New beginnings

Today was my last day at work.  I feel happy, sad, angry.  A bit achey where my heart is, and sometimes a little bit weepy. Redundancy, and the stress surrounding a restructuring is a very, very horrible experience to go through. On an objective level, this exercise was just a 'numbers game', and not about performance.  The human cost... Continue Reading →

Weekend rainbows

If you have been watching my Instagram feed in the side bar (or following along - I've been having a lot of fun with it and discovering lots of nice people to follow!) you'll have noticed I finished the Happy Rainbow socks a few days ago.  I decided to wear them today! I do love... Continue Reading →


A visit to the beach is always restful. Pebbles crunch pleasingly under foot.  The sea sighs a gentle song, breathing slow waves of sound. Seabirds call.  The air smells pleasantly of fresh seaweed, washed up on the beach after a recent storm. There are  interesting things to look at, each creature or feature a thing of wonder.... Continue Reading →

The lace “thing”

Must stop looking at lace shawl patterns on Ravelry... sooo pretty... Must.stop.printing.out.patterns.for.lace.shawls... Must knit lace shawl... Must.stop.knitting.lace.shawl. Must.stop.breaking.needles.ripping.out.lace.shawl. Must.stop.getting.angry.with.self. (deep breath) Why, oh why, is it so hard to break into lace? (sad sigh) Let's start again.  Small. Lovely Freja socks.  In beautiful Happy-go-knitty yarn.  A delightful sister act from the Dehmer sisters. This is... Continue Reading →

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