Sustain the Sea

Sustain the Sea collection

In October 2013, I became aware of the critical condition that the world’s seas are in.  I decided that I needed to do something as an individual to help to raise awareness of the situation, and indeed, to give back, to Sustain the Sea.

As a blogger with a small, but reasonable platform of like-minded readers, I decided that this would be a good place to start.

I have also decided to contribute my talent as a designer to ensure that this message reaches as wide an audience as possible in the knitting community where I can be heard.

Recently, I have been joined my other like-minded designers, who have contributed patterns of their own.  I am so very grateful for their generosity to this cause.  Links to their patterns are included below as well.

All posts and designs relating to this topic can be found under the category “Sustain the Sea” in the sidebar and are also listed below.

The Ocean is Broken

Giving Back

Sustain the Sea:  The Orange Roughy Mitts

All rivers run to the sea

Sustain the Sea:  Tidal Hat

The flipside

Ulva Lactuca, the seaweed shawl

Will that be fins with your tuna?

Selachimorpha, the Shark Sock

Empty Nets


Biophilia (link to the pattern)


12 thoughts on “Sustain the Sea

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  1. Absolutely amazing. The planet and the earth is very close to my heart, and this was just such an inspiration to try even harder. 🙂
    I did save a copy of the pattern for me to knit, and I am already thinking that I have the perfect yarn in my stash for it. It is a local (South African) hand dyed yarn, in a stunning seagreen / turquoise colour aptly named Seascapes. It is a beautiful pattern and something to treasure once knitted.
    Thank you for being you!! 🙂

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