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This weekend was very productive.

I finished the hat.  I am very happy with how it has come out, and the design has inspired thoughts of several patterns.  We shall see if anything comes of it.  My pattern-writing mojo seems to have fizzled at the moment.  For now this hat has a title to do with water.  Don’t you think it looks just like rivulets of water?

The orange hatI also finished the hoodie.  I will wait to show it to you as it’s on its way to the recipient now, and he should see it first when it comes out of the box.  Also,  I want to know if it fits him before I show it to you (also hoping I might get a modelled picture… hint, hint).  However, I will show you this finishing detail that I am rather happy with:

Reinforced shoulderThis is the inside shoulder seam.  I added cotton tape (quite happy I had some nice stuff that looks good too) which is an old trick to stabilise the shoulder and prevent stretching from occurring.  I worry that the weight of the sweater will in time cause the shoulder to lose shape and sag.  The tape has been sewn into the seams of both shoulders, and should prevent this possibility.

I also finished some socks:

Squeaky Elliot socksDelicious BFL from Squeaky Elliott, another generous gift from Kb.

The possum scarf also got finished.  Just in time for the polar blast that hit tonight!  I will try to convince a young man to allow me to photograph him in it at some point.  He happily wrapped himself in its cuddly warmth and softness when he got in from school today, as it was finally dry from blocking.

All that finishing meant that the only WIP I had left in my basket was the Southern Skies shawl! I felt bereft.  The basket looked lonely.

Needless to say, a couple of WIPs have since sprung on to the needles.  🙂  For one, I think I need to get some mittens done tonight so that someone’s hands don’t freeze on the way to school tomorrow!



Narragansett and the Kangaroo

Hello from a sunny Friday afternoon in Autumn!

DryIt’s the beginning of the weekend, and oh boy am I ready for it!

It has been a very busy week at work, so I haven’t had as much knitting time as I’d like, but I thought it’s about time I talk about something I am doing as opposed to what I would like to do!

Narragansett socks This is my knitting progress to date.  I’m about an inch away from casting off for the back of the Kangaroo hoodie for my brother-in-law (the natural coloured knitting under the sock).  I find it quite amusing to snuggle under it as I knit and pretend it’s a blanket.  ;D

The Narragansett Bay socks project has been absorbing, and reminds me of why gansey-style stitching was my first love in knitting.  I couldn’t help myself and slipped it on to see how it looked last night.  It’s sooo lovely!!!!  Quick, quick, now to finish the last two inches and then the other one super quick so I can wear them!

They’re a good set to knit together.  One for the “knit and not think” category and the other for “knit and squee” category.

I find that knitting something very enjoyable has a tendency to make me want to cast on for all the pretty things.  I’ve been pulling yarn out of the stash like crazy, but really have to resist the temptation to cast on.  I want to finish the socks – I feel like I haven’t had anything off the needles for ages.  In fact, it has been nearly a month (!) since I finished anything.  The hoodie will take longer, and I am not pressuring myself to get it done within a tight deadline.

Coming up, watch out for an interview post with another one of our wonderful New Zealand yarnies in the next week (I hope).  I’ve been so inspired getting to know her better, and I think you’ll enjoy reading about her too.  🙂

Wishing you a good weekend!  And now back to the knitting…