Do you ever get to the end of the week, and it really does feel like "Thank God It's Friday!"?  So happy to be home and starting the weekend!  It hasn't been an awful week, just one of those where time has draaaged, and I'd rather be somewhere else and doing other things than office... Continue Reading →

Inspiration: Sweater, skirt or cardigan?

It seems that once a week, usually on Tuesday, I suddenly get the urge to take a break from what I'm doing, sit on the floor in front my yarn collection (housed in a wall unit) and appreciate the wonders of colour and texture in it.  I rediscover a few skeins, sniff, stroke and squeeze... Continue Reading →


Creative jags always hit when I'm feeling a little low.  Perhaps it's the intensity of feeling that makes a creatively inclined person need to express in some way, the emotion of the moment.  It always makes me feel better to create something beautiful and spontaneous. Do you find that? I buried myself in some of... Continue Reading →

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