Sustain the Sea: Ulva Lactuca shawl

Happy Holidays! Today, I am very happy to bring you the free pattern for the Ulva Lactuca shawl. This gently crescent-shaped shawl is knitted sideways, from tip to tip all in one piece. It features a garter stitch body (to prevent curling), and a lace edging that is reminiscent of seaweed and waves. The width... Continue Reading →

The flipside

It's used extensively in Asian cuisine, and its cultivation is a major industry in many Asian countries.  Ancient cultures all over the world made good use of it as a food source. Nowadays, we know it as a primary ingredient in sushi, the source of agar jelly, and the 'gum' used as a thickening agent... Continue Reading →

Sustain the Sea: The Orange Roughy Mitts

Welcome to the first design from my new series collection, Sustain the Sea!! The Orange Roughy Fingerless Gloves. This pattern is a mid-length fingerless glove.  I have selected a ‘scale’ pattern to highlight its fishy tribute, with the seed stitch thumb further hinting at marine origins.  The stretchy bind and ribbing represents fins.  The colour... Continue Reading →

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