Guest slippers

A couple of years ago, my mother was given this pair of slippers as a gift: This is an amazing way to use up leftover yarn, but unfortunately they weren't quite to my mother's taste.  Not only are they of an "interesting" colour choice, but they are also of a version of acrylic that one... Continue Reading →

An alternative to wool

I often hear the comment "I can't wear wool", both from lovely readers of this blog, and when I'm in conversation with people.  It makes me very thankful that I can!  However, if wearing wool causes you to break out in red welts and rashes, then you probably have sensitive skin that is intolerant to... Continue Reading →


Well.  I was rather aggrieved to see newborn calves, lambs and kids frolicking in the fields this week.  Just what gives cows, sheep and goats permission to start producing young when it's still officially winter!?  And then there's the matter of those daffodils looking ominously like they're about to burst into flower...  and the fig tree's greening tips...... Continue Reading →

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