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I’m delighted to show you my latest design today:

They’re Sprig.  In Stansborough Mythral, of course.  Just in time to celebrate the first day of Summer in the Southern Hemisphere, and the first day of Winter for the Northern Hemisphere!

I especially like the cuffs.  I’ve long wanted to have gloves that are a bit more decorative at the cuff than most.  These satisfy that wish!  It’s wonderful to be able to see a design in my head, and find it becoming reality under my hands.

The pattern needs to be charted, and then it will be up for those who are interested in knitting it!

It felt funny to photograph a pair of winter mittens in a field of daisies.  I know that in about three months’ time I shall be glad of their warmth though!



Pretty mittens and friendly needles

Ever since the incident of a severely pricked and cut finger from knitting too many socks in a row, I’ve been wary of knitting more socks or projects using small needles.  My left index finger is still not completely healed up, which adds to the complication.

Upon reading of my predicament, my incredibly generous and wonderful friend Kb, sent me a very touching gift:   2.25mm wooden Knit Pro needles.   She also slipped in a pattern for a pair of Knotty gloves (a free pattern on Ravelry).

At about the same time, it actually got a little cold (winter in Wellington, NZ has been miserably mild this year!!) and daughter didn’t have any gloves.  But she did have some pretty hot pink Knitsch sock yarn we’d found on a happy yarn hunting visit at Holland Road Yarn Company.

I decided that as the needles had been sent in direct response to the ‘ouchy’ needle complaint, it would be offensive not to give them a go… and I had just been sent a very pretty little pattern to try out!  Only, the pattern would be modified to become mittens.

They’ve turned out well.  The 100% merino, supertwist, superwash yarn is gorgeous.  It’s soft and warm and most importantly for a 17 year-old madam, the “exactly correct” colour – this one is called “Sweetheart”.  My Kitchener grafting is still not as satisfactory as I’d like, so I’m not showing you the ends.

Upon “scientific” analysis performed by my fingers, I have made a decision about needles for future sock knitting projects:  Wooden needles are good.  Bamboo needles are also good. But metal needles are not friendly.  Which is sad, because I have two sets of 2.5mm steel needles that I like because they’re fast and smooth.  I guess I’ll just have to resign myself to protecting my finger with a bandage when I next use the steel ones.

Thank you Kb, for your very generous inspiration for these mittens.


First frost

Look what we woke up to this morning!

The first frost of the season!!!

Frosts always get me excited.  I get all frisky and happy.  The crisp, cold air, and promise of a sparklingly sunny day ahead are always great energisers.

And what a day it was!

This is the view from the top of the hill at Makara Beach, where Friend and I went for a walk this afternoon.  It’s one of my favourite views of all in Wellington.

In World War II, a gun embattlement was built up here.  You can still see the crumbling remains.

Around the corner, you can see almost all the turbines in the West Wind Windfarm:

Friend counted 50+ wind turbines.  There are approximately 60 in total.

Across the sea, you can just see a bit of the South Island.

What a glorious day!

The cold snap brought on a fresh sense of urgency for warm gear for cold hands:

Possum gloves for a little man.  Colours chosen by the His Young Mastership.  They will be the first fingered gloves I do.  Wish me luck!



One of the things I like about Wellington is that it’s on the coast.  I could spend all day watching the sea.

I love how it ebbs and flows

Crashes and rolls

I love how it reflects exactly what kind of day it is

I love its colour

And how it can mould the shore it caresses (or hammers – depending on its mood!)

Can you see the inspiration…?

More about the yarn later!



Ta da!

Ha!  You thought you could beat me, you cheeky pair of gloves!  But no, I battled on, and now you are DONE!!!  Bwa ha ha ha ha!!!

I’m a bit surprised they fit – they’re meant for a very petite lady who is about the size of the average 12 yr old.  So they’ll be longer on her than on me which is good, but I think because this pattern is totally ribbing (including the cables), it’s so stretchy that even I can wear them.  Although as you can see, they are very snug.

I’m not sure about writing out the pattern for this. It’s a super simple concept – just rib all the way. Only the cables are a bit tricky because there are twists and crosses which require concentration, so it’s intermediate-level.   If you’d like it, let me know!

There’s another thing to be pleased about today – it’s only 17 degrees C!  Yay!  Woolly season is coming! 🙂


The second glove syndrome

I have a love/hate relationship with gloves.

When they’re done, I just LOVE them.  But knitting them is sometime Not Fun.

Take this very sweet, petite little number I cast on for while waiting for my STOMP swatch to dry (so I could measure it properly):

Ta da!  One glove, finished in a day. The second, (growl) must be knitter’s karma for being so b’’’y smug about the whole thing:

This, dear friends, is all I have been able to achieve after FOUR HOURS OF KNITTING!  I just can’t get it right, even though it’s a very simple little cable.  I blame a very stressful matter that my mind is pre-occupied with at the moment.  How else could one fail so miserably at knitting the twin to something that pretty much slipped off the needles the day before?

I know I should really just knit something else that one doesn’t need to pay attention to, and come back to this tomorrow, when I’ll probably be feeling better, but I’m a stubborn donkey sometimes, and I’m in one of those moods where whether it kills me or not!

Anyway, despite the frustration, I’m quite pleased with how the first turned out.  You can see the inspiration for the cable in the Saxon braid cable (big sack) sweater (nearly done) that I’ve laid it on for this photo.  I liked the side cable so much, I decided to do an entire glove in it!

So, I doubt I’ll get this done today, despite my intentions.  And now I have to do some baking for the little man’s mid-morning school snack.  Let’s hope the cookies turn out better than the knitting.

And if you’re wondering, the yarn is The Wool Co.’s Merino Possum DK weight in Old Rose.  It’s a lovely colour isn’t it?