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Free patterns

Click this link to go to Ravelry for a comprehensive listing of my patterns (some for purchase, but most are free).

Below are some of my free designs for your use (these are free for private and charity use, but if you’d like to use them to make items to sell, please give me credit for the pattern):

Geek socks Geek socks


 A simple hat A Simple Hat
 DSC01206 (640x480)   Selachimorpha socks
 Ulva Lactuca Ulva Lactuca Shawl
 Tidal hat Tidal Hat
 Orange Roughy Mitts Orange Roughy Fingerless Gloves
 Droplet socks Droplet socks
 Ribbed beanie A ribbed beanie for the family
Bo Bo – a Textural Cowl

Strong Heart Mittens/Fingerless Gloves


Quilted cowl

 Simple mock brioche cowl and keyhole scarf (two patterns in one)Men's keyhole scarfSimple mock brioche infinity cowl and keyhole scarf (two patterns)

 Cheryl’s scarf

 Market day hat

 Mythral neck warmer

Easiest wrist warmer gloves

Cadeau cowl
 Aviator hat scarf

Blue Danube

Evelyn cowl

Pattern_Adorable kids fingerless gloves_Jul 14

Reversible fingerless gloves Cabled fingerless gloves

Cafe Hat v.2

Cafe hat 2.0

Annabella hat Rivulet hat

Cabled pixie hat

Andy scarf Japanese teapot cosy

I thought I’d also list some free and pay-for online resources here that will help you to find patterns to inspire.  Here are my favourite resources:


Knitting Pattern Central

The Daily Knitter




Knitting Daily


Lion Brand

Vogue Knitting


This page is ‘live’ in that I’ll add to it as I post new information or come across new sites that I like.

Hope you find it useful!

10 thoughts on “Free patterns

  1. Hi…
    Can’t wait to make your fingerless gloves for the kiddies…

  2. Hi Wei Siew

    Felt ( and Etsy ( both sell some beautiful patterns for babies, for quite reasonable prices. Etsy has some funky adult patterns too. Just browsing is inspiring!

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  4. Hi, I just became aware of your blog and I’m finding it very inspiring. You are so generous with your patterns too! Thanks you so much and I’ll count myself as your fan! :) VivC

  5. wow I love your site. A friend just purchased hand dyed wool for me.
    Love it Love it.

  6. Enjoy your blog so very much! You are an inspiration!! Thanks so very much forshaaring your thoughts and your patterns! Have Forwaarded your blog info to my daughter who lives on Hi. She has learned to HK in the last year.We are now doing long distance emails,etc for her to learn how to MK,which I have been doing since 1969.Your photography is so very special also!! So glad I found your blog!.My daughter is a water baby,sso the phoros,etc are especially appreciated!! Love your new topic on tension..wwell done!!

    Sandra in sunny Colorado

  7. I would love some crochet patterns. Your knit patterns are beautiful. Now if I could only knit.

  8. I want to knit adorable kids fingerless gloves but I am a beginner and don’t know how to knit with a double needle. Can I need with a straight needle for this pattern.

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