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The Yarn Addict

Oh lovely stash of mine

Forgive me, for I have sinned (again)

Lead me from temptation for

I looked and saw, and my heart did desire


A bad day at work, a sad situation

Comfort of the squishy kind I needed

Eyes strayed from your loyal presence

Sitting, trusting by my side, do not show your ire

DSC00780 (640x516)

See the evidence of shame before me

Gleefully pulled from the mailbox

Unwrapped in haste, caressed, sheepy essence inhaled

A happy sigh exhaled

The Acquisitions

Projects plotted and planned

The heart gladdened, of woolly goodness


Alpaca cuddles


Silky promises of socks to come…


A pop of colour, oh fun and joy!

Self-striping stray cat socks

All these I add to you, oh stash

Beautiful skeins from past acquisitions

Some of the haul

You say: Pick me! knit, me!

Hurry, yarn I no longer want to be!

And yes, through fingers wound

With sticks and time


On the sofa with you I shall sit

Creating a garment your beauty will fit

All in good time, my pretties

All in good time.



Stripedy stripes

Doespins Meridian self-striping yarnI showed you this yarn on Monday, fresh out of the mailbox.  Sometimes a yarn never even sees the inside of the stash cupboard.  So it is with this pretty self-striping number from Doespins.

Self-striping yarn, so pretty!  I particularly love the thick/thin take on the stripes.

With 60% alpaca content, they’re going to be one pair of very cuddly, warm socks.


From Mum, with love.

Some people are not fond of pink.  It definitely has a (smallish) space in my wardrobe though.  It is also a colour which I will forever associate with my baby girl.

I bought the yarn for this shawl a while ago, with the express intention of knitting something for her.  It has taken a while to decide on the right pattern!  I am supremely happy to show you the result today:

Golitha Falls Shawl

Golitha Falls Shawl

My baby girl is no longer a baby.  She’s a grown girl who will celebrate her 20th birthday in just a few days.  I guess this is my last chance to knit her something pink before she complains I’ll never think of her as an adult!  It’s going in the post to keep my girl warm where she lives in England.

Golitha Falls Shawl 3

I sometimes think that being a parent is one of the most heart-breaking things to be in the world.  From the moment they are born, they begin on their journey to eventually leaving you and setting out in the world on their own.  Loving and leaving – two vastly different sentiments, yet so intimately entwined.

The first smile, the first step, the first word, all celebrated with joy.  That first day at school, waving a happy goodbye (I shed the tear, not her!)  That first drive down the driveway… without me.  The stoic farewell at the airport as she embarked on her life journey.  It’s all part of being a parent, isn’t it? Raising a balanced, happy individual who is ready and willing to venture into the world on their own, living an independent life.  Being able to love, and yet let go.

Every single stitch of this shawl was knitted thinking of her.  I miss her very much, and I hope that when she wears this shawl around her shoulders on cold winter mornings (she’s already told me it will be her ‘house shawl’) it will remind her of her mum, and that even though I am very far away, she is never far from my thoughts.

Knitted in Flagstaff Alpacas’ 4 ply 100% alpaca in baby pink.  The pattern is called Golitha Falls Shawl, by Anniken Allis.  Both yarn and pattern are highly recommended!

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway from my previous post – there’s still time if you’d like the chance to win a copy of “Lit Knits”.


Grace note

In musical terms, a grace note is an extra note(s) that acts as an embellishment and is not essential to the harmony of the music.

I kept thinking of grace notes when I knitted these socks.

Grace note socksThe lace detail looks to me like a grace note, and if one thinks about it, isn’t a decorative embellishment on a sock very much like a knitty grace note!?

DetailThis is ‘test one’ completed – to be able to design something in simple lace and knit it without getting muddled or messing up halfway through.

I am very happy with the leg of the sock, but less happy with the motif on the foot.  More tweaking is required.  The initial motif came from the book “The Very Easy Guide to Lace Knitting” by Lynne Watterson.

The yarn is the lovely alpaca sock yarn (Awesome Alpaca) from Fibre Alive in Scottish Moors.  You may remember I initially showed them to you as Hedgerow socks, only I decided I didn’t like it in that pattern and it needed to be knitted in a light and airy pattern instead!


Delicious yarn

Just popping in quickly to share some lovely yarn finds of recent weeks.  These yarns had me at the word “go”:

This is a beautiful merino/silk fingering weight from Spinning a Yarn called Invisibility Cloak (ah, the knitting projects that this name inspires!)  My sons tell me it needs to be a shawl.  I don’t think I need convincing!  My only thought is perhaps I need two skeins?

Invisibility cloakThis yarn got me from the moment I saw its luscious colour:

Lowburn, Flagstaff Alpacas

This is Lowburn, another hand-dyed work of art from Doe Arnot, in Flagstaff Alpacas’ beautiful sock blend yarn (merino/alpaca/nylon).  I saw it a couple of weeks back, but resisted, thinking I’d be good… the week ticked by, the colour was like a siren-call in my head… it wouldn’t go away!  I caved.

I got enough to knit a shawl.  I’m not sure what I’ll do with it yet… it might become socks! I just love the colour so much! 🙂  It’s the exact shade of New Zealand greenery.

Flagstaff Alpacas Lowburn

Now, if you are wanting some of this for yourself, I see it’s currently out of stock on the Flagstaff Alpacas’ website.  I know from personal experience though that Doe Arnot (the dyer of this yarn) is great at doing dye-to-order.  Just drop her a line at the email in the link I’ve provided to satisfy your own Lowburn craving!

This yarn came at a very good time today.  I’ve had a bit of a distressing morning dealing with the consequences of petrol thieves who siphoned my car last night.  The yarn has been a nice soother to the nerves!


The knitting texts

You may remember that when I interviewed Andy over at Flagstaff Alpacas, he mentioned that he was developing a merino/alpaca marled yarn.

Well, the other day, I noticed he’d announced its arrival, along with pictures! This made me both excited and rather anxious, as I have been anticipating a parcel of this yarn for a while now.  Had he forgotten my order???

When I woke up this morning, I decided to send him a small reminder to ease my concerns:  “Don’t forget to send me my kilo of black white marl alpaca!”

I went off and did some chores, feeling anxious as only a yarnaholic knitter can that her much-desired yarn might be sold off to someone else even as she was texting!

“Has your post arrived yet” came the reply.  Post?  Had he sent it to me already??

“No.  That sounds exciting…!”

“Wanted you to see the yarn first.  Free samples.  Warm up your needles…”

Ooooh!!! How exciting!!!  How nice of him to think of sending me something to look at before I bought!  I went and sat by the window to see if I could spot the mailman.  Please let those samples arrive today!!!!!!!

A few minutes later, I saw the postman, and in his hand was, oh joy…. a parcel!! I flew out the door and down the path, emitting joyful squeaks, to meet the slightly startled-looking postie.  I guess one of the perks of being a postman is that you get to see the happy reactions of the recipients of exciting looking parcels!

And this is what I found in the parcel:

Flagstaff Alpacas

Which quickly became this:

75% alpaca, 25% merino

and then this:

The swatch!

This is the black/black/white marl.DSC07883

This the brown/fawn/white marl.

Oh yes.  It is very, very, nice.

The yarn is 75% alpaca, 25% merino (it’s a three ply, two strands 100% undyed alpaca, one strand 100% undyed merino).  The yarn, according to my spinner friend Lynn, whom I excitedly showed it to this morning, is beautifully balanced.  It is incredibly soft.  Squishy.  Knits like a dream.  It’s a true DK weight (my gauge is 20 sts x 28 rows on 4mm (US6) needles).  Comes in a generous 200g hank (or 1.3kg cone).  It’s the exact yarn I want to knit my next winter-weight sweater.

There’s only a limited quantity available, and several colour variations.  Have a look here to see.  I’ve got my order in.  And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a camp to set up outside my mailbox.