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I figure some of you will want to see what the Market Jacket looked like finished.  We got a cold snap today (hooray!) and my wrists are a bit sore from knitting Jacket No. 1 (the final piece – the collar – sits on my lap as I write this), so I decided to put the finishing touches to the Market Jacket.

I’ve been hesitating to put the buttons on because I just hate how buttons tend to pull through the holes after a while and the knit ends up looking less polished than it should.  Taking a look at my commercially knitted cardigans, I realised that the button bands are all lined with grosgrain ribbon.  I decided to follow suit.

Lined with ribbon

The ribbon lining has made a huge difference – the bands are stable without being stiff.  It also allowed me to sew the buttons on using normal sewing thread – something I usually don’t do when I’m sewing buttons directly on to the knitted button band because it doesn’t feel secure.  I’m going to line all my cardigan button bands from now on.  I guess it makes sense.  After all, when you sew, you always put interfacing on button bands.  Why not the same principle for knitting?

That done, here is the jacket:

Market jacket doneThe notes are all here if you want to see them.

It’s a very cool jacket.  I really like it, but it’s still going off as a present.  I think it will suit the recipient even more than me.  I’m already excited about a couple of other jackets I have my greedy little eyes on…

Tomorrow, I will start seaming Jacket No. 1.  After that, I have 10 days to get Jacket No.2 finished.  It will be a tight squeeze, but it can be done.

I am so sick of knitting jackets though!!!  There is some serious fantasizing of cables and other pretty knitting going on at this end.  The wishlist queue of knits is getting longer by the day!

And guess what?  Today’s the 3rd anniversary of my blog!  Time flies.

Hope you’re all having a good week. 🙂





Turns out you guys are really good advisers.  Thanks so much for all your helpful comments on the mohair dilemma over the past week!

In the end, I sent a note to my dad and told him about the issue of eye irritation and difficulty with knitting the yarn, and my step-mother (who does not read English and therefore needed his translation) was happy to agree to a change in yarn.  I think they’ll like the alternative better anyway.

Supreme possum merino

More deliciously warm, soft and cuddly Supreme Possum Merino.  In the colours of their choice (there’s a similar quantity in black that I haven’t shown you).  Thanks so much to Pam of Supreme who recognises urgent need and for getting it to me so quickly!

I knitted very fast this weekend.

Market Jacket

The Market Jacket is done.  I just need to add the buttons as it wasn’t completely dry when I took this pic.  The yarn is a slightly darker green that what you see in the pictures.  It’s quite hard to photograph!


Ravelled here if you want to see knitting notes.

I’ve been feeling guilty about this cardigan.  It’s that time of year when I feel the need to dress my family in preparation for winter, and this cardigan, even though it is gorgeous, and I want it and I cannot say how much I love it every time I look at it, is the exact right size for someone else in my family.  So it’s going to be gifted, because I owe her.  Which makes me feel even better about it than owning it myself.  🙂  Plus, if I’m totally honest, I think it will suit her better than me.

Here’s another pic which shows up the softness quite well:


There’s enough of this totally gorgeous green left over for me to make a scarf, so I will be happy with that.  Besides, I have greedy plans for other knitwear for myself, and how many sweaters and cardigans does one person need!?

So… on to the two jackets!  In case you’re wondering which pattern, it’s this. A basic unisex jacket that will ‘go everywhere’, as requested.  It’s a slightly tighter gauge than the Market Jacket.  They’re meant to be proper jackets, so I figure the tighter gauge will make them extra weather-proof.

Wish me luck!


The dilemma

Well, the beautiful Market Jacket appears to be knitting itself.

Market jacketJust another 6 inches for the body, and then it’s the sleeves and the finishing.  I seem to be going through a ball a day without even trying.  The pattern is so simple, it’s easy to keep track of, and the yarn… that deserves a paragraph of its own!

I always find it interesting to look at Ravelry notes of projects.  So many Ravelers start their notes by raving about the yarn.  It makes sense. If you dislike the yarn, you won’t like what you are knitting, whether or not it’s a good pattern.  I guess that’s why most of the time I buy yarn, and then look for a pattern.  The yarn I’m using for the Market Jacket is Supreme Merino Possum in Moss Green.  Every time I knit with possum yarn, I fall in love with it all over again.  Supreme is an awesomely luxurious 40% possum, 50% New Zealand merino and 10% silk.  It feels sooooo soft and cuddly against the skin.  It’s a dream to knit with.

Yarn.  This brings me to the subject of my previous post:  the dreaded jackets.

I’ve made a start.

MohairNow, I dislike dissing yarn in general.  But I have to say I have discovered I.hate.this.yarn.  With a passion.  Technically, there’s nothing wrong with it if you like brushed mohair.  I realise though that I’m just not a brushed mohair/brushed anything kind of girl.  I can’t see the bloody stitches.  I can’t see the pattern.  I can’t see how many rows I’ve done (don’t get me started on row counters).  The fluff gets in my eyes, and hurts them.  The dark colour probably doesn’t help.  I really do not know how I’m going to knit TWO of these things, let alone one!  Yesterday, I got to as far as you can see in the photo, and then could not knit another stitch.  The very thought of it makes my toes curl.  Had I known I would dislike knitting brushed mohair that much, I would never have agreed to this.

I’ve been furiously knitting the Market Jacket, and pondering what I’m going to do.  Do you think they’ll notice if I swap the mohair with possum, and pretend it’s mohair?  It’s a cunning idea though. I might just have to do it.  Of course, after they’ve happily put their jackets on, and marvelled at its softness and warmth, I will tell them it’s not mohair.  And they won’t mind.  That’s what I tell myself anyway. Possum is far superior to mohair any day of the week.  It’s warmer, more windproof, more cuddly.  What’s not to like about it? They’ll still get their jackets, and I might just survive the experience, and keep our relationship intact!

What do you reckon!?

(My apologies to all lovers of mohair yarn.  I do like it… just not brushed!!)



There’s nothing like an unpleasant deadline to bring out a rash of ‘must knit other stuff’ in me.

I have TWO jackets’ worth of this lovely stuff to knit and finish in the next four weeks:

MohairThe only thing is that mohair is not my favourite yarn.  Especially two jackets’ worth.  In plain stocking stitch with no interesting bits.  And zips.

This knitting is for my father and step-mother.  The jackets were asked for rather a long time ago… but I haven’t seen them since, so I haven’t knitted them.  And now they’re going to be here in a month’s time, and guess what someone needs to do!!?

Yesterday would have been a good time to start.  Instead I spent the day doing this:

Market jacket

This is the Market Jacket.  It’s an amazingly fast knit.  I might be able to finish this quickly and then get on with the jackets??