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Seadragonus KAL and Bagshot Row

I’m really impressed about how many people have joined the Seadragonus KAL over on Ravelry.  Thank you so much for your support!

It is so inspiring to see the various Seadragonus socks taking shape!  I’m looking forward to everyone’s big reveal at the end of the month.

I was knitting the heel of my second pair of Seadragonus this weekend, and it occurred to me that if you are knitting the Seadragonus, you may appreciate some tips on the heel:

Seadragonus heel

  1. It helps to make the YO stitch as long as possible (stretch out the stitches when making the YO) so that you have plenty of “give” to pick up that stitch and pass it over the next two stitches to create the scale.
  2. The heel appears quite long when you are knitting it but the important thing are the slips on the side of the heel flap. Each slip is a stitch. So when you come to picking those stitches up to make the gusset, make sure you have the right number of stitches for the depth of heel you need.  If you have less stitches, the fabric will automatically condense down into a shorter heel to accommodate the gauge of the stitches you are using to knit the gusset.

This is one very relaxing sock knit, and it’s quite nice to just sit and knit comfortably without having to worry about instructions.  The yarn is a pretty colourway from the sadly no-longer Needlefood that has been sitting in my stash awaiting the perfect project.  I was showing it to Alice when she was down in Wellington recently, and she encouraged me to use it for Seadragonus.  I think she made a good recommendation!

I’m knitting Seadragonus alternatively with this gorgeous thing:

#3 bagshot row

This is #3 Bagshot Row, the first of the 2014/15 Claire Ellen sock club.  I seem to have a thing for Claire’s designs, and I liked the look of Bagshot Row, so I bought this year’s club.  Yay!!  A whole year of yummy Hobbit inspired socks!!  So excited!

I’m very pleased I’m knitting it with pointy tips.  This design needs them.  I’m sure that by the time I get through the second repeat of the leg, I will be able to knit this stitch in my sleep, but in the meantime, it is giving me come nice mental stretch.  🙂

The yarn is one of my most treasured skeins from Fibre Alive – it has such a beautiful, muted green/pink combination that it just eats me up!  I thought originally to turn it into a shawl, just so that I could keep the yarn perfect for a long time, but having decided to knit it into these socks, I think the combination of exquisite yarn and gorgeous pattern will be wonderful.  I might not wear them much though – maybe I’ll end up just sitting and staring at them, marvelling at how pretty they are!








Beware the fearsome Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus!  One of the most fearsome of all the dragons in the book series “How to Train Your Dragon“, it is my favourite dragon because the Seadragonus was the personal dragon of each of the Hiccups in history.  Highly intelligent, with a huge, fearsome personality and a huge dash of cuteness (in the case of Toothless, in any event), they come in blue, green or purple – all my favourite sock colours!  I decided to name my dragon-inspired sock after the Seadragonus.


With thanks to the eldest boy for a great photography job again.

When I first designed this sock, I was only going to release it in a standard medium size.  But then I thought about the amount of questions I got for Anemone relating to adjusting the sock for small or large sizing, and I thought that it might be a good idea to include more sizes.  Then it occurred to me that this pattern was also suitable for a man’s sock, but the heel might not appeal to him. So I included a sturdy heel alternative as well.  Incorporating all the additions means that it has taken me a bit longer than planned to release this design, but I think it now makes this pattern much more flexible for knitters, and one that will accommodate most teen – adult foot shapes.

I designed Seadragonus to be very wearable, with the impression of scales in the larger pattern over the entire foot and the smaller belly scales on the heel.  It is an easy top-down sock pattern, with an 8-stitch repeat, and a small cable twist every 6 rows.

You need:

2 x 50g Knitsch 100% merino sock yarn (167m/182yd per 50g) in the Hydro colourway (or other sock yarn of your choice)

2.25mm DPN needles or 80cm circulars for magic loop (or size to get gauge)

1 x cable needle

The pattern has three sizes:  S, M and L.  Medium fits the average woman’s foot.  To knit the large size you will need more yarn (if you are planning to use a sock yarn that has 400m to a skein, one will be enough, assuming as you don’t make the leg longer than the suggested length).  To make this sock more unisex, I have also included an alternative standard slipped stitch heel, as the scale heel might be a bit too feminine for a man’s taste.

To commemorate the release of the Seadragonus, the lovely Alice has very sweetly started a group on Ravelry for my designs (blush!) You are cordially invited to join the Kiwiyarns Knits group!   The first topic she has posted is a knit-a-long (KAL) for Seadragonus for the month of September.

To support this KAL, and to encourage as many people to join as possible, I am going to offer Seadragonus at the introductory price of $2.50 until the 15th of September.  The discount will be automatically applied on checkout, and you do not need to join the KAL to receive the discount.  To make things a bit exciting, I thought I would also raise the bar and set a challenge:  Can you be adventurous with yarn and knit a truly dragon-worthy sock!?  How you interpret this is entirely up to you!

The prize will be two 50g skeins of my favourite sock yarn in the world, the yarn I used to knit this sock – Knitsch 100% merino sock yarn and a surprise Kiwi speciality goodie or two.  The winner will be chosen by popular vote.

Everyone who participates and posts a completed picture in the thread will also receive a coupon code to get their next purchase of one of my patterns free (I have a few more designs coming out, and the code will keep if you’d like to wait to spend it).  Further details are on the KAL discussion thread.

There is of course no compulsion to join in the join in the challenge.  If you’d just like to KAL for a knit and natter, please do join in!

We look forward to seeing you on the Kiwiyarns Knits group!

Pattern available for purchase here.

Seadragonus sock





A knitter’s midwinter

Hello!!!  I hope this post finds you well in your respective parts of the world, and looking forward to the start of the weekend.  Here in Wellington, we enjoyed a sprinkling of snow and a heap of hail today, and now it is a c-c-c-c-coooooold evening!!  Perfect weather to snuggle up next to the fire with one’s knitting!!  I hear that things are even better in the South Island with lots of snow… hope you are all staying warm!

This week has been such an exciting one in the knitting sense.  I managed to finish not one, but three(!) projects!

First up is Nurmilintu:  This is lovely little free pattern almost knits itself.  I am very happy with my yarn choice (alpaca/silk from Flagstaff Alpacas and Doespins) as it complements both the lace pattern and the drape beautifully.

NurmilintuIt sits around my neck as I type this, a lovely soft cloud of warmth to keep out the winter chill.

Last night, I finished the Noro Silk Garden socks that I have been knitting for a while.  They were my ‘waiting for the boy’ socks – knitted while waiting for him to come out of school and during his swimming lessons.

Noro socks

My sons do not like them, and made derogatory comments about how they look old (that’s the silk) and not very colour coordinated.  Too bad.  I think they are lovely, and deliberately made them non-identical.  It is a bit disconcerting to look down and see two differently coloured socks peeking out from under one’s jeans though! I knitted the socks with the yellow cuff first, and was disappointed when I got to the end and found the pretty pink and purple colour would be missed out.  So I started the next sock where the first one left off, and I rather like that colour combination better.  The heavier weight of this yarn has made them lovely and squooshy to wear too!  I might just have to knit more Noro socks…

And finally, and very excitingly, I have finished Seadragonus!


Seadragonus will be released in the next week or so.  The pattern has been written, and I just have to make final edits.  I designed this pattern to give my brain a rest after another pattern that I have just finished (I’ll have to tell you about that one another time).  It’s an easy, playful pattern, designed to mimic the larger back scales and smaller belly scales typical in a reptile, and give the general impression of… a dragon!

This pattern marks the start of a couple of sea-themed patterns.  Shark week is coming up, and I aim to produce a sock pattern that highlights the issues surrounding the ocean’s sharks.  It will be part of my Sustain the Sea collection, and therefore a free pattern.  I’ve been silent on the subject of the sea for a while, and not because it is no dearer to my heart.  It’s just that the issues in fishing and the state of the sea became too painful to talk about, and I had to take a break.  Time to get a grip!

On a brighter note, have you seen soknitsome’s most recent post?  She talks about a very worthy cause that we can all participate in to raise funds for literacy.  It’s as simple as logging the number of pages you read every day.  I could not imagine a world without words, and yet there are still millions of people deprived of this simple right.  Go on – have a read! 🙂

Wishing you a lovely weekend.