Otari Wilton’s Bush

We've had family visiting this weekend.  It was wonderful to see my sister and her family. Today, we went to Otari Wilton's Bush for a relaxing walk before they left to head back north.  Otari Wilton’s Bush is a reserve and also contains the only botanic garden in New Zealand dedicated solely to native plants.... Continue Reading →

The Kaka and the Tui in the Kowhai tree

This is the Kowhai, the New Zealand native spring blossom tree: We were in the Wellington Botanical Gardens yesterday evening where there are a number of  Kowhai trees in flower.  "Kowhai" (ko'fai) is the widely used Maori name for this tree.  It means "yellow".  It flowers in Spring, a mass of beautiful yellow bell-shaped flowers.... Continue Reading →

Protecting the birds

Recently, Claudia Edam of The Yarnsisters (the US distributor of Zealana yarn) was interviewed by Fiberstory.tv about possum yarn and the ecological benefits of knitting with it.  It's an interesting and informative video.  Have a look! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2Aejv9yyt0&feature=player_embedded If you'd like to know more about possums and why they are so bad for New Zealand, have... Continue Reading →


In sailing terms, “becalmed” means the ship or boat becomes motionless for lack of wind. I think that becalmed can also refer to individuals who suddenly find themselves without the energy or impetus for their usual activities due to a series of unfortunate happenings that ‘take the wind out of their sails’. I thought a... Continue Reading →

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