on your insta and ravelry, and it’s wonderful that you decided to try to write again (no pressure though!).

    I’m knitting on a shawl – Leventry – right now, and I love it, but mostly, I want to finish my second sweater and hope to get the body at least to the garter stitch border today.

    1. Thanks so much. 🙂 I loved your new post about what to do if stuck at home. Some very good suggestions in there. 🙂

  8. Very good, positive and common sense thoughts in this post. Your Mithril yarn is gorgeous. I like the looks of your apple cake.

  9. Hellooo and virtual hugs to you. So lovely to receive a post notification and then read your blog again. I hope you are still well and by now safely ensconced in your bubble.
    I’ve been thinking about blogging again, have been resisting so far as I was feeling already a bit overcommitted but now things are changing and it feels like the right time, so maybe I’ll do it.
    Your knitting is as fabulous and inspiring as ever.
    I shall look forward to meeting up again, and in the meantime enjoy your posts. K

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