Warning… yarn p0rn follows

It is always a wonderful thing to come home on a Monday (don't we all love it) to a squeal-worthy surprise in the mailbox. I thought I'd brighten the beginning of your week with a little yarn appreciation, courtesy of some very gorgeous offerings that have just popped out of the bag from Doespins: Aren't... Continue Reading →

“Bo” 帛

Variegated yarns are delicious.  Their gorgeous tones and wondrous contrasts excite and delight the eye.  The beautiful colours make the heart beat faster, and bewitch the knitter into a fast exchange of cash for a bundle of squishy, hand-dyed joy. For me, that's often where it ends.  The pretty skein sits in my stash looking... Continue Reading →

A date with cables and lace

So. I'm supposed to be knitting my daughter's shrug (yes daughter, don't worry, I'm still knitting it), and I'm also knitting this interesting cabled baby's sweater.  Daughter's shrug is pretty.  But I've finished with the detailed bit and now it's a straight stocking stitch.  Which to a knitter is the equivalent of writing lines (unless you want... Continue Reading →

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