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The Tui

The Kowhai tree in the garden has suddenly sprung into life this week and from what seems like nowhere, beautiful golden blossoms have appeared.

Kowhai tree

I swear I didn’t even see it budding!

Sitting outside, enjoying the last bit of the warm evening air, doing a spot of knitting and drinking a nice cold beer, I became aware of someone enjoying a nectar feast.


Loudly, be proclaimed this garden to be his personal preserve.

Tui 2

Look at his fluffed feathers as he calls his particular song of clicks, whistles and calls.  Tui are not songsters like the thrush or the blackbird, but they have a very distinctive, flute-like call.  Each Tui has his or her own song, so you can tell if the same one inhabits your garden after a while.

Tui 3

Such a pretty bird!  They are the first ones up in the morning, calling even before the sun begins to lighten the sky, and the last ones to bed, calling even after it has long become dark.

Tui 4

I love the mantle of white features and the white necktie bobbles.  See his beak covered in pollen?

Tui 5

The Kowhai tree has flowers rich in nectar, and is a favourite of the Tui.  You can be guaranteed a visit from these lovely birds if you have one in your garden!

I feel so lucky!  A Kereru on Monday, a Tui on Tuesday, what will I see tomorrow!?  😀





After the rain

It rained heavily last night.  The plum blossoms looked so beautiful covered in raindrops this morning.

I had to share.  🙂

Future plums!

Rain ladened blossom buds
Plum blossomSpring is on its way.

All this photogenic splendour is proving great inspiration for future knitting designs!


Hello, Spring

Hello, Spring

I’m never very pleased to see you.  Now that you’re here, I guess I should enjoy some of your pretty colours.

Your pinks and greens really float my boat.  And one day, I shall find the perfect yarn to represent this fleeting moment before the leaves burst forth, and the green of summer takes over.

But what’s this…?

Hmm… do you think a little Spring has managed to edge itself into my knitting??

Helene is busy with her dye pots, cooking me up a batch of pretty green 12 ply, core spun yarn.  I have the perfect project in mind for it!!

Now, I just need to finish the last little ball of this:

And I’ll be ready for another lovely, woolly project to take my mind off the warming temperatures.

Take your time, Spring.  I’m quite happy for you to keep the blossoms away for just a little longer.

Yours hopefully



Dear flowers

Yes, you are very pretty, and you make my garden look lovely. I know you smell gorgeous, scenting the air with that unmistakeable, delicate perfume of Spring.  A subtle wave of fragrance that I couldn’t help noticing when I opened the door this morning, and saw to my shock that you had all been busy when I wasn’t looking!

Your pretty bright yellows and creams brighten up a monochrome garden, and make the heart think of frisky things like country walks and gardening.

But couldn’t you have waited just a little longer to break your winter sleep? 

Ah well. I guess I finished my Stansborough Tee just in time then.

I just love the colouring of the Stansborough Grey – you can see the subtle blend of the fleece’s naturally occurring shades of cream, grey and darker grey coming through.

It will be perfect for those lovely country walks and warmer days.