As fast as you can

Knit, knit, knit as fast as you can! Winter is nearly at an end, and it feels like it has only just begun. The season in New Zealand really is far too short in my opinion! In fact, this year, I think Winter happened last week, with the rest of it more like Autumn conditions. I... Continue Reading →

Zinging along

Hello!  Welcome to the weekend! It has been a busy couple of weeks chez Kiwiyarns.  There have been jobs to apply for, and agents to see.  No news yet, but we'll just keep working at it. I am really appreciating not feeling exhausted all the time.  The first week after finishing work was spent in... Continue Reading →

COZI by name, Cosy by nature

Last week, a little package of sock yarn delight arrived in the mail courtesy of Zealana.  It made me extremely happy. My fellow knitters, I am excited to introduce COZI, Zealana's first sock yarn! Cozi has been anxiously anticipated by me for what seems like at least a year, ever since I heard a little whisper that there was going to be... Continue Reading →

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